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"New Life for European Air War, MicroProse's long-lived
World War II Air Combat Flight Simulator / Arcade Style Game"

This site and the EAW Mediafire file archive are designed for newcomers and old-timers alike. To help them technically by getting their EAW PC game up and running. To improve and maintain their interest in the game by providing shared resources and help. By cutting down on the amount of work and research one has to do to not only play it, but mod it as well for the games on-going community designs.



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This section is for Help Documents.

  • Manually Install - How to quickly install the game into Windows, patch and run it, with Troubleshooting help.
  • Joystick Controls and Remappable - Troubleshooting and learn how to best setup your Joystick and Pedals, as well as to assign your key functions to buttons.
  • Sound Help Guide - Troubleshooting help and almost everything sound related to the game.
  • Inside The eaw.ini - Very detailed notes about the various settings inside the eaw.ini file.
  • A.I. Getting To You? - How to tweak the behavior of the A.I. by way of Update Rate, Make the A.I. smarter. Also, How to get Wingmen to listen to your Commands with improved results.
  • 1.1 AND 1.2 - Details of the advantages and disadvantages of using one version over the other, along with tips. Also included is other ways to help make the game harder or more challenging.
  • Known Bugs and Feature Ideas - Focusing on bugs that where there in v1.0, 1.1 and v1.2. Also Known Video Problems are included that are basically the result of old hardware code in the game. From incompatibility with newer hardware to performance rating of the game. A detailed bug and featured list is included.
  • CodeGroup Joystick Controls and Remappable - For the independent source coded versions 1.28 and above.
  • CodeGroup Sound Help Guide - For the independent source coded versions 1.28 and above.
  • CodeGroup Inside The eaw.ini - For the independent source coded versions 1.28 and above.
  • CodeGroup Known Bugs and Feature Ideas - For the independent source coded versions 1.28 and above.
  • Links - The remaining web pages that support this game. Includes Wrapper programs and Controller support programs for use in compatibility.


This section is for the game, source coded and modified types, which includes the official and independent game patches.

  • Full Review - A very rich and detailed review with specifications of this great game. Incorporated into the review are the changes from the two official MPS patches.
  • MicroProse Patches - A reprint and reformat of the list of changes of the only two official MPS EAW Team patches, the list contains most of the changes there where actually made in v1.1 and v1.2.
  • HexEdited Patches - Some of the various hex edited eaw.exe's replacements that fix problems and some that introduce some features, typically based on v1.2. A few are based on v1.1.
  • FXEXE Patches - An independent build of the game. This help document contains the details on this fascinating special effects version of the EAW game. Not only is the exe modified, but game data as well.
  • CodeGroup Patches - An other independent game. This help document outlines many of the changes done through their closed source code. Full of details, but unfortunately lacking some of the changes and versions.


This section is for the primary downloads.

My  EAW MediaFire  File Archive: (Go here to browse and download files I have maintained for EAW) - I don't have any of the source coded nor the manipulated FXEXE downloads available on my web site as they change frequently with exe test versions and game data updates. If you have any further questions, please see my contact section further down on this page.

A little history; I started this archive back in 1999 to 2002 as a personal project. Then I drifted away from EAW after that. 12 years later when I was using Windows 7, I decided to see if EAW would run on it, the answer to that is yes it does. So since May 2015 I have been re-archiving what the EAW community had and has to offer, using existing web sites, the wayback machine, what pilots send me and Sandbagger's Tally-Ho stored EAW community web sites and files that he saved over the years since 2002, fondly called "The EAW Grail" by some of the old timers. (You will find 85% of the files I have are from Tally-Ho but in different forms; such as archive size, file name and location.) I decided at some point to combine all these sources and post them online in a newly organize format ever since. Below is a link to a page that links folders on Mediafire, those folders contain the files.

  • Community Addons and Files - A descriptive list of a vast amount of Add-ons, Mods and Tools available to read about and download. Includes some add-on installation help and troubleshooting details. Note: I'm looking for ANY EAW archived files to add here; Can you find it with in you to search for your old EAW files from back in the day? I'm in desperate need of any EAW files that old EAW pilots have sitting on there HD or backup CDs to fill this Shared Resource before those files and the EAW players are no longer available. Please contact me to let me know where I can obtain your files. Thanks in advance.

Here are some of my more recent file contributions:



Forum Contact:
You may contact me with any help, feedback or questions.


People of the past and present EAW Community who helped with new information and files by contact. Thank You!
JACKSPRAT, VBH, Jel, Moggy, Wheels, Weird_Crapolla, Nick B., Col.Gibbon, MKSheppard, Crashin' Jack, Neal O., FsFOOT
For more Credits, please see the top of each page on this site. I try to include the names of people that I have read forum post from, notes, or been contacted by. That information is then inserted into my documents, either in one form or another. Sometimes I expand or correct the information given, if needed and if possible.


This archive is dedicate to my friend; my Dad, who influenced me in aviation in the first place, who I love and enjoyed playing simulations with. Thanks Dad! (This one "got to me" he said).

Also in dedication to the World Wide Community of European Air War (EAW) fans, who have kept improving this WWII Air Combat Simulator even without having the games source code (at the time) and even so learning that after market pressure forced the original developers to reluctantly move on to other projects.


The content of this archive is for a flight-simulator game and is a fan website only. It is non-political and is not intended as an endorsement of any political or historical view. Not endorsed by MicroProse (MPS) or any of it's affiliates.

This Site in its structure and design (Started Feb 2016) and The Mediafire EAW folder file archive (Started: May 2015), are done by me. This archive and site can not be used for personal gain. It can not be sold.

European Air War was trademarked by MicroProse Software under Hasbro Interactive, then Infogrames, then Atari, now publisher Tommo, Inc.