v1.1 AND v1.2    7-17-2017
Written and Edited by MarkEAW
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1.1 VS 1.2
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1.1 EXE OVER 1.2

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Rate Tweaks and v1.1PC plus Realism Patch


This document talks about the differences between the two official popular versions of the game. Back in the early 2000's era it was popular to change up or have dual installs of v1.1 and v1.2. Not many people used v1.0. If your interested in finding out how the A.I. does behave in the older version, this document is for you. It will also explain very briefly how to use either multiple installs of the game or a single install, with an older version placed over a newer version. For manual installation instructions of the game see my Manually Install Help document for more information.


1.1 VS 1.2

Below is the Good and Bad of the two official, un-modded MPS versions of the game. (and for a list of fixes and updates that each patch provides, See my MicroProse Patches Help Document.)


Pro's summary of the two versions:

1.2 = You have the "extra squad" feature in the eaw.ini file
1.2 = You stay alive (A.I. is dumbed down)
1.2 = You can have Ground Starts
1.2 = Some important Multiplayer features and fixes added

1.1 = Bomber gunners hit you, just about every time
1.1 = Fighter pilots hit you almost all times
1.1 = The Pilot in your cockpit is hit often (blood)
1.1 = Your Gun lethality is heavily reduced and more armor on Bombers
1.1 = Enemy is very aggressive and accurate at aiming


Testimonials List:


  • With v1.1 the Escort Mission's bomber group would be attacked during their penetration into European air space. Pressing Alt+N would not position you at the start of the bombing run as with v1.2 but rather at the location of the next encounter. In v1.2, these attacks seem to only occur upon the final approach to the target's IP and Alt+N delivers your bombers to the target area unmolested. These early attacks, of v1.1, always made it more difficult to arrive at the target with more then half of the bomber group still intact and the trip back home was not without incident either.
  • 1.1 randomly chooses if you are intercepted or not on ground attack missions. I just flew a train busting mission in (non spinning) Me 110s without getting intercepted at all (and all without tweaking and cheating). The flak was rather tough, though, it cost me two Zerstörer.
  • Version 1.1 is not perfect, by any means. AI planes pull impossible stunts, and other minor annoyances. Also, I should have mentioned that your wingmen may not jettison their bombs, but the bombs have no effect on the AI flight model-- so it's no big deal (at least that's what I've been told).
  • In v1.1 the overall fell is more realistic and immersive in my humble opinion. It depends a lot on what you want from the simulation. The feeling of being there (v1.1) or quick and furious action in a target rich environment (v1.2).
  • When you attack a bomber in 1.1 and make it smoke, the bomber leaves the formation, breaking left or right which I think is more realistic than staying on the same course and getting slaughtered.
  • A bug in v1.1 where there are strange loud bang sounds whenever a plane is killed. It seems to be tied to the Aircraft Explosion sounds.


Bullet Drop

  • A LOT more bullet drop in 1.1 as opposed to 1.2: that means that you have to improve your deflection skills and get in close to score the kill. This drop off was indeed fixed with v1.2 and it allows the average pilot to make better shots.


Damage Models

  • With 1.1 all the planes, specially the bombers can sustain a lot more of damage than in 1.2 and are very hard to shoot down.
  • In v1.1 Friendly AI seems to fly in a "holding pattern" until you tell them to engage then they really go at it!
  • 1.1 still gives you the aggressive AI but makes shooting down bombers less of a cakewalk
  • EAW-1.1 is absolutely more demanding. it's MUCH harder to score a kill.
  • In v1.1 it cuts your scoring in half.
  • In v1.1 the flaps don't damage from high speed.
  • In v1.1 bailing out is always possible without killing the pilot, no matter the angle or speed of your plane.


Flight Model

  • In v1.2 it drives me crazy seeing AI do a violent, energy bleeding, evasive maneuver, followed almost immediately by a rocket vertical climb which puts it above me after I have zoomed back up to plan my next attack. And then hang on it's prop - at 60/70 mph - for several seconds, nose over without stalling or spinning, and immediately execute another miraculous evasion.
  • If you are using EAW v1.2 you will notice a general lift degradation for all aircraft over v1.1. For the British types this is unimportant because they could generate enough surplus lift already. For pre v1.2 many people criticized Spitfire modeling because it was to hard to fly without constantly blacking out or even get some wings ripoff. The solution was just throttling back a little. For German and some American types the changes introduced by v1.2 made them struggle to simply fly, don't mention dogfighting. Now is hard to blackout in a Spitfire.
    A quick fix to restore the balance to v1.1 levels is by simply reducing all aircraft mass to 90% of initial values, keeping all the other benefits brought by v1.2. You need to be a Modder with special tools to do this.



Bomber Gunners

  • In 1.1 As for accuracy of the bomber gunners, I believe that if they were really as accurate as in 1.1 then they wouldn't have needed escorts.
  • In v1.1 I deliberately flew slowly through a flight of Stukas and got my engine shot out in about 2 mins and flying behind HE111's is a dangerous thing to do! but it is refreshing not to bring down 6-7 heavy bombers in a mission like you can in 1.2.
  • In 1.1 the superior ability of the bomber gunners to always get exact hits on you (blowing out your engine) even when they are influenced by high G-forces (though still better than those complete sleepers in 1.2)
  • The only gripe I have with 1.1 is the Me110 gunners are Deadeye even in high G-maneuvers.
  • 1.1 is like a totally different game. It's shocking! (I'm getting killed so often in version 1.1 sometimes I feel like I should just kamikaze into an enemy bomber and get it over with!) Just getting back alive is a BIG challenge.
  • 1.2 changed the accuracy of AI (back seaters) gunnery. In 1.1 they were deadly accurate and flying behind an Me-110 was a recipe for disaster. This lead to many complaints and the team who designed 1.2 changed it.


A.I. Aggressiveness

  • a very noticeable difference with v1.1. The attackers were more persistent and the defenders were much more evasive. Also, the defenders typically reversed their turns when one of their wingmen were on your six.
  • I found that I could fly straight and level in version 1.2 and just IGNORE the enemy and the AI would (almost) never hit me. Boring.
  • testing offline concluded that v1.1 had the most challenging AI, v1.2 seems to be a turkey shoot
  • In 1.1 The attackers were more persistent and the defenders were much more evasive. Also, the defenders typically reversed their turns when one of their wingmen were on your six.
  • in 1.2, Friendly AI is a 'little' bit better than v1.1
  • The AI in v1.1 is more balanced and acting more intelligently. They just don't go after every target they wait to get some advantage first. For example when intercepting bombers the escorts stay more with the bombers and jump you on the last instant.


Fighters Shooting and Aiming

  • The AI's aiming in 1.2 has been dumbed down to a large degree. They'll fire at you, but they just cannot seem to hit you. The AI in 1.1 can aim better at the vulnerable points of your aircraft, ie the engine or fuel lines or you. It certainly makes it a better game, no doubt.
  • It's the shooting accuracy that destroyed the single player game, moving from 1.1 to 1.2. The AI in 1.2 can't hit the broad side of a barn. Without the ability to shoot you down, the AI is no threat.
  • The enemy A.I. in 1.1 are more aggressive and 'intelligent'. They are much better at Shooting and Aiming than in 1.2, and that makes a world of a difference for the challenge of the game. If you hear "enemy plane on your six" you had better maneuver out of the way NOW or you will die.
  • your wingmen can hit their targets much more effectively in v1.1


NOTES: About V1.0 , Some Pro's and Con's
The 1.0 version contains some random encounters. It's great fun, especially on escort missions, to start scanning the clouds when approaching the French coast looking for any sign of bandits, and sometimes they actually show up.

The only problem is, when you play 1.0 the screen resolution is limited, your wingman don't perform ground attacks when ordered, you black/red out way too much, you can survive the most violent bailouts every time, and you can't belly land your plane.

NOTES: EAW Versions and FM/DM Mods
Unfortunately, some things do not go well when a FM/DM add-on or mod is used with an earlier exe. With 1.1 and Moggy's Midway Add-on for an example; he beefed up the damage factor on the planes, to try to correct the problems with 1.2. However, this makes it practically impossible to shoot one down using the 1.1 patch since the armor is thicker and bullet damage is lower. See my Community Addons and Files Help Document for more details.

NOTES: Dual Installs:
You can have two separate folders of each patched version of the game on your hard drive, a 'dual installation' (or triple, or even more). Just make sure you patch one game folder to v1.1 and the other to v1.2. See my Manually Install Help Document for instructions and details about having more than one EAW Game Folder.


v1.1 EXE OVER v1.2

You can have one installation by copying an old v1.1 eaw.exe over the v1.2 exe.

The properties that most people seem to want from 1.1 are contained only in the eaw.exe file. So after patching your EAW game with the official v1.2 patch, you can place the 1.1 exe into the 1.2 install by overwriting the newer eaw.exe with the older version. Some virtual pilots prefer to have an installation of EAW with 1.1 eaw.exe running on top of the 1.2 patched game. This is for Offline single player use only, well mostly.

The game will then use the updated FM/DM data files (and other files) of v1.2 but re-introduce the v1.1 A.I. programmed behavior contained in the exe...(Important: Its ideal to have only one runnable eaw.exe in your game folder, the old Win9x/ME methods of renaming the eaw.exe to something else and running it on newer Windows OS's will remove any compatibility fixes that the Windows OS applies to it, thus causing problems and headaches for you.)

If you wanted to, you will be able to go back to 1.2 by placing a 1.2 eaw.exe over the old one.



There are a couple more things you can do to enhancing the behavior of the A.I even more. These changes are the result of combining two or more patches and custom FM/DMs. These methods are not compatible for online play. However, this will make them more lethal and difficult to take out, even harder with the addition and use of the Rate change tweaks, See my A.I. Getting To You Help Document for A.I. rate changing options.


Rate Tweaks and v1.1 plus ECA:
Once you have your EAW game patched upto v1.1; Using Charles Gunst's ECA (Enemy Coast Ahead) with tougher Armor and improved flight models, makes for some very interesting fighting. Shooting down an enemy plane is very difficult, but doable. Adding the use of the A.I. Rate change tweaks on top of those two options will even increase the difficulty and deadliness even further.

Rate Tweaks and v1.2a:
You can take the custom made v1.2a where the A.I. was improved and further enhance it with the A.I. Rate tweaks. This will make the skill of the A.I. comparable to the old v1.1 aggressive A.I., (this is in comparison with the relaxed A.I. found in the stock v1.2). Overall AI behavior on both sides will appear less erratic, more aggressive, realistic and intelligent.


Rate Tweaks and v1.1 over v1.2:
Once you have your EAW game patched upto v1.2, you can now swap out the eaw.exe for a v1.1 exe while using the newer flight and damage models of the v1.2 patch. This will provide you with more aggressive and better aiming A.I. than you would normally find in the v1.2.exe. With the Rate change tweaks this will make the A.I. even more deadly.
However, you will loose the ability to use the ExtraSquad eaw.ini setting with v1.1 since it wasn't made part of the game until v1.2 came out. Also the bullet drop is greater in v1.1 than it is in v1.2 where bullet velocity was corrected.


Rate Tweaks and v1.1PC plus Realism Patch:
Once you have your EAW game patched upto v1.2; Using Paulo and Andy's v1.1pc hex edited eaw.exe and Knegel's Realism Patch v3.0(with tweaked FM's) will give you an extremely dangerous realistic game. This will give you the best combat challenge against as realistic AIs as possible. This arrangement will keep you on your toes. Make a miscalculation (ie: too low, too slow) and the AIs will be on you like flies on sugar. You will also notice that AI leaders and wingmen will also work together against you. So it's best to look for an isolated pair and go for the wingman first but don't take too long or the leader will be on your six really fast for a kill. Adding the use of the A.I. Rate change tweaks on top of those two options will even increase the difficulty and deadliness even more.