CodeGroup Inside The eaw.ini   6-25-2018
Written and Edited by: MarkEAW
Written Text: From source mod readme's, forums, research, the MPS manual and patch readme's and the game.

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FPS (Frames-Per-Second) Display | Two Functions Assigned To One Button



The independent CodeGroup source code modifications of EAW, versions 1.28 and up introduced some major additions and changes with different functions added to the game, some of the changes where done to the ini file, only those changes are noted in this help document. Others advanced settings are configured with a pre game frontend loader (depends on the version of the game your playing). See the specific version in my CodeGroup Patches Help Document.

Since this help doc only describes the newer features in the eaw.ini for EAWv1.28 and above, you'll want to review the existing official MPS settings provided in stock EAWv1.2, Please see my Inside the Eaw.Ini Help Document for those details.

These new functions presented here in the help doc revise the stock eaw.ini file and will make it in-compatible with previous EAW versions (sometimes even for later EAW versions). Allow the eaw.exe for the particular game version create a new eaw.ini file before modifying it in Notepad.



  • Width=1024 -
  • Height=768 - 

    At 1024x768 is when the graphic details really begin to pop. (In EAWv1.28 and versions above it, the POV in 1024x768 resolution was properly increased, sit back further away from the dash than you would in stock EAWv1.2 at the same res. You will also notice the FOV is actually larger than normally the widest 800x600 that you find in stock EAWv1.2).

    See my 'Known Bugs and Feature Ideas Help Documents' and read the VIDEO Section and topic of FIELD OF VIEW (FOV) for more details about Wide Views, Field of View, Point of View and Resolutions.

    EAWv1.28 defaults to 1024x768, and will dispaly the fuel gauge as it has been up scaled to display at that new default res. However, When using a res other than the default , when the game loads you will no longer see the "Fuel Gauge" loading screen, there will only be a blank screen.  But, Later versions like v1.40 or so will have a text displaying % loaded when non default resolution is used.

    (Also, Source mods have increased/up scaled the size of the Virtual Cockpit screens from there original stock 800x600 size to 1024x768 to smooth out the edges some what, however they still remain less in detail overall when compared to the 2D static cockpits.) The Virtual cockpit also lacks things like cockpit bullet hole effects, oil smudges and viewable rear gunners. There is no fix for this in any version or code modified EAW game, in fact old low res cockpits where coded out an are no longer available during game play. (I think they still load into memory though).

    The HUD data Display and in-game chat messages can become small and hard to read at much higher resolutions. If you use EAWv1.28 and above, those source mods have a new setting built in, see your eaw.ini file, look for HudFontSize=0 , changing it to =1 will give a larger font.

    The size of the screen will effect the games Frames Per Second. You want the frame rates ideally at 30FPS or more, but above 15FPS so the game will operate correctly. For an example, If the game is running smooth when you enter dense bomber formations your doing well. In EAWv1.28 and above, CTRL-G gives the FPS in the top right hand corner. See the NOTES section at the end of this document for what all the FPS Display readouts mean.
  • DisplayDevice=1 - This is which video card/graphics mode EAW has established as your D3D or 3DFX device.
    You will want to set this to either 0 or 1 for the most part on modern computers. Glide tends to be faster but does not support custom colors, see Note below.

    The range of colors used to make the EAW aircraft skins are in a defined set called an Indexed Palette. EAW can be played under two different API's, one is D3D from Microsoft, and the other is Glide from 3DFX. Under D3D, you can add colors to the stock color palette, and D3D will display them properly. Under GLIDE 2.43 if you add colors to the stock 8bit palette, they will not display correctly. You will end up with very oddly colored aircraft. However GLIDE 3.0 (which has been added to the various versions of the source modifications as of Feb 15 2016), supports colors just like D3D does.

  • CockpitProp=1 - 0/1 Toggle - (for version 1.28c and above) When the cockpit is "ON" the propeller view can be  disabled0 or enabled1.
  • PlaneSetNumber=1 - (for version 1.29? and above) Determines which set of planes are used. Set from outside the game normally but can be changed from in game... This only influences the game if there are additional plane set folders in the currently used "Scenario folder". Number "0" is default and as long no other plane set is loaded, the plane set from the CDFs are used...
  • PropRotationSpeed=8 - (for version 1.28e and above) This will effect how the spinning prop looks from the cockpit view... different PC´s can't display all the same rotation speed... , so it was increased and made adjustable...



  • ColourMain=2 - (for version 1.28 and above) ??
  • ColourAxis=3 - (for version 1.28 and above) default color of text on new Axis plane selection screen (10)
  • ColourAllied=3 - (for version 1.28 and above) default color of text on new Allied plane selection screen
  • QuickVersion=0 - (for version 1.28 through 1.28c, and likely 1.28d. However in v1.28e there is reason to believe more new code was used and changed the behavior of this setting even further...)

    Instant Mission (as it's known in v1.28 and up on the in game main menu) relies on settings configured in game on the "Single Mission Parameter Screen" plus this QuickVersion=  setting...for what the mission will be effect allowing you more control (more than stock v1.2) over how the Instant Mission will be configured...

    "0" default Quick Start (random mission type) (??same as stock v1.2??)
    "1" very small battle size + random mission type. Good random mission setup if you just want a quick fly , Bombers only will get interdicts.
    "2" very small battle size + last selected mission type (single mission setup) Quick way of launching a single mission you might have set up for training , Bombers only will get interdicts.
    "3" very small battle size + Fighter sweep , Bombers only will get interdicts.
    "4" very small battle size + Escort , Bombers only will get interdicts.

    Master Note:
    *All the information I have on this new setting is vague and I apologies, if you can help sort out the details, please send me the info!*

    Also to set your plane type and country you can set in the .ini or go in-game by way of the single mission plane selection screen (1.28e era) and select your plane then go back to main menu and then launch quick mission. I THINK the \savedata folder in the EAW root has files in it with the MSNXX.DAT name. Each time you launch a Quick Mission one of those files with all the parameters gets used, apparently one after the other...

    Quick Missions are different than any other mission types. Due to the way EAW sets them up, "the rules it can use are / can be - different." It is in a way a combination between single, campaign and / or online mission. That is to say aircraft bases, etc, takeoff can spawn outside the frontlines, and so forth. Mission files can be coded differently, etc.

    The way a "Quick Start" mission works in stock v1.2 is it's really based off the last configured settings on the Single Mission Parameters screen (the last MSNXX.DAT mission file in the \savedata folder). Then the Quick Start randomizes some of those settings on it's own to produce a further randomized single mission, it will not be exactly the same as if you played the Single Mission on it's own. For an example: If you set to intercept B-17s in the single mission parameters, in Quick Start you might end up against B-26s or B-24s, because Quick Start doubles the randomization, by adding it's own layer.

  • KeyboardLanguage=0 - (for version 1.28 and above) This changes the keyboard to different national settings.
    0 (English default)
    1 (German)
    2 (French)
    3 (Spanish)
    4 (Italian)
  • FlakAccuracy=2 - (for version 1.28 and above) Affects only the heavy flak, The effectiveness of the flak depends on two settings, the Accuracy and the Rate of Fire (setting listed below). Experiment with them. The default value is shown. Appropriate values range from 1 to 5.
  • FlakRof=2 - (for version 1.28 and above) Affects the Rate of Fire of only the heavy flak, The effectiveness of the flak depends on two settings, the Accuracy (setting listed above) and the Rate of Fire . Experiment with them. The default value is shown. Appropriate values range from 1 to 5.
  • WW1TakeOff=1 - (for version 1.28a, not sure if this is in any other version) Gives the across the paddock take off for fighters on a grass runway (0 uses the 1.2 default)...
  • HudFontSize=0 - 0/1 - (for version 1.28 and above) Toggles the HUD's font from stock to Large Font Bold. A value of 1 improves the legibility at high resolutions.
  • GunSightSize=1024 - (for version 1.28 and above) possible values are 800 to 2100 - Sets the Gunsight Reticule size/diameter. Note: "1550" is the maximum that fits nicely on the current Spitfire gunsight glass. Using this value, the wingtips of a fighter fit into the circle at a range of about 150 yards.
  • OldStyle=0 - 0/1 - (for version 1.28 and above) Toggles New or Old Plane Selection Screens; 0 will give you the later, two screen (Allied/Axis) system, where any plane marked as flyable is listed for selection. In EAWv1.28c/d all plane sets but the V1 are flyable. A value of 1 will use the old original v1.2 style three plane screen selection layout. Note: In the older system the "bombers" were never displayed for selection as they where not flyable. (If you load an older add-on flightmodel, often the bombers are not flyable.) This setting does not affect the menu screen size.
  • GroundBattle=1 - (for version 1.28 and above) 0 is No ground battle, 9 is max action, explosion artillery activity on the ground when you are close to the frontline. The default is "=3" "=0" disables the ground battle action. The higher the value the more impacts happen. Depending to the PC´s performance at some stage the FPS might suffer.
  • ComputedGunsight=300  - (for version 1.28 and above) 0= disabled; fixed gunsight. The "gyro" gunsight only works in "gunsight mode" (1st step zoom). It gets adjusted to the movements of the currently toggled target (icon), otherwise to the closest target. The gunsight adjusts the reticule in relation to your own and the targets G-force. The gunsight currently got activated only for the P51D, P47D, Me262A, Bf109K, FW190D9, Spit14 and TempestV triggered by an planes.dat value.

    (for version 1.28c and above)
    The "computed Gunsight" has been "fixed". Before the EAW v1.28c release some of the code for this was lost, and it has been re-introduced and re programmed in. The computed gunsight now relates to the distance, rather than the enemy’s G-force. The default setting for this is 300 which sets the deflection range to 300 meters. You can try variations, value is the distance at which the gun sight works best in "meters".
  • ExtraSquads=0 - This adds additional squadrons of planes to each mission.

    Note Multiplay (for version 1.60):
    There was code added by MrJelly to allow the ExtraSquads value to be transmitted to other players from the host, thus this setting in EAWv1.6 now works in multiplay.

    (for version 1.28c and above)
    the Default is OFF (zero). Any number up to 17 may be entered.

    Possible settings for v1.28c and up are:

    "0" No extra squad.
    "1-3" normal extra squad.
    "4" all Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "5" all US Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "6" only 1940/43 US Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "7" only 1944/45 US Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "8" all US+Brit Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "9" only 1940/43 US+Brit Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "10" only 1944/45 US+Brit Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "11" all Brit Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "12" only 1940/43 Brit Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "13" only 1944/45 Brit Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "14" all Ger Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "15" only 1940/43 Ger Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "16" only 1944/45 Ger Bombers get two escorting fighter squads
    "17" Fighter squads can have up to 64 planes, always two Bomber squads will appear, instead of one.
    (Set to 17 then make a single mission sweep and select up to 64 planes for your group. With this setting you can really reach the EAW 256 plane limit.) Note: 17 disables en-route Random Encounter Groups
    > "17" No extra squad

    (for version 1.28e and above)
    Here's some more info on the 1.28e settings and corrections that Knegel later posted:

    0 = US escort 1944/45 double
    1 = big battle 1 (player always can have up to 16 fighters)
    2 = big battle 2 (player always can have up to 16 fighters)
    3 = big battle 4 (player always can have up to 16 fighters)
    4 = no extrasquad, but the player always can have up to 16 fighters
    5 = all nations get double escort in every year
    6 = US get double escort in every year
    7 = US escort 1943/44 double
    8 = brit get double escort in every year
    9 = brit escort 1943/44 double
    10 = brit escort 1944/45 double
    11 = brit/us get double escort in every year
    12 = brit/us escort 1943/44 double
    13 = brit/us escort 1944/45 double
    14 = luft get double escort in every year
    15 = luft escort 1943/44 double
    16 = luft escort 1944/45 double
    17 = large fighter squads (64 fighters) and double bombers
    >17 = no extra squad at all.

    Note: With EAWv1.28e the campaigns where US 4-Mots are involved will get 2 escorting squads in 1944/45. This is a more realistic result and look.


  • Month=6 - (for version 1.28 and above) (the possibility to play seasonal setups was implemented)
    If the value is between 1 and 12 (January to December), EAW 1.28C will provide a steadily increasing mission date in single, multiplayer and quick-mission mode, with every played mission.
    This does not influence the career date!
    The Month setting triggers the season in EAW if a seasonal setup is present in the currently used "Scenario folder". In this way the currently used month can determine the terrain and/or weather setups to be used.

    "21" triggers static "Spring" (also in career mode), while the single mission date is randomized (as in the default game).
    "22" triggers static "Summer".
    "23" triggers static "Fall (Autumn)".
    "24" triggers static "Winter".
    "25" triggers static "Light Winter"

    All other values ( 0, > 12 & < 21 , > 25) disable the seasonal setup and the new mission data system.

    If the seasonal setup is activated, it automatically becomes a "host setting" in multiplayer mode, so everybody in game will get the same setting.

  • Day=1 - (for version 1.28 and above) Here you can select the wanted game date day (1 to 31). If the value is bigger than then maximum possible number for the current month, the game will switch to the next month.
    If the "Date system" is disabled, the day value is randomized. It does not apply to career mode.
  • EnemyEncounter=1 - (for version 1.28 and above) 0 = disables/no encounter, 512 = max probability. Try values up to 255, as higher values produce higher probability to meet an encounter group.

    This setting effects the probability for "Random" Encounters Groups (actually they are not randomized, but the lot of influencing factors make it look like random.)  In single missions and career mode, planes sometimes spawn as you are on the way to a target somewhere in your area and sometimes they take off from a base some miles away to intercept you.

    Radar coverage related encounter groups appear mainly in the air, rather big distances from their homebase, but a enemy base will be near by somewhere. In rare random cases, bombers can show up, instead of fighters.

    Airfield related encounters appear only (without radar help) if you get rather close (within 35 miles) to an enemy base in rather low altitude (below 1,200Feet). Here fighters only will take off, if the base keeps fighters of the current mission time period. This kind of encounter simulates an emergency scramble, or and take off by chance. So its possible to actually see a enemy squad taking off if your close enough to an enemy base. 

     Disabled Note: When ExtraSquad setting is 17 or 'Time Acceleration' is active, and when you use 'Skip to next Encounter', Random Encounters are turned off to avoid too many planes or CTD.  ??I think Random Encounters maybe disabled completely for Multiplayer??

    Friendly groundstarted encounter groups are also possible. If you spot them near by, you can call for help and they will the next line below:
  • FriendlyEncounter=0 - (for version 1.28 and above) 0 = disables/no encounter, 512 = max probability. Try values up to 255, as higher values produce higher probability to meet an encounter group.
  • AutoCombat=0 - (for version 1.28 and above) Change to "1" to turn ON. This allows you to fly on Autopilot and target enemy aircraft or other objects. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) will then fly your aircraft and pursue and shoot. Useful for both new and experienced pilots to watch an “expert” fight, observe and learn dogfight tactics.
  • StaticCockpit=0 - (for version 1.28 and above) A value of 1 allows the original 640x480 cockpits to be displayed with F1. A value of 0 disables all the 2D cockpits. It is useful, if someone plays in 640x480 and does not want to see the 2D cockpits (in add-on campaigns they normally would not fit).
  • FadeTime=500 - (for version 1.28 and above) adjusts the screen fade times, when you leave one pre-game screen and enter another. The used value depends on the player's preference, a maximum value is not known Value set is most likely in Milliseconds.
  • MissionNum=0 - (for version 1.28 and above) ??
  • OldDamage=0 - (for version 1.28 and above) 1 enables a hardcoded EAW1.2 compatible bullet damage/gun power calculation and stock default v1.2 engine overheat system management, which suits many of the older flight models better. Also it will use a generic guns convergence setting. This is good for backward compatibility for old campaigns etc. (Note: This may have been removed first in version 1.30 or 1.40.)



  • SkillLevel=0 -

    This setting is the same as going in-game to 'Configure Game' then 'Difficulty' then 'Combat' then 'Enemy Skill Level' setting. This option provides a quick and easy way to modify the overall difficulty/AI level of your opponents, and can be viewed as a ‘general’ enemy skill level setting. You can choose between Green0(to face inexperienced pilots), Veteran1(pilots who have been in a few dogfights), and Ace2(the most experienced the enemy has to offer). Be forewarned that the enemy skill level Ace is designed to push even the most fanatic flight simulation veterans to the limits of their abilities.

    Pilot Skill Levels Explained Further:

    There are four places in European Air War that allow you to set the skill level of the pilot AI; one in Difficulty (“Enemy Skill Level”), two in the Single Mission Parameters (“Pilot Skill Level” for both friendly and enemy aircraft), and one in the Multi-Player Session Parameters (“Pilot Experience”). See
    SkillLevel in the [NetOption] section far below to see how these two last settings effect the game.


    Note (for version 1.28 and above):
    Apparently the 'Enemy Skill Level' in stock default EAWv1.2 wasn't truly coded to adjust the skill level of the AI, so the community coders of v1.28 used this opportunity to use this so called 'unused' bit, and replaced it with 'Player Skill.' So now EAWv1.28 and above uses this for limiting viewing options, and limiting icon display range. Effecting both online and offline play. These settings limit the views as follows:
    0 - all possible views are allowed, Green; The player get the default view possibilities. Also this disables the 'Wet Starts' engine management difficulty.
    1 - No cockpit free front, Seasoned; (you can't turn off the cockpit) and no rear view. The max icon range got minimized a bit; targeting is closer: (approx 9-10,000 FT before you can lock.)
    2 - No external views, Almost all external views are disabled, only the "free camera view" stay available.
    So the player only can sit inside the cockpit and he can leave his plane to move through the EAW world, by using the mouse (not a real help while combat). Additionally the max icon ranges got shorter again.

    In the Mission or Session Parameters screen, there is an entry option setting called ("Pilot Skill Level" for Single Player or "Pilot Experience" for Multiplayer), this is used to determine the AI skill level to set the ability of the friendly AND enemy AI planes.
    However in Campaign Mode, the AI start out green and progress from there, the related resulting squad files influence the morale and skill.
    As for your own skill, that is by your personal abilities. (In multiplayer The online Host skill setting is used, see SkillLevel in the [NetOption] section far below).


  • Stalls=1 - 0/1 Toggles -
    (for version 1.28a and above) Now it will disable ALL targeting (not just padlocking as found in stock v1.2), when the plane spins.
  • RealisticGunnery=1 - 0/1 Toggles -
    (for version 1.28 and above) amended, now the only difference is the bullet damage/gun power gets increased by a factor of 1.5 when a value of 0 is set, for off.

    (for version 1.28c and above) The new off setting was reprogrammed, realistic gunnery off now isn't as easy as it was in v1.2, its only little more destructive in comparison to a lot more destructive as it was in v1.2.
  • MidAirCollision=1 - 0/1 Toggles -
    (for version 1.28e?? and above), the collision bubble is much smaller, even when it's on = much harder to collide, seems unrealistic for collision use.




  • ============================



See my "Sound Help Guide Documents" for further details on Sound and some settings.

  • SoundQuality=1 - 0/1 -
    (for version 1.28 and above) New programming Forces 16bit as the only available option, regardless what you have this set too, it will always look for the 16 bit sounds and use the code that supports them.
  • EngineVolume=36863 -
    (for version 1.28 and above) This only manipulates the players own cockpit internal engine sound.
  • ExternalVolume=36863 -
    (for version 1.28 and above) external engine sound is now included here...




See my "Joystick and Remappable Key Help Documents" for details about setting up your controls.

  • Snapview Speed=5 -
    (for version 1.28 and above) How fast in Milliseconds after releasing the key will the view return to previous view. Adjustable head panning speed for the snap views (when looking around by using the numpad keys programmed to the headswitch).

(for version 1.28d and above) These eight settings are new to EAW and where programmed in to support three standard controllers. See my CodeGroup Joystick and Remappable Help Document for details about setting up your controller devices.

  • Device1 Port=1 -
    (for version 1.28d and above) defines which port to use for device 1
  • Device2 Port=2 -
    (for version 1.28d and above) define which port to use for device 2
  • Device3 Port=3 -
    (for version 1.28e and above) define which port to use for device 3
  • Rudder Device=1 -
    (for version 1.28d and above) defines which device the rudder is on
  • Throttle Device=1 -
    (for version 1.28d and above) defines which device the throttle is on. The Mouse wheel can be used as a throttle with a value of 0.
  • Stick Device=1 -
    (for version 1.28d and above) defines which device the stick is on
  • Key Device=1 -
  • POV Device=1 -
    defines which device the hat is on...

Note: Older CodeGroup versions of the game use to use Device Port1=1 and Device Port2=2. These are limited by there descriptor naming, therefore the entries where renamed as listed above. These old entries are not used anymore.

  • JoystickDeadZone=4 -
    (for version 1.28 and above) newer versions default to 4 as modern sticks are much better at centering.

  • Guns Convergence Z=0 -
    (for version 1.28b and above) This adjustable figure is in yards. The z axe adjust the vertical (up/down) calibration. The more positive the number the higher the aim point. The more negative, the lower the aim point.
  • Guns Convergence Y=0 -
    (for version 1.28b and above) This adjustable figure is in yards. The y axe adjust the (side to side) horizontal convergence. The more positive the number the closer the convergence. The more negative, the farther away the convergence.

    In EAW1.2 the guns shoot strait forward with no possibility too adjust any convergences as it's not implemented in the game. This takes away much of the firepower of planes with wing mounted guns. However v1.28 has this built in and was adjusted by the designers by an external file per plane and set to historical accurate distances used by the USAAF, RAF and Luftwaffe. Using the Z and Y Convergence ini settings you can now adjust your own distance. For an example: If you adjust the y-axes to around 200 yard, you probably also need to adjust the z-axes a little upward, otherwise the bullets will pass the target below the target.

    All planes have a historical correct convergence setting by default, but they are not the same in all planes (depending to the guns and normal mission type the default convergence distance do vary a lot.) When the Gun Convergence values = 0, the newly set historical range defaults per plane are used; this means the bullet streams meet up in a point of convergence, at a historically accurate distance. Wing mounted gun bullet streams have a X shape, not a Y, so it is real-life convergence. At long range wing mounted guns have a shotgun effect because they spread out more (right guns towards the left and left guns towards the right), but of course it is much better to get your target closer to the convergence range, for effectiveness. Convergence is only effective at or near convergence range. If your too far from the convergence range for wing mounted guns, then you'll have to put your sight on an enemies wingtip to hit the fuselage and you will be hitting with only one wing's worth of guns.

    Typically real WWII pilots shot at 500m with weapons being aimed at 250-300m. When shooting at bombers, pilots would shoot within 500-800m.  At or over 500m you need to raise your gun to compensate for bullet drop. Just some facts: 20mm have a useful range of more than 2km! and Air to ground, a heavy MG is still effective at 1.5km. (In stock EAW1.2 and especially with ECA its pretty easy to hit and to kill on up to 1.5km distance (2,000 or 2,500 even 3,000 feet are possible) at all times).

    The default convergence has changed a bit here and there during development of the planes. Here are a few notes that are a bit jumbled.
    >Gun Convergence is adjusted to 300-350 yard for big MG´s and cannons, while the small MG´s are adjusted to 200-250 yard. We have made the lighter guns (7.7mm and 7.9mm bullets) have their historically shorter convergence range, about 250yards.
    >Currently the small MG´s(Spit1a/Hurri/SpitIXc) are adjusted to around 500 feet, the big MG´s and cannons are at around 1000 feet. The MGFF of the 109E are adjusted to around 600 feet.
    >Gun Convergence for Spit1a and Hurri1a are around 600 feet, The big MG´s and cannons are most at around 1000 Feet. The 109E is a bit closer and the 190A(inner wing) are a bit longer.
    >Convergence default is set to about 600ft for 1940 planes and to about 1000ft for 1943-45 planes.

    Depending to the mission type its useful to adjust the convergence up or down:
    From testing out values, adjusting Y and Z from +10 thru -10; Y at -5 and Z at -3 is seems to be more accurate from farther away. But it needs to get adjusted for your current plane and liking.
    -Try the default convergence with Sweep missions.
    -Try a Short distance convergence while Intercepting planes with tail gunners that have a rather bad defense (small guns). You should be-able to do most damage with one ammoload.
    -Try Long Range convergence versus a 4 Mots (many heavy guns). This will allow you to shoot from farther away.
    -Cannons in general cause good damage on long range and the German planes have many guns often rather close to the fuselage, so a long range convergence is ok.
    -Also the Typhoon, tempest and P47D need a long distance convergence(500-700 yards), when making an interdiction.

    Also note that guns rate of fire is now modeled at their historical rates, faster than stock EAW. (Stock EAW has always modeled each bullet, even when they fired straight ahead like in v1.2, but the ROF was about half of real-life.)




  • ============================



  • ============================


  • SkillLevel=2 - 
    (for version 1.28 and above)
    This setting apparently is what now sets the AI Skill Level, I take it that it is no longer an average setting, but more of a definite skill level, as the averaging factor was apparently removed in v1.28 and was replaced with the View Limitation setting "Players Skill" under "Difficulty">"Combat" options which limits in-game viewing abilities and icon range. (see the SkillLevel setting in the [Difficulty] section way above for more information of the limited views setting). Here is brief information: 1. all possible views are allowed, 2. No free front/rear view, 3. No external views.
  • NoAI=0 - 0/1 Toggle -
    (for version 1.28 and above) "0" = with AI in your squadron, "1" = no AIs. to remove any AI planes from human squadrons in coop sessions. Note, however, that without AI planes you will not be able to respawn regardless of the AllowRespawn setting.
  • AllowRespawn=0 - 0/1 Toggle -
    (for version 1.28 and above) "0" = No automatic respawn, "1" = Allow Respawn. if you are the host of a multiplayer coop session and want to prevent players from jumping into a new plane after dying or bailing out (default is 1). This option doesn't appear in the session details screen when everyone first connects, though, so make sure everybody understands before you launch that they only get one plane and one life (but can still stay and watch the action if they get shot down). Remember you need some A.I. planes to respawn into, so set the NoAI setting to 0. (Virtual servers can be unstable at times, with large amounts of players in a game you can just blow up after respawning cause of the amount of lag.)
  • Weather=1 -
    (for version 1.28 and above) Sets The Clouds. Clear 0, Partly Cloudy 1, Heavy Cloudy 3, Overcast 4, Random. Weather always has its say in determining if it’s possible to take to the air on any given day, but during World War II this was especially true. In heavy cloud cover, lacking modern instruments and technologies, bombers couldn’t bomb and pilots couldn’t take off (or, worse, land). Yet weather could also turn the course of an aerial skirmish; a pilot might use a well-placed cloud or a strategic moment in the sun as effectively as a complicated maneuver to elude the enemy.


(for version 1.29 and above) The following values are only used if the player is the multiplayer host, in which case the settings are also passed on to the other players. In v1.40 they are set by an external frontend then read by the game.

  • PlaneSetNumber=   ??- (for version 1.29 and above)?? I think this was replaced later with PL settings listed below?? This PlaneSetNumber setting was later moved to the Graphics section.
  • Target= - (for version 1.29 and above) Target Selection
  • FriendlyPrimaryHB= - (for version 1.29 and above) Home Base
  • FriendlySecondaryHB= - (for version 1.29 and above) Allied Secondary Base
  • EnemyPrimaryHB= - (for version 1.29 and above) Enemy Home Base
  • EnemySecondaryHB= - (for version 1.29 and above) Enemy Secondary Base
  • FriendlySecondaryPL= - (for version 1.29 and above) ??
  • EnemyPrimaryPL= - (for version 1.29 and above) ??
  • EnemySecondaryPL= - (for version 1.29 and above) ??



  • Sleep=400 - (for version ??1.28?? and above) ?what does this do?





  • ============================


[Remappable Keys]
  • SNAPVIEW FRONT=NUMPAD8 - Snap Views allow you to quickly scan a field of vision using the numeric keypad. The key layout is designed in a very easy to use, logical order. In EAWv1.2 there is no possibility to look around canopy frames and plating, however you still can see the icons through the cockpit. (for version 1.28 and above) by using the snapviews, you can look around the canopy frames and rear plating as the views where shifted a little. (for version 1.28) If you push snapview front, the pilot seat will move rearward a bit so you can see the gauges and around the frames of the cockpit.

This is the old method for engines on or off found in stock v1.2 of the game. (These are disabled/removed from EAWv1.28 and up)


    SHIFT [  or  SHIFT ]  -  (for version 1.40 and above) Are used to exit Multiplayer. (They appear to be hardcoded, rather than in the ini file.)

(for version 1.28 and above) EAW v1.28 includes Support for four engines On and Off, instead of two.


    Wuddy's wet-start feature may result in getting a blown engine. Your Engine may be damaged by repeated wet starts or jamming the throttle forward too fast on a cold engine. When starting your engine in 1.28c and above, you must be conscious of the throttle setting. No throttle and it won't start. Too much, and you'll get a "wet start", complete with flames and dark smoke. Try a setting about 1/3 (40%) to 1/2 (50%) throttle. Then once it starts, wait until the engine is running smoothly, ease the throttle forward if your engine is cold or you could damage it.

    Troubleshoot start up:
    If your engine stalls on start-up you will get a "fuel pressure low" warning message. It just means you have failed to get the engine running. If you tried to use Autopilot, once the engine did die, you need to disable autopilot and start manually. Also if you press "Alt-N" with an un-started engine, you will get that message as well. (Note: if you have set your throttle control configured to your mouse wheel then there is no 'start' or 'finish' value on the roller, so just use the number 5 on your keyboard before engine start-up to set the engine initially to 50% power. That effectively 'calibrates' your roller wheel on the mouse.)

    To disable the "wet-start" management difficulty; Goto configure game(game set-up)-> "difficulty" -> "combat" -> "Player skill" = green.

    ALT E - (for version 1.60 and above) Is used to turn on and off all engines at once. (It appears to be hardcoded, rather than in the ini file.)

    (for version 1.28 and above), this also turns WEP (War Emergency Power) on and off.

    The WEP function; The 100% throttle key work as WEP toggle button. At gamestart WEP is enabled (if the plane itself is equipped with WEP). To prevent over heating while keeping as much power as possible you can disable WEP. WEP is enabled when you set your speed full throttle, less than that and you will have WEP disabled. See my CodeGroup Joystick and Remappable Help Document on how to use WEP properly.

There's currently no independent engine throttle controls for v1.28 and up, as it was not implemented once the four engine start was added.

  • THROTTLE ENGINE 1 UP=LBRACKET - This was removed in v1.28 and above.
  • THROTTLE ENGINE 2 UP=RBRACKET - This was removed in v1.28 and above.
  • THROTTLE ENGINE 2 DOWN=APOSTROPHE - This no longer functions in v1.28 and above.

  • FLAPS UP=SHIFT F - See next paragraph below
  • FLAPS DOWN=F - (for version 1.28 and above) Many more planes are equipped with combat flaps.
  • WHEEL BRAKES ON/OFF=B - Standard Brake.
    (for version 1.28e and above) The brakes work different now. The "brake button" work more like a pedal now. Push it and the brakes get released, push it again and hold it, the brakes get enabled, release the button, the breaks get released. If you hold the button down for around 8-10 seconds, the brakes get enabled permanent.

    After game start the brakes are enabled as usual, after a short push they are disabled (as usual), but now the button work like a pedal. Push the button equals 'brake', release the button equals 'no brake'. If you push the button around 8-10 seconds in a row, the brakes get static enabled again. The new code brake routine is to help not to collapse the fragile undercarriage. B will toggle your brakes off when you first push it, but while landing, for instance, you will need to hold the B button down, like a brake pedal.

    Moving About on the Ground: (for version 1.28e and above) There is code implemented for propeller thrust related rudder and elevator influences when rolling on the ground. With this its possible to turn the plane where you stand and you can raise the tail right away, but you must be carefully not to nose over.
    Full power, stick hard forward will end in a rather fast "nose over". You can adjust this "nose over moment" by reducing the throttle and elevator variation. Similar its with the rudder, full throttle and full rudder (with brakes on) let the plane turn slow to the wanted direction, if you now raise the tail, it will turn way more fast.


The gun button setup was changed in v1.28 after a request and vote, cause the default setup, with just one gun button allowed, was found to be not historically correct. So for version 1.28 and above, the ini settings below replace the Gun selection from v1.2 with a historically correct configuration. With this new gun selection and fire system, EAW will now support two separate fire buttons. You can shoot all guns with one button, but you also can set one fire button for the main gun (smaller gungroup) and secondary guns (cannons or other MG´s). Additionally you can set a button to disable a 3rd gungroup (gunpods, outer wing cannons for example), which get fired with the "fire secondary guns" button. It's a little confusing, but it works. See my CodeGroup Joystick and Remappable Help Document for more detailed information about the 'Historically Correct Gun/Fire Buttons Example'

Note: the default key assignments shown below are not ideal, read the corresponding help document to learn more.

  • FIRE ALL GUNS=Joystick_Btn_1

    (for version 1.60 and above) The Key you press to view the map will also now exit the map, a toggle function.
    (for version 1.28 and above) AUTOCLIMB is available offline and online by pressing [SHIFT A] (then) [A]. This feature puts the plane into a sustained climb that accounts for engine temperature and power changes.
    (for version 1.28 and above) Time acceleration now goes in smaller steps upward: 2,4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36 to max 40, this decreases the probability of crashing by accident.
  • NORMAL TIME=PAGE_DOWN - Sets Time back to normal with one push of this key.
    (for version 1.28c and above) The bail out procedure got increased by one more safe option, they implemented another possibility to bail out, even at higher speed. To use this option: You push the stick forward, then you hit "bail out". Then your pilot will get sucked out of the dead plane, without hitting anything, as long as the tail isn't damaged, this is the most safe way to bail out.
    (for version 1.28 and above) You must hold down the ESC key several seconds for it to function. This helps prevent anybody from accidently hitting this key when a player is looking for the chat key.





This section of the document is to mention some unique aspects of the eaw.ini file and controls.


FPS (Frames-Per-Second) Display
To check FPS in EAWv1.28 and above, use CTRL-G.
An information screen appears in the upper right with Frames-Per-Second displayed, along with other aircraft info. Here are the obvious ones, which are self explanatory:
The framerate,
mass in kG/lbs,
and indicated airspeed in mph/kmph.

Introduced in the CodeGroups EAWv1.28c, the flightmodel has been coded also to take the ammunition weight into account. Look at the weight readout while you pull the gun trigger, you can see the mass dropping very quickly. So a FW190A with ammo is around 250kg more heavy. The P47 is around 450kg more heavy with ammo, while the 109G6(clean) just carry around 90kg ammo and the Spit1a just around 75kg. So depending on the current fuel and ammo load the performance relation between different planes may vary a lot, (there performance will change based on mass at the present time).

Introduced in the CodeGroups EAWv1.28c/d the supercharger altitudes are not static anymore!
There's a possibility to have more than one supercharger stage; all the values float, depending on the current plane speed.

Most WWII planes used the so called RAM air effect, where the plane speed was used to get a higher loading pressure for the engine. Since the loading pressure is one main factor to define the rated altitude of a plane, the rated altitude is related to the speed. As result the rated altitude did vary, in particular an extreme and much better climb speed and Vmax(5000feet is more evident).

The best ALT values are related to the two possible supercharger stages; Each figure gives you the best performance altitude for one of the supercharger stages. Try to stay near one of those altitudes for best performance:

best Alt 1: current best Height (rated height, highest power) of the 1st supercharger stage in feet
best Alt 2: current best Height (rated height, highest power) of the 2nd supercharger stage in feet
best Alt diff: altitude difference to the current supercharger switch height in feet
(when this value is = 0, you are in the current supercharger switch height, often providing the worst power).

Like in reality the Heights are vary in big degrees related to the current plane speed (ram air effect). As such you will notice that the height varies with the speed.

Important to know is that the engines wont overheat if the plane is a little above the current rated altitude. This is because above rated altitude the engines can't get loaded with the full pressure anymore, as such the engine run more cool. So if a plane has two supercharger stages, there is a altitude band, above the 1st rated alt and below the supercharger switch height, where the engine wont overheat and then again above the 2nd rated alt.



Two Functions Assigned To One Button...
In EAWv1.28 or above, if you want a clear rear view in virtual cockpit quickly (since v1.28 adds rear plating to the VC views), you can configure one button on your Joystick software to press 'Numpad 2 followed by Numpad Decimal' automatically for you, or if for some reason you can't assign more than one key for each Joystick button in your controllers software. Try to edit your eaw.ini placing the same Joystick button for the above, making sure that snapview rear is before cockpit on/off (as in default eaw.ini). Look below at the example: (It will take two presses of button 10 on the Joystick)

SNAPVIEW REAR=Joystick_Btn_10
COCKPIT ON/OFF=Joystick_Btn_10

If you don't use the snapviews in any other way (padlock or mouse view instead), this maybe a better option:
SNAPVIEW UP=Joystick_Btn_10
SNAPVIEW REAR=Joystick_Btn_10