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Written By: MarkEAW
Other Info by: Wudpecker, McGruff_GS, Sydbod, vonOben, VBH, Knegel, LLv34_Snefens, Adrian, Russ

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This document was written to get EAW manually added to your system. To supply technical support information on how to get the game to run properly on any version of Windows (For your Info: 32 bit or 64 bit computer systems will run EAW.) However, depending on which Windows OS you have you may have some problematic issues with the game. Those issues and there remedies are covered in this help document.

This help document will guide you with installing from the CD; EAWv1.0 and how to apply the official patch(s) v1.1 and/or v1.2. It is also useful to get any version (including source modifications) of the game running properly with thorough troubleshooting help.


This section will get you started first with some good advice then onto copying and pasting files from your EAW CD to your hard drive. It will also show a folder list of what v1.0 looks like. There is some talk about the different versions that you may want to keep on your hard drive (multiple, but different 'installs').

Is The Game Already Installed:
So if you have installed the game previously from the CD with SETUP.EXE or AutoInstall, uninstall EAW with the uninstaller, restart your computer system and come back to this document here and continue reading (This is to avoid problems on a modern Windows OS).

Update Drivers:
Before adding the game to your system, you'll want the latest drivers and updates for your Windows OS, Video Card, Sound Device, and Controller Device. (If available).
Small Note: In the past, some technical docs may have suggested you roll back or use older drivers for your hardware, this help document does not cover such situations as on modern Windows you need the latest drivers and OS updates for the game to work properly under compatibility layers and fixes etc....

Manually Adding EAW From The CD:
Manually 'installing' or as the case really is, adding (copy and paste) EAW solves all kinds of hassles and problems for different Windows Versions and different Game CD types. You do not need to have an automated installer, install the game for it to operate correctly. The game does not require any game registry entries to be present, other than those provided by the Windows OS itself, and those are created once the game is added and run on your system, more on that later.

To manually add EAW withOUT running the automated installer (AUTORUN.EXE or SETUP.EXE) from the CD follow these directions:

  • Create your folders where you want the game on your HD. (Do NOT use the \Program Files sub-folder to place your game folder, this will cause Crashes to Desktop on modern computers and other problems on WinXP. Put it on the root of C:\ or on a second hard drive or partition if you have one.) Note: The default game path and folder names are shown in the table further below.
  • Then highlight and copy over only the files listed in the table below to your new game folder. (The rest of the files on the CD are just for use by the automated installer.) Copy these files for a full 'installation'; "eaw.exe" , The "\Music" folder, "d3d.dll", "SMACKW32.DLL" , "Dsetup.dll", "chatline.txt" , ALL "***.CDF" files. You may have to turn on or uncheck in Windows Folder Options (on Vista or later) the 'Show known File Extensions' to see the three letter full filename after the period.
  • Once your done Copying and Pasting, make sure none of the files are marked as read-only since copying them directly from the CD usually results in this. (There is a file that the game will want to write too and change. The other files need the read-only lifted from them for future updates.)
  • Do NOT run your game yet, See instructions below this table for updating from the CD v1.0 to a newer version.


Clean Installed Folder For v1.0 (for reference)

\MicroProse Software\European Air War\
3d.cdf		4,896,269	10/17/1998 03:50
chatline.txt	438		10/8/1998 23:03
COCKPITS.CDF	20,899,837	10/16/1998 00:28
d3d.dll		130,560		10/14/1998 20:44
DATA.CDF	1,433,420	10/18/1998 18:10
Dsetup.dll	127,488		7/29/1998 18:00
eaw.exe		1,367,040	10/18/1998 19:32
FLT.CDF		39,540		10/18/1998 18:10
FONTS.CDF	960,576		10/15/1998 02:28
GRBRIEF.CDF	9,438,292	10/15/1998 02:30
Menu_eng.cdf	37,760		10/16/1998 17:57
Movies.cdf	298,809,288	10/15/1998 02:49
Music.cdf	1,452,428	10/15/1998 02:28
PIC.CDF		26,334,148	10/15/1998 02:31
readme.rtf	27,987       	10/18/1998 19:10
SMACKW32.DLL	96,256		6/9/1998 09:21
SOUND.CDF	1,203,659	10/15/1998 02:28
SOUND16.CDF	2,501,836	10/15/1998 02:33
SPEECH1.CDF	10,431,783	10/15/1998 02:51
SPEECH2.CDF	11,943,211	10/15/1998 02:33
SPEECH3.CDF	12,407,240	10/15/1998 02:29
Sprites.cdf	250,040      	10/16/1998 00:25
TERRAIN.CDF	7,942,132	10/15/1998 02:30
Text_eng.cdf	168,543		10/18/1998 05:02
UKBRIEF.CDF	10,101,180	10/15/1998 02:33
USBRIEF.CDF	11,970,136	10/15/1998 02:32
WSOUND.CDF	9,310,061	10/15/1998 02:50
Wsprites.cdf	25,140,369	10/15/1998 02:50
AmerProm.bgm	5,523,468	8/26/1998 21:59
BritProm.bgm	6,513,556	8/29/1998 15:10
Captured.bgm	9,071,660	8/31/1998 15:30
Drum1.bgm	1,459,968	9/30/1998 09:58
GermProm.bgm	6,513,796	8/31/1998 11:02
HallOFam.bgm	7,056,968	9/1/1998 16:47
MenuMus.bgm	7,836,020	8/14/1998 12:00
Rescued.bgm	5,082,520	9/30/1998 10:02
ViewObs.bgm	9,408,380	9/16/1998 14:05
YouDead.bgm	11,813,424	9/21/1998 15:45





Updating the game with the official MPS patches can be done with either v1.1 or v1.2. Some players will want to keep different versions 'installed' on their hard drives in order to compare game play experience or basic comparison among the available versions. This would naturally allow you to see the changes MicroProse (or others) have made to the game, thus making the changes more prominent and notable. This is strictly an optional course of action. Read my v1.1 and v1.2 Help Document along with the MicroProse Patches Help Document for more specifics on those versions.

About v1.0:
If you intend to keep a copy of stock (out of the box) EAWv1.0 around, then for safe keeping so you don't need to install v1.0 again, optionally copy your game folder you "installed" (actual copied copied) from the CD some place else, and rename it to a NEW folder name, or Burn it to a CD. This will be your backup full install of v1.0.

About v1.1:
If you intend to keep a copy of v1.0 and update it to v1.1, and keep that version around, I suggest you read the section below titled 'UPDATE TO v1.2' and substitute where the text reads v1.2 with v1.1 patch program, those instructions will teach you how to patch to v1.1. Then for safe keeping so you don't need to install v1.1 again, optionally copy your newly patched game folder some place else and rename it to a NEW folder name, or Burn it to a CD. This will be your backup full install of v1.1.

eawv1-1 Patch Files (These are the files patched by the Official v1.1 Updater):

3D.CDF 		4,895,593 	12/15/1998 14:27
d3d.dll 130,560 12/17/1998 14:30
DATA.CDF 1,433,420 12/21/1998 11:29
eaw.exe 1,411,072 1/11/1999 18:43
FLT.CDF 39,540 12/31/1998 15:59
FONTS.CDF 1,067,664 12/16/1998 13:01
grb_031.snd 105,644 12/15/1998 11:36
Menu_eng.cdf 37,876 12/22/1998 19:55
readme.rtf 35,003 1/8/1999 00:18
TEXT_ENG.CDF 168,738 1/11/1999 09:58
V1.1 Details.rtf 16,801 1/10/1999 21:35

Before updating to v1.1 or v1.2 it has been said in the past that you need to run v1.0 of EAW once so it creates the eaw.ini file in the games root folder so when you use the official patch updater program it can find it and use it to patch the game.
I have not had any problems installing the v1.2 patch over a v1.0 clean fresh installation by following the steps outlined in this document, which does NOT instruct you to 'run once'.
I've found that the official v1.1 and the v1.2 updaters just need the eaw.exe to be present for the patch installers to extract their files.
See my MicroProse Patches Help Document for information on what the v1.1 and v1.2 patches change or fix within the game.




Now that you have V1.0 manually installed/added, you may proceed to update to v1.2 with the official MPS patcher. This is an upgrade to the out-of-the-box game which you should install since v1.2 includes the most recent official multiplayer fixes and is generally a good idea to use that version. (However at this point you may want to update only to v1.1 for your own reasons, such as testing or examining the older versions game play. Just substitute the v1.2 text with v1.1 below.)

Note: If you have the 2001 re-release by Infogrames CD (their logo is on the CD), the v1.2 patch is located on your CD in the \Patch folder, other players will have to download it. (The Infogrames v1.2 patch is identical to the MicroProse patch and includes everything that the older v1.1 has. The v1.1 patcher is not on the Infogrames CD, you will have to download it, if you want it).

  • Copy the official MPS v1.2 patch exe into your EAW game folder and run it. (On WinVista/Win7/Win8 You may need to run the patch program as an Administrator to get it to work correctly. Windows 10 seems to apply an automatic compatibility fix to the file upon its first run. There is a long delay after running it so wait about 10 to 20 secs for the patch updater program to show that something is happening.)
  • The patch will look for the closest eaw.exe file and it should find your v1.0 too patch (This will happen almost instantly once it appears to be working, this is because you ran it in the game's root folder directly.)
  • Once patched, delete the v1.2 patch exe (eawv1-2.exe) file from your game folder. (You no longer need it and its just in the way.)

Safe Keeping:
For safe keeping so you don't need to install v1.2 again, optionally copy your \European Air War\ game folder some place else and rename it to a NEW folder name or Burn it to a CD. This will be your backup full install of v1.2. (Also its always nice to have a stock version of 1.2 running someplace else along side a newer or older version, for game play comparison!)

Game Shortcut:
Go back to your original 'install' (the one you will be playing from for now) and you can create a desktop shortcut to eaw.exe by right-clicking the mouse on the eaw.exe file and choosing Create Shortcut. Put this on your desktop.

Compatibility Mode / Tab Settings Warning:
Do NOT run the game using a Compatibility Mode that is found In the Games Shortcut Tab settings for any reason. See the section of this document titled 'OTHER PROBLEMS AND ISSUES' under that title find and read 'Conflicts With The Compatibility Tab' area for further troubleshooting information about Tab settings and why they should not be used. (other than in Win2000).

An Empty Movies.CDF:
If running on any Windows version other than Win9x, most likely the game videos will not play correctly or at all on NT Windows and will most likely cause problems for you. The game may CTD before it even loads up, or you'll get a blank screen. This is because there is an INTRO smacker type video when you run and load up EAW that is not compatible with Modern Windows.
Even though the movies are nice to have, they are not necessary for you to play the game. I suggest you download what is called an 'empty' Movies.CDF file that replaces the in game movies to get around these kind of crashes to desktop problems, it also saves 284mb of space on your hard drive. The empty .CDF file goes in the games main folder, over write the one that's in there already. Goto the topic of this help document below titled 'OTHER PROBLEMS AND ISSUES' and read the section that says 'Game Crashes To Desktop CTD Solutions' to know more.

Run The Game:
Now that you followed and read all the above instructions, run the game for the first time to the Main Menu (do NOT enter the Flight Screen), this will create a new file called eaw.ini in your games folder that contains most of the games configuration settings. Exit the game and read on in this help document. If the game won't run right now, then read the section titled 'PROBLEMS RUNNING THE GAME', then come back here and read on.



eawv1-2 Patch Files (These are the files patched by the Official v1.2 Updater):

3D.CDF 		4,895,593 	12/15/1998 14:27
d3d.dll 130,560 12/17/1998 14:30
DATA.CDF 1,433,420 12/21/1998 11:29
eaw.exe 1,430,016 7/29/1999 15:24* EXTRA.SPT 3,924 4/13/1999 17:54*
FLT.CDF 39,540 12/31/1998 15:59
FONTS.CDF 1,067,664 12/16/1998 13:01
grb_031.snd 105,644 12/15/1998 11:36
Menu_eng.cdf 37,876 12/22/1998 19:55
readme.rtf 44,954 7/26/1999 10:38*
TEXT_ENG.CDF 168,743 1/8/1999 11:13*
V1.1 Details.rtf 16,801 1/10/1999 21:35
*Files that v1.2 patch update. Other files are the same as v1.1


Clean Installed Folder For v1.2 (for reference)

\MicroProse Software\European Air War\
3D.CDF		4,895,593	12/15/1998 14:27
chatline.txt	438		10/8/1998 19:03
COCKPITS.CDF	20,899,837	10/15/1998 20:28
d3d.dll		130,560		12/17/1998 14:30
DATA.CDF	1,433,420	12/21/1998 11:29
Dsetup.dll	127,488		7/29/1998 14:00
eaw.exe		1,430,016	7/29/1999 15:24
EXTRA.SPT	3,924		4/13/1999 17:54
FLT.CDF		39,540		12/31/1998 15:59
FONTS.CDF	1,067,664	12/16/1998 13:01
grb_031.snd	105,644		12/15/1998 11:36
GRBRIEF.CDF	9,438,292	10/14/1998 22:30
Menu_eng.cdf	37,876		12/22/1998 19:55
Movies.cdf	298,809,288	10/14/1998 22:49
Music.cdf	1,452,428	10/14/1998 22:28
PIC.CDF		26,334,148	10/14/1998 22:31
readme.rtf	44,954		7/26/1999 10:38
SMACKW32.DLL	96,256		6/9/1998 05:21
SOUND.CDF	1,203,659	10/14/1998 22:28
SOUND16.CDF	2,501,836	10/14/1998 22:33
SPEECH1.CDF	10,431,783	10/14/1998 22:51
SPEECH2.CDF	11,943,211	10/14/1998 22:33
SPEECH3.CDF	12,407,240	10/14/1998 22:29
Sprites.cdf	250,040		10/15/1998 20:25
TERRAIN.CDF	7,942,132	10/14/1998 22:30
TEXT_ENG.CDF	168,743		1/8/1999 11:13
UKBRIEF.CDF	10,101,180	10/14/1998 22:33
USBRIEF.CDF	11,970,136	10/14/1998 22:32
V1.1 Details.rtf16,801		1/10/1999 21:35
WSOUND.CDF	9,310,061	10/14/1998 22:50
Wsprites.cdf	25,140,369	10/14/1998 22:50
AmerProm.bgm	5,523,468	8/26/1998 17:59
BritProm.bgm	6,513,556	8/29/1998 11:10
Captured.bgm	9,071,660	8/31/1998 11:30
Drum1.bgm	1,459,968	9/30/1998 05:58
GermProm.bgm	6,513,796	8/31/1998 07:02
HallOFam.bgm	7,056,968	9/1/1998 12:47
MenuMus.bgm	7,836,020	8/14/1998 08:00
Rescued.bgm	5,082,520	9/30/1998 06:02
ViewObs.bgm	9,408,380	9/16/1998 10:05
YouDead.bgm	11,813,424	9/21/1998 11:45



Saving Some HD Space: (Optional)

  • To save some hard drive space and remove clutter you can move or delete the files: readme.rtf , V1.1 Details.rtf and SOUND.CDF (This last file contains  8-bit sounds for slow computers, you won't need them on modern computers as you should be using the 16 bit sounds setting in game). EAW won't miss it.
  • And finally there is the newer and smaller Dsetup.dll file that can be replaced to save a bit of pre game memory. (not at all necessary for modern computers). Information is here for those still using Win9x machines.


Do Not Move Note:
Now since you have run the game once, you will NOT want to move your game folder, for compatibility reasons with the Windows OS and it's Registry. This is important and more details about this can be read under other sections of this document; specifically go to the section titled WINDOWS REGISTRY and read the 'About Registry Entries Produced by Windows' topic if you wish to learn more, and then come back here to continue on.


Now go onto the next section that's titled; 'GAME CONFIGURATION', There are a few things you should do with-in the game before playing (before seeing the flight screen), I'll go over them briefly in that section below.




This section of this help guide will quickly show you some of the more important settings in the game. Start EAW and open the configuration option screen. (For more details please read the official EAW User Manual).

Difficulty - Flight
Fly full realism! When you first start it's tempting to choose all the easy settings: ie stalls off, blackouts off etc. Bite the bullet, turn all the hard settings on (everything on the right should be selected) this will allow you to learn to fly properly. You will have problems at first with stalling and spinning, with a little practice, You will get the hang of things. Almost all games online are played "full real" so you need to get used to it.

Difficulty - Combat
Same again: all the hard settings, ie everything on the right.

Don't leave the units on default: choose metric or English - whichever you prefer. If you don't, during online play you'll get distances displayed sometimes in meters, sometimes in feet - depending on the host's settings. That will be a bit confusing for you. Select the one you prefer now.

Turn HUD on. Yes it's not very historically accurate to use it but absolutely crucial information. This shows your airspeed and altitude (bottom left in green) as well as your target's speed and altitude (bottom right in red).

IAS and TAS:
Choose IAS (indicated airspeed) rather than TAS (true airspeed). (A long technical explanation for this is the airspeed gauge actually measures air pressure and then works out your speed from this. At high altitude, where the air is much thinner and pressure lower, you are actually going much faster than at an equivalent indicated airspeed at low altitude.

As a combat pilot, your main concern is the air pressure over your wings. This gives you lift. If you use TAS (true airspeed) you'll notice that, at high altitude, your plane stalls much earlier than it does lower down. If you use IAS, the (indicated) stall speed stays pretty much the same so you don't need to bother about compensating for alt.)

Controller Setup
Select these settings (top left): joystick, rudder, throttle, mouse. Your joystick might not work otherwise. However your flight controls may require special configurations...But if you don't have rudder controls of some type, you will want to get them, whether its rudder pedals or a twist handle Joystick...(see my Joystick and Remappable Help Document for in depth advanced controller trouble shooting and configuring.)

EAW.INI and Joystick:
There is a line in the [CONTROLS] section of the eaw.ini file: "Windows Joystick= ". The options are 0 or 1. If your joystick doesn't work with the game you could try changing this setting. Eaw.ini is in the folder where you installed the game (..\MicroProse Software\European Air War\). You open it with Notepad, You could put a shortcut to this file on your desktop since you'll need to edit this file again at a later time and probably often for other things.

Force Feedback (FF):
If you've have a force feedback stick, you can set the FF gain in controller setup. You should most likely set your FF effects in your stick software to default while you set them from within the game - and come back to them to fine tune afterwards. Fiddle about and test offline until you've got settings you like.

Flight Sensitivity:
Set Flight Sensitivity to around two thirds for now. This controls how sensitive your stick will be with the Flight Model. (You may also have stick software which allows you to adjust stick sensitivity, this is different than Flight Model Sensitivity.)

Later on, once you've tried the game out a bit, you can take the time to do some flight testing to get the sensitivity just right. You must have sensitivity high enough to give you full control deflection: if it's too low you won't be able to turn as fast as you should (a very bad thing in a dogfight). However, if it's set too high the plane will be very "jerky" and it'll be hard to line up a shot - especially in 'pilot full zoom mode'.

Also, to be on the safe side, you will also want a back up of your eaw.ini file so you can pluck out of it your control settings and remapped keys if anything goes wrong.




This section will briefly direct you to some graphical options you have regarding the game and video card settings.

Setting The Screen Resolution:
EAW looks pretty good straight out the box, but can look incredible if you fiddle a bit. By default, EAW plays in 640x480 screen res. In EAWv1.1, Higher Resolutions where introduced. They produce much smoother looking flight window graphics, so donít get stuck using the default if you want more. There are some downsides to increasing the games resolution....

You set the custom resolution in a file called eaw.ini in the games root folder. You open it with notepad and manually enter the Width and Height (There is no in-game slider or setting). It is very important you see my other help document that will go into resolution setting information much deeper. See Inside The EAW.INI Help Document in the 'Graphics' section for more information on the possible resolutions, drawbacks and the advantages of changing the resolution.

Frames Per Second:
The size of the screen will effect the Frames Per Second. You want the frame rates ideally at 30FPS or more but above 15FPS the game will operate correctly, although a bit slow. If the game is running smoothly when you enter dense bomber formations your doing well. (Although there is no FPS display in v1.2, in source modifications v1.28 and above CTRL-G gives the FPS in the top right hand corner.)

Most modern graphics cards have anti-alias settings in their control panel which improves things even further:

Anti-Alias of x2 will be enough to loose the jagged step edges on planes. (you may need to do this in the "Override Mode") I didn't notice any more improvement with higher demanding settings.

Anti-Alias FXAA, is usable. It smoothes the entire DirectDraw menu screens and in game flight screens, focusing not just the edges of objects, but also the textures and graphics displayed of the full screen.

Don't expect many of the more advanced video card settings to work in EAW, the DirectX version of the game is too old (DX5/6) to take advantage of them on Modern Video Cards and there newer drivers. There is no current fix for this in any version of EAW (code modified or not). To Learn more, see my Known Bugs And Feature Ideas Help Document for the details. Read the section titles 'VIDEO CARD CONTROL PANEL = Little Effect' on that page.




This section is for explaining the different types of modified and available EAW games. From the EAW Demo game, hex edited exe's and other source modifications that you can add on top of or instead of your current install of EAW.


About Custom EAW Modifications:
Before you get totally comfortable with your 'installed' stock game, you need to know there is currently three types of custom modifications.

  • There is the custom HexEdited enhanced replacement eaw.exe's (custom tweaked exe's that where made to replace just the eaw.exe).
  • The FXEXE machine level manipulated special effects mod (a v1.2 special effects version of EAW, that improves the game beyond the stock game), and
  • The CodeGroup source code modifications (src feature changes, added game data, new gameplay and modding features, in community made versions, EAWv1.28x and higher versions.)

I have included here in this document some information regarding those modifications and below I have listed even more about those three unofficial patch types mentioned. So go ahead and read on below.


Quick Note About The EAW Demo:
The official EAW Demo is really a software only rendered game and allows you to play for 5 mins at a time, sometimes longer depending on how well you do in combat. It's available as an English or German download. See my Community Addons and Files Help Document for some extra words about the EAW 5min Demo.



HexEdited Patches:
There are several HexEdited replacement eaw.exe's available (these replacement exe's are for EAWv1.2 only). There is the so called unofficial 1.2a enhancement version, which presumably was hex-edited. There is the unofficial community made v1.26e patch updater with fixes and some game data updates to the stock EAWv1.2. (It is considered to be a 1.2 executable regarding compatibility and running it).

Also most if not all HexEdited exe's included a NoCD option built in. You apply these replacement exe's over a previous official patch or to a newly added full clean "installation" of the EAW game. See my HexEdited Patches Help Document for further details and install instructions for each of these custom HexEdit "upgrades" and special NoCD Instructions.



FXEXE Patches:
The FXEXE: EAWPRO Edition / The Final Cut special effects update in concern with Windows compatibility is considered to be a EAWv1.2 executable, and the archive contains its own readme with install instructions.

The FXEXE does not require your game CD to play other than for you to first copy the files for a full stock 'installation' from the CD, then patched to v1.2. Then you take the FXEXE archive and you overwrite some of the files with the new ones in the Zip. Please read this help document to get EAWv1.2 up and running first. Also see my FXEXE Patches Help Document for additional information like changes and background details, including some install directions.

This release of the game can have add-ons converted to work with it, however, the game is intentionally self contained and has its own add-ons built in, including updated game data.


CodeGroup Patches:
There are several unofficial source Coded 'patches' that have new bug fixes, features added, and a lot of community game data in them. These full blown game data add-ons usually come with very large new individual theaters of operations and many planes to choose from.

Most of the released after 2012 are even considered 'Standalone' where you don't need the game CD to install nor run the game; they will not require you to add the CD files to your computer before hand.

To install any of the Code Groups source code modifications, most of the older versions have install instructions. Newer releases (after 2012) have Forum posts explaining the install procedures. (Note: Install instructions for the CodeGroup archives is different than the other game types.) You typical run each 7-zip self-installer that becomes available in the main game folder of which it was designed for. Also read this help document for general usage directions to insure proper operation. See my CodeGroup Patches Help Document for more information on the revision changes and details of those released.

The latest versions contain the best of the best add-ons, and do not require any additional add-ons to be added to them. You may request up converting old add-ons that you may find.




This section is very helpful to solve issues you most likely will have with stock EAW and even a Modified EAW version.


Are You Getting Any Of These Errors Listed Here:
Here are some of the errors messages and conditions you could receive when trying to run the game:
(These are typically related to graphical problems)
"not a valid win32 application"
"Sorry, EAW will not run under WinNT"
Crash to Desktop(CTD)
Your menu screen colors are messed up
Your menu screen is garbled or tearing

The following information will help you get around them.
Also read my Known Bugs and Feature Ideas Help Document if your really interested about these errors with more in depth descriptions.


Running in Win2000 or WinXP:
If using fully updated versions of Win2000 or WinXP and the game won't run normally, even if you have already properly configured your Windows version, read below.

  • Win2k requires some extensive but effective manual OS configuring to use a Compatibility Database to get EAW to run. WinXP only needs some guidance (see the section near the end of this document titled 'WIN2K AND WINXP OPTIONS' for further help with Win2k or WinXP without the need for wrappers).
  • For the garbled screens, color issues, or other errors; Otherwise, if you decide to go with a different option, you may try using a special programs called Wrappers to run the game for an overall workaround of any errors. However I recommend you try to get the game to run without a Wrapper first.


Running in WinVista / Win7 :
If using WinVista/Win7 and the OS is fully updated, the game can run "natively" in full screen with-OUT wrappers in D3D Mode and with out problems, normally faster than on Win10. However, many WinVista/Win7 users may just have one or both of these following issues; Your games Menu Screen colors maybe messed up or you may have garbled (tearing) menu screens and map screen.

  • For the garbled screens; try using the special programs called Wrappers to run the game to correct this type of error. (On my Win7 system I did not have tearing of menus or map briefing screens, I don't know why others may have tearing issues on Win7).
  • For If colors are messed up; If the game is running properly with out using a Wrapper program and the only problem is the colors of the Menu Screens are messed up, I highly suggest you to use only a special registry fix designed for those Windows versions, see the section titled 'WINDOWS REGISTRY' near the end of this help document and read the topic titled "Direct Draw Menu Color Registry Fix" for more information on how this is beneficial to you.


Running in Win8.1 / Win10:
If using Win8.1/Win10 and the OS is fully updated, with basic support the game can run "natively" in full screen with-OUT wrappers in D3D Mode and with out problems. The use of the automatically applied Windows OS built-in Compatibility Fixes and Modes allows the Menu Screens to display correctly. (There is a slight flaw due to DirectDraw being deprecated by Microsoft in favor of something new called Direct2D, this slows down the game to around 30FPS on most systems.)

Any of the custom external third party D3D wrapper Programs at this time of writing will not work in Win10 with EAW properly...(Even if they would have worked under Win8.1/10,  I personally still prefer to forgo using the D3DWindower or other program, thus run it as close to 'natively' as possible. If you have a Wrapper working in Win10 with EAW properly, I'd like to hear from you...).

  • For Reduced Speed Performance in Win8.1/10; there currently is not any known fix for these OS and EAW use. However I am researching the issue, and testing things out...
  • For further details and information on the Win10 Fixes and Modes; see the section titled 'WINDOWS REGISTRY' near the end of this help document. Read the topic 'Windows 8.1/10 Compatibility Layer' .You don't need to really read that information, it's there for the technically minded though.


Wrapper Programs:
Wrappers are special programs to run the game for an overall workaround of any of the errors listed above. However, some Windows OS do not need Wrappers. (Read above to see if you need to use one).

The Wrapper programs that other EAW pilots have used are: D3DWindower, DDWrapper, DXWnd and nGlide. Use only one of them at a time. For the most part these programs run EAW in a window, although some can be set to run full screen.

Further below I mention settings you should use for the D3DWindower Wrapper Program to run EAW properly. I also provide information on the nGlide Wrapper program. However I do not have information on any of the other Wrapper programs, see their home sites for help.


Menu Screens Colors are Messed Up:
Use a Wrapper program as mentioned above. Also read the following info below about Running EAW in different Windows OS Versions. More so read the section titled 'WINDOWS REGISTRY' and read the topic "Direct Draw Menu Color Registry Fix".


Menu Screens Garbled or Tearing:
Use a Wrapper program as mentioned above. This seems to be the only current fix for Windows Vista/Win7. Also read the following info below about Running EAW in different Windows OS Versions.



D3DWindower v1.88 Wrapper Program:
If you need to use the D3DWindower Wrapper program with Win2000/XP/Vista/7 to correct the rainbow colored Menu Screens or get rid of garbled / tearing Menu Screens or perhaps you just want to run EAW in a Window Frame with Borders (not full screen), the minimum settings needed for EAW to run properly are listed below. Further experimentation wasn't done with the other settings. (Note: If your going to use this Wrapper, make sure you first set the Direct3D setting under the DisplayDevice setting to 1 or 2 in your eaw.ini file for Direct3D.)

Minimum D3DWindower Settings: (settings tested with WinVista/Win7)
  Under Options Common - Width and Height set to 0. (This will load the games menu screens in there natural size (640x480 or 1024x768 depending on the EAW game version your using) and the flight screen of the game will automatically use the the eaw.ini resolution setting you have entered there.)
  Under Use windows mode - Checked. Then go over too Window mode options - DirectX1-7 checked, DDraw Color Emulation checked, DDraw Color Convert checked (if you don't check this one you'll get the 7217 error), Everything else is unchecked.
  Then over to foreground control - Nothing checked.
  Then over to Direct Input - Nothing Checked.
To launch EAW just double click on the icon you made within the D3DWindower program.



nGlide Wrapper Program:
This is an another wrapper, but this one is for the 3Dfx Glide mode in EAW (translates Glide to D3D, for modern gamers who do not have an old Voodoo video card), some EAW users may find that the game runs faster in Glide mode then in D3D mode, so there may be a use for Glide Mode for many users who are having low Frames Per Sec in D3D mode alone. nGlide works for many WindowOS versions, including modern versions. (Note: If your going to use this Wrapper, make sure you first set the Glide value under the DisplayDevice setting to 0 in your eaw.ini file for Glide use.)

Another reason to use nGlide with EAWv1.0/v1.1/v1.2 or any other version when using a Nvidia video card is that nGlide will produce the missing Direct3D mode Horizon Fog graphics (Fog Tables are incompatible with Nvidia's modern drivers). Then I would suggest to use nGlide to restore the Horizon fog. (see side note listed a few paragraphs down).

You can have nGlide installed along side a D3D wrapper program (if needed), so you can switch back and forth between D3D and Glide anytime you want, before game launch of course. (I wouldn't recommend having another Glide wrapper installed at the same time as nGlide though, this will cause problems. At the time of this writing, nGlide is the most compatible and up to date Glide wrapper for EAW use. If you have an unsupported WindowsOS, you may need to find another Glide Wrapper program to use...I tried dgVoodoo2 but I didn't have much luck at getting it to work on my Win10 system...any info you can share regarding how to set up dgVoodoo2 on Win10 is appreciated)...

Side Note:
Using nGlide and EAWv1.0/v1.1/v1.2 or any other version of the game that has not been Coded to use the more advanced 'Glide API v3.0' will be seen in reduced available colors, since those un-updated exes use the older 'Glide API v2.43'; These are typically game versions under EAWv1.28e(Feburary 2016 build), and only display a fixed 8-bit 256 colors in its flight screens, rather than the many more selectable colors available in Direct3D.
More recent Code modified versions of EAW (starting with Feb 2016 for EAW v1.28e, 1.29 and 1.40) will be using the improved Glide API version, this will display the game in 256 colors with a selectable 24 bit color palette.

nGlide v1.05 supports window mode by pressing Alt+Enter to create the window border while in game.




This section is for other problems and issues with the game.


Conflicts With The Compatibility Tab:
Do not run the game 'As An Administrator' or in Compatibility Mode in the games shortcuts Compatibility Tab in any version of Windows (except Win2k), its not required for the game to work properly and will cause problems if they are enabled.
Problems that will arise include conflicts with a D3D Wrapper program that will result in a 7217 error and can cause a few other issues with your Controllers, Your Joystick may not be detected by the game properly resulting in the axis for movement not working, only the buttons will function, your Keyboard can possibly become unusable during the game as well. It has also been found that the custom frontend launchers on the CodeGroups source code modifications would give an error when you click the final button: "FLY!" ... So make sure you don't use the shortcut Compatibility Tab (uncheck all of the items) before running the game, this only needs to be done once.


Sound Problems:
It's quite common for people with Win9x and WinXP that have better sound cards to actually have sound problems where some or all game sounds don't work. You can fix this by turning sound hardware acceleration down a bit, or off altogether. (see my Sound Help Guide Document for more advanced and detailed sound troubleshooting.)


\Program Files sub-folder:
If you followed my manual install directions up above, you placed your game in a folder other than \Program Files. If you did not you maybe wondering why the game is Crashing to the Desktop (CTD) as soon as you load the game with errors like "European Air War Has Stopped Working" and "A Problem Has Caused The Program To Stop Working".

This is because by installing in the \Program Files folder, Windows Vista/7/8/10 expects to have any file that a program writes too, like the eaw.ini file, to be in the \AppData system folder, however EAW expects to find the file it writes too, the eaw.ini file, to be in the games root folder. Windows will cause a CTD under these circumstances. You may also notice if you happen to get pass the initial load of the game that none of your game settings are staying where you set them, including your controls key assignments. This is for the same reasons. You may not even have an eaw.ini in the games root folder as a result. Windows often stops EAW from writing and updating the correct copy of the "eaw.ini" file.

The above reasons are why NOT to place the game in the \Program Files sub-folders as these problems will always happen. So move your game elsewhere as mentioned previously in this help document, such as "C:\EAW" or on a separate partition or hard drive.

(Note: This could be tied to the "User Account Control" or UAC built into windows; UAC can stop EAW.exe from writing too your disk as a precaution. In other words if EAW.exe tries to modify it's own eaw.ini file without your intervention, it is prevented from doing so. However I highly recommend you do NOT turn off your UAC. It's better to just move the game out of the \Program Files sub folders.)


Game Crashes To Desktop CTD Solutions:
These are hopefully all the known CTDs for EAW, besides those error messages mentioned in the previous areas of this help document which you would need to have read.

  • Blank Screen or CTD When Loading Game.
    If you still have the full MOVIES.CDF file and not the empty movies.cdf file in your game folder. You may get a Blank screen when the game first loads. Hitting the ESC key should get you passed it. You may also get a CTD. This is because the SmackVideos are for playback with the 8-bit code in the games exe.
    Solution: open your eaw.ini file (this file is in your game folder and opens with Notepad) and change the line PlayIntro=1 to a value of 0.
  • Game CTD When Loading Game.
    Your using a in-game resolution that isn't supported by your monitor or graphic card.
    Solution: Change the eaw.ini Width and Height settings to something your system supports natively.
  • Game CTD When Entering Flight.
    You have set the Display Device to "software" mode and your system doesn't support it (bad 8 bit support).
    Solution: Goto "Configure game->Graphics" set "3d renderer" set to "3d mode". You can also change your display device in the eaw.ini. To change which card/vid mode EAW uses, follow the steps below;
    1. In your European Air War folder, open the file called "eaw.ini" with notepad.
    2. Scroll down until you find the section "[Graphics]", then under that the line that reads "DisplayDevice=".
    3. Changing this number will alter the display mode based on the numbers above.
    4. The next time you run the game, these settings will be in effect.
    -2 for OLD SOFTWAREMODE (CPU Powered, no D3D)
    -1 for D3D SOFTWAREMODE (CPU Powered)
    0 for 3Dfx GLIDE API
    1 for PRIMARY D3D CARD
    Note: I do not know the differences of values 1 and 2, but the game on occasion seems to do a new detection and picks the value of 2 more often.
  • Game CTD Just Before Entering Flight.
    You don't have a Joystick plugged in, but the setting for "Force Feedback=1" in the file.
    Solution: Open the eaw.ini and set "Force Feedback=0" You can find this entry under the headline [CONTROLS]
  • Game CTD Just Before Entering Flight.
    This could be the result of not having your Joystick plugged in or detected by EAW correctly, when previously it was plugged in when you launched the game last time. Note: If you launch the game without your Joystick plugged in or it's not detected properly, you will loose all assigned buttons.
    Solution: Plug in your Joystick and configure it correctly, then try running the game in flight again.
  • Game CTD When Launching To Fly.
    There is a common problem with the savedata due to a changed scenario; For an example: If you fly a default game mission in a Spit IX (Slot 11) offline the settings are saved in a file named "Default11.msn" which is placed in the "Savedata" folder, with details of the mission in it (targets, bases, support aircraft, enemy aircraft etc). The next time you fly a Spit IX the eaw.exe reads that file and uses it for the default mission settings. However, if afterwards you fly a custom add-on that uses the same slot, then the eaw.exe tries to use the settings in the "Default11.msn" file, this is when the problem occurs. Since you switch scenarios, and the values in the "Default11.msn" file no longer make sense as they do not apply to the new add-on, this will crash the game. Note: Also some of the "last game" settings are also stored in the "eaw.ini" file
    These may also cause a problem when a change of scenario is made.
    Solution: Delete all of the "DefaultXY.msn" files from "Savedata" folder...
  • Game CTD After A Duration In Flight.
    It could be the "Extrasquads = " setting in the eaw.ini is set too high for your computer system, as the extrasquad setting requires a lot of memory usage.
    Solution: Use a smaller value when setting it like 1 or 2, if that doesn't work try 0.
  • Campaign Crashes Game After A Mission.
    You may get a CTD in Career Mode after a mission has ended. This is because the SmackVideos are for playback with the 8-bit code in the games exe. If you still have the full original MOVIES.CDF file and not the blank movies.cdf file in your game folder.
    Solution: To avoid this change the Video Playback=1 setting in your eaw.ini file (this file is in your game folder and opens with Notepad), change the value to 0.
  • Game CTD When Loading Game.
    You install/patched a newer version of EAW over an older incompatible installation.
    Solution: Delete your eaw.ini file, then let a new one get created when you run the eaw.exe again.
  • Game CTD When Loading Game / It will never run
    If you ran into a big problem (this doesn't happen for normal use, nor often, so don't worry) because something went wrong and the game won't run anymore (after it was working for a duration at one point). You may be experiencing odd errors or a quick flash and the game CTD. Meaning the game no longer runs and will not ever run again.
    To correct this goto the WINDOWS REGISTRY section of this help document and read the topic titled 'Cleaning out EAW'.


*For more advanced technical information, please read the end of this document, under the section further down, titled 'WINDOWS REGISTRY' and 'SOME FINAL WORDS'. Perhaps those areas of this help document will guide you if the above info has failed in helping you properly.




This section is to explain how to run EAW on Win2000 or WinXP without Wrapper programs by using the provided Microsoft built in compatibility options. You may find you have better performance than using a Wrapper Program. (Note: Most of the following information has been researched but untested by me, if you have easier steps to take, and/or more important info, please fill me in by contacting me).


Windows 2000:
Follow the directions in this Manually Install Help Document, plus read the following; Win2000 and EAW will work with at least the Windows 2000 SP2 (or above) installed. However you will have to do some additional manual setup and configuring to get EAW to work properly with W2k, including to fix Joystick input to work properly.


About Win2000 and ACT:
Since older application may have problems running properly on Windows 2000, like EAW does initially, backward compatibility needs to be adjusted to help address the problem of it running on a foreign version of Windows. So Microsoft created the Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) that allows one to learn how to run or re-code an old application on a newer Windows version, like what you want to do with EAW going from Windows95 to Windows2000.
You'll need the Microsoft ACTv3.0 program package; (act30pkg.exe 23,882KB which was published by Microsoft for download on 4/02/2003) (the newer versions don't run in Win2K, so only use the older v3.0 Toolkit package). Note: Unfortunately Microsoft no longer has v3.0 for download, you must get it elsewhere.

The compatibility fixes (shims, as they where once called) for programs are contained in a file database named sysmain.sdb, which in is located in the C:\winnt\apppatch\ directory (note you need to install the Application Compatibility Toolkit to find this file in your Win2k directory). This will have a set of EAW Fixes and a Win95 Compatibility Mode Layer built in to it. Both are needed to run EAW in Win2k.

Win95 vs Win98 Mode:
As a very optional course of action you may want to obtain a better Win9x compatibility layer by an un-official means; the Win98 layer from the database on a WinXP machine (since Win2k only has the Win95 Mode) This "may" run EAW better, but remember this is totaly an optional method.
You just copy over the database file from the WinXP machine (sysmain.sdb) to your Win2k machine. (don't forget to first rename the smaller Win2k database sysmain.sdb file to something else, you may need it later). Once moved over Windows2k with use the new database file and entries. The ACT program will also open it.

Note Automatically Applied Fixes:
Unlike other Windows NT versions in later years, the application Win95 Mode and Fixes listed in the systems database (the sysmain.sdb file) supplied with Win2k are activated from the Compatibility Tab (found in the games shortcut) and applied to the specific program when that program is run.

Note Modifying Fixes:
You cannot add to the existing pre set system database fixes/modes (you can only disable them), although you can modify custom databases. It is fairly simply to make a new database too, just cut and paste modes and fixes from the original system database...

Note Multiplayer in W2k:
Multi-player will not work on Win2k, there is no fix.


To enable the standard Compatibility Mode that's available using EAW's program shortcut:
(W2K is the only version of Windows that requires the use of the Compatibility Mode Tab setting found in a program shortcut.)

  • Log on as Administrator
  • Right-click the EAW game shortcut, and then click Properties
  • Click the Compatibility tab.
    (This tab appears only if the Compatibility-mode interface has been properly enabled on the computer)
  • Click to select the Run in Compatibility Mode check box to enable Compatibility-mode support for the program.
  • Click Windows 95 (or Win98, if you have added the WinXP database) compatibility mode in the drop-down box.
  • Click OK to save the changes.
  • Double-click the shortcut to run the game.

The above will now run EAW, however the Joystick will not be recognized by the game properly.
To apply the Joystick Fix correction to the Win95 Compatibility Mode (or the Win98 Mode, if you selected it). Use the program QFixApp.exe or Microsoft Application Verifier v2.50 (appverif.exe) that is included with the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit v3.0.

The following steps below will show you how to use a custom application fix, rather than the preset fix, which is necessary, as this will allow you to select the newer Win98 Mode (if you have added the WinXP database) rather than Win95, it will also show you how to fix the Joystick input along the way.

Compatibility Administrator; Custom EAW Entry:

  • Click "New" button,
  • Select new custom database,
  • click on database menu, mouse over "create new", click application fix.
    A Wizard opens up;
    -Give your fix a name (such as EAW Fix)
    -Vendor "Microprose Software"
    -Select program file location ( eaw.exe for eaw)

Compatibility Modes Wizard; Joystick Fix:
(EAW uses a special manual setting for the built-in compatibility parameters to use the Joystick in the game successfully, as the generic Win95 parameters supplied with the Windows Service Pack are partially an issue for EAW.)

  • Select Win95 (or Win98, if you have added the WinXP database) Compatibility fixes.
  • Find the "emulate windows joystick" fix
    -Then UNCHECK this box to disable the emulate joystick fix.
    -Click next
    -Click finish
    (you have now created a new custom database, containing two application fixes).
  • Press the Save button to save database
  • Right click on the name of your database.
  • Select Install.
    (The database should now be found under installed databases, and should be active.)
    (EAW should now work in Win2k, and your Joystick should now get recognized by EAW as well.)
    (Multiplayer still will not work on Win2k, there is no fix for that.)



Windows XP:
Follow the directions in this Manually Install Help Document, plus read the following; WinXP and EAW works best with at least SP1 installed as it comes with a pre-configured compatibility module and Win95 and Win98 profile parameters for EAW (The module is called Application Compatibility Update for WinXP but I think it's included with SP1 or maybe the last SP3).
Insure your game executable is indeed filename EAW.EXE for the module to automatically and effectively work with the game, WinXP expects that filename for this game. As this help guide has instructed elsewhere: Do NOT use the Compatibility Tab (found in a shortcut) to run the game (other than in Win2000), WinXP applies the fixes and modes automatically.

For Reference (If you care to look at the EAW entry):
Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.6 for WinXP (ApplicationCompatibilityToolkitSetup.exe 12.2MB)




This section is for the more complex details pertaining to the Windows Registry and EAW. Such as how EAW behaves with the Windows OS and it's Registry. This is not a complete guide, but only part of the picture.


About Registry Entries Produced by Windows:
The EAW game itself does not put any entries into the registry. EAW does not use any information that is stored within the registry for its own purpose. The only entries in the registry are those produced by the Windows operating system. The operating system produce changes in the registry whenever you run, move or duplicate the EAW.EXE file on the hard disk. These entries are used by Windows for tracking, compatibility and running the game itself.

There is an entry produced by the operating system that shows the path to every EAW.EXE and this value will be updated automatically. As far as I can tell any entries in the Registry for EAW are based on the full file/folder path to a eaw.exe. (The cache location used on the HD is different for each file/folder path name. Meaning that a file called "C:\MicroProse Software\EAW12\eaw.exe" is a totally different file than the one called
"C:\MicroProse Software\EAW10\eaw.exe").

It's unclear if Windows itself checks the eaw.exe file for any other specific attributes similar to when someone uses a custom DirectDraw registry color fix, such as CRC and File Size what I determined is that Windows OS generated Reg Entries only need to know that 'eaw.exe is running to apply the correct automated compatibility settings to it. Read the next topic.



Game EXE File Names:
Remember to get the best performance, stability and compatibility out of the game and Windows, any of the specially modified or even unmodified EAW "exe's" available from the EAW community will have to be renamed to just "eaw.exe" before you run them. (Note: Most available modified exe's are the US English types.) WindowsXP (and perhaps Win2000 too) are very sensitive to the EAW naming as they have built in compatibility fixes/shims (not the same as compatibility mode you find in a shortcut Tab) and they look for eaw.exe.

Other Windows versions like Vista/7/8 may require the same thing, but are not as sensitive, However, unless you really know what your doing, it is just a good rule to follow through all Window versions. Otherwise you'll have problems running the game properly. Not to mention many registry entries will have to be rewritten by the Windows OS for every name of a exe you have run, which will eventually cause problems.



Direct Draw Menu Color Registry Fix:
If on Windows Vista or Win7 the game has Menu Screens colors messed up. You can use a special program that I found to help the game and Windows get along better, thus restoring the Menu Screen colors back to normal.

I recommend you forgo any of the Direct3D type Wrapper programs and just use a DirectDraw Registry Fixer Program. This type of fix is a lighter option (less CPU power required to run the game than using a wrapper). The name of the registry entry program is the "DirectDraw Compatibility Tool" by Galogen. (This program is for WinVista and Win7 ONLY.

This will create automated registry entries to correct EAWs Menu Screen colors. (read the readme that comes with it to understand how to use it). Just remember you either want to use a Wrapper or this Reg Fix, NOT Both. If you do so it will cause problems, so stick with one or the other.

You must apply the fix for each eaw.exe you intend to run, and in the game folder that you run it from. See my Know Bugs and Features Ideas Help Document if you need more details. Read the section titled 'WEIRD COLORED MENU SCREENS' on that page.

If you need to delete an entry in the registry file, here are there locations written by the Reg Fix program, pick which ever one you used (The first entry in each set is for 64bit Windows):

The DirectDraw Compatibility Tool writes here:



Windows 8.1/10 Compatibility Layer:
All tests show that Win10 applies its own Compatibility Mode to the eaw.exe automatically when the game is first launched outside of a wrapper program. This will run the game with the Windows OS Compatibility Mode (DWM8And16BitMitigation) and it will run properly. (The fix offers mitigation for applications that work in 8/16-bit display combo color mode because these legacy color modes are not natively supported in Windows 8.1/10).

If you ever needed to remove the OS set Fixes to strictly use a DirectDraw / Direct3D Wrapper to run in Windows 10 the entries to remove are listed below. (You do not want to run a wrapper plus an OS set Fix together, they will conflict with each other and most likely give you the 7217 error, The OS set Mode Fix are known to conflict with the DXWnd wrapper and may do so with other D3D wrapper programs).

These are the Win8.1 and Win10 Registry Additional Compatibility Mode/Fix Entries:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

These are the Values (Note that the folder path to your game will be different):
Value Name: D:\MicroProse Software\EAW12\eaw.exe
Value Data: DWM8And16BitMitigation

and/or (setting for All Users):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

These are the Values (Note that the folder path to your game will be different):
Value Name: D:\MicroProse Software\EAW12\eaw.exe
Value Data: $ DWM8And16BitMitigation

Windows also has a central database of compatibility fixes and modes that it uses on eaw.exe that are not in the registry. You won't want to mess with what is called the ACT compatibility database unless your an Advanced user. It's completely unnecessary to experiment with it, however if your interested, see the topic titled 'Faster Performance by Registry Tweaking' for my findings to improve the game performance. This information is found further down in this help document.



Moving A EAW Game Folder:
Moving a game folder that you have already run a game in, is considered moving a game that the Windows OS has set Registry entries for already. Once you have moved the game folder contents to a new location, or renamed the folder the game is in, you should clean out the Registry of the old location. A build up of Compatibility Registry entries for the game, may at some point cause the game not to load and run, no matter where it is on your system. See 'Game Crashes To Desktop Troubleshooting' topics under the section PROBLEMS RUNNING THE GAME , and read the topic titled 'Game CTD When Loading Game / It will never run' for more details on this rare occurrence.

If you have to remove entries due to a Compatibility Layering issue, do the following:

From the taskbar, click on the Start button

  • In the Search or Run field type REGEDIT or REGEDT32, Press the Enter key on the keyboard
  • Click Yes in the User Account Control dialog (if necessary)
  • Navigate to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
  • Click Layers to select it
  • You may find multiple EAW entries listed. If multiple eaw.exe are listed, make sure you select perhaps the entry that is disallowing launch.
  • Press Delete on the keyboard
  • Click Yes in the Confirm Key Delete



Having Multiple Copy's of the Game:
You can have as many copy's of EAW on your HD as you want, especially when you manually install the game. You can have two separate folders of each official patched versions of the game on your hard drive, a 'dual installation' (or triple, or even more). Just make sure you patch one game folder to v1.1 and the other to v1.2. Then you can have even more, separate game folders of any version.

Some of the Windows compatibility fixes will set them self based on the location (or folder path) to the eaw.exe. The DirectDraw registry fixes are based on the exact exe used. So it's best once you RUN or Apply a FIX any particular EAW game folder, that you leave it in that location. Otherwise you may need to reapply a Windows fix...

Also if you want to save HD space, you only need one FULL EAW installation. For the other game folders use a small installation (remove the CDF files) and then link the small installations to your full installation in the eaw.ini. (see the next paragraph) The small installations are only a few MB in size without add-ons since they do not need the duplicate cdf files. This is the preferred way for some pilots for installing many EAW game folders and gives a very clean main folder because you never need to add any add-ons to your full installation.

To set the folder path to your full installation, open your eaw.ini file in the SMALL installation of EAW and find the Debug Path= line. Add in the full path to your FULL installation of EAW, such as; Debug Path=C:\Microprose Software\European Air War\Full\ That will allow the small game folders to source from the full.



Cleaning Out The Registry Of EAW:
If EAW will no longer run (after it has before) no matter what you do properly to add the game to your computer HD. This is because when ever you delete/rename a EAW game folder or the game has been effected by other compatibility problems, the old Registry Entries that where left over can be detrimental to new 'installations' of the game where it won't run/launch.

You may need to go through the entire Windows OS Registry searching for entries with "eaw.exe" and "European Air War" and "EAW" etc... ...and remove them so you can start over fresh. For now just delete the entries that point to non existing EAW game locations and eaw.exe's. I had to do this once before myself and I'm no expert, and it resulted in the game running again.

I'm truly unsure which Registry entry is the real problem because there are entries in there that I don't know exactly what they are doing or really what the Windows OS is doing with them. Below is a list of the related reg entries that I found in Win10.



Here's a list of Registry Entry Locations that Windows 10 has other than the previous mentioned entries above. If you find more please let me know. I would NOT delete these unless there clearly not used anymore by a location of a EAW game folder / eaw.exe.
I have no idea why so many EAW entries by the Windows OS. If you know more about the more mysterious reg entries, please let me know...

There appears to be a ton of Registry Virtualization for the 32 bit EAW game. The following descriptions is what I'm guessing at their meaning. I'm still baffled why EAW needs these entries, perhaps most are not needed...

  • The NVIDIA entry is probably for when you customize the Graphics Card Control Panel for the game, like adding Anti Alias setting just for EAW game profile.
  • Wow6432Node is all about running 32 bit applications on a 64 bit system. A 32bit (x86) system wouldn't have these entries, if they do they are ignored.
  • MostRecentApplication is apparently which game that uses Direct3D / DirectDraw last.
  • The DirectPlay entries are probably the compatibility settings for the game under Multiplayer.
  • RADAR is Windows applications troubleshooting a memory leak.


Searched For :  "eaw.exe"  (Search Registry and check mark, Match Whole String Only).


HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak\NvCplAppNamesStored



Applications\European Air War



Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War


HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\
Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\
Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War



Searched For :  "european air war"  (Search Registry and check mark, Match Whole String Only).


HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache

DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache

Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameUX\<User SID>\

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microprose Software\European Air War

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War


HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\
Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\
Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War




Faster Performance by Registry Tweaking:
In this topic I'll explain how I found ways to speed up EAW on Modern Windows OS using a Microsoft developers tool called The Application Compatibility Toolkit; ACT is a tool that allows a person to test different compatibility settings of a application on the fly. In this case I used it to research remedies for EAW. (you'll need it, if you want to test different Fixes and Modes including using them in the registry as values). 

The ACT tool in more detail is a program that accesses the Windows 'compatibility database' of Fixes and Modes that teach someone how to update (by way of coding) there exe to use on updated windows. They learn what Fixes with this tools help, benefit their exe and they code the changes into there new and improved exe. It also can be used as running Compatibility layers for the current 'incompatible' exe (such as eaw.exe) and allow that game to function better / without quirks on a more modern Windows OS version. However as we all should know by now, running EAW under Compatibility layers slows the game down in order to run it correctly. But I found some layers (Fixes and Modes) that speed it up a bit by way of changing or adding selective Fixes to the layer.

In the past, ACT was used by Microsoft developers to find some adequate Compatibility Fixes to run EAW (and of course many other games and programs) on modern Windows OS (As far back as Win2k, with the older 3.0 version of ACT. (There is another version of ACT that supports WinXP and one that supports WinVista, For WinVista download the ACT for Win8.1.) Just remember to get the latest or last version of the ADK for the version / build of Windows you have.

The current ACT for Windows 10 will only support back to Win7. Unlike previous older versions, ACT comes built into another set of tools called Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) package. That package has as an option to install ACT separately if you do not need the other included programs. If you want this or other related tool you will have to download the online installer (adksetup.exe) from Microsoft and read the usage instructions at the Microsoft web site as I do not guide you into the tools operation here in this help text.

In light of many games which use DirectX 7 or lower (including EAW which uses DX6), which worked pretty smoothly on Windows 7, runs slower in comparison to being run on Windows 8/10 with the same hardware configuration. When I read that Microsoft had been improving ACT and adding in more Compatibility Fixes and Additional Compatibility Modes into their latest set of Windows OS's, I decided to test EAW with the newest ACT to hopefully find more fixes to see if I can improve speed performance and better compatibility to the game. I play tested EAW in Direct3D mode, with no Wrapper Programs and with Windows 10.

I tried to find and use what are called  'Fixes'  rather than  'Modes'  as the Mode settings seem to demand more from your system to run the game. (Note: that  'Modes'  appear to be made up from a list of  'Fixes'.)  Some only use one Fix while others use many fixes. (Reminder: When using the ACT tool, you'll want to use the 32bit version of it as EAW is a 32 bit game. Also -Run as an Administrator- so you can change more settings within ACT program during testing.)


The 'compatibility database' that comes with Win10 has included a Microsoft pre set of Fixes which I have listed below for reference. These are automatically applied upon running any eaw.exe. (Note: These pre set fixes are stored in the database, WINDOWS\AppPatch\sysmain.sdb.) The Database exists with Windows OS installed and before installing the ACT tool kit. Microsoft updates this database during some particular Windows Upgrades.

You will (for now) need the ACT tool kit to take advantage of many of these speed improvements because you need to disable the internal Windows database EAW entry with ACT so the the values that are entered in the Windows Registry directly do not conflict with the database entries. You are really suppose to build a new custom database and install it into Windows. But I found adding values to the Registry for now is easier for me to use due to the fact I don't understand yet how to create and install a new custom database for EAW (for now). So I use the registry Value Data to apply my fixes I choose, once I have tested them in the ACT Tool first, then disabled them).

These are the Fixes that Microsoft has set to run the eaw.exe application on modern Windows OS in their database. The entry for EAW is not very elaborate, just simple fixes to at least ensure that EAW runs. Their information is here for reference below. Notice that they do NOT use the WIN95 Compatibility Mode (which involves a large list of fixes), This is because EAW has been determined to "run OK under NT systems" by MS.

(Notice there is no SIZE= or CHECKSUM= values on the .EXE. You can have those entries in the database if you wish to target a single eaw.exe, but without them, it's universal. Meaning so far every eaw.exe takes advantage of Microsoft's fixes.)

Matching Files:

COMPANY_NAME= "Microprose Software"

They are:

  • 8And16BitCopyOnFlip - I think this setting is defunct, left over from a previous database. I couldn't find this setting anywhere on its own in the ACTv6.0 toolkit. (It may very well be from an earlier version). I removed it and EAW still seemed to run fine/no change.
  • EuropeanAirWar - Not sure why they included this, I removed it and ran EAW, it seemed to run fine/no change.
  • IgnoreAltTab - Apparently the game doesn't work well with Alt Tab switching so they disabled it here.
  • Win95VersionLie - This will get around the "Sorry, EAW will not run under WinNT" error.

In addition to the above database entries, Windows (at least Win10 does) automatically adds a Mode to the registry when EAW is first run. Here's is the one Win10 seems to like to apply automatically regardless (I can't seem to stop it from applying it):

  • DWM8And16BitMitigation - This Additional Compatibility Mode Layer allows the game to run with correct colored menus and hopefully no corrupt menu displays. I can't seem to permanently remove this entry in the registry as its created once eaw.exe is run, every time for every eaw.exe location, once those locations are run.
    You'll find this Mode on Win10 does slow the games flight screen down a little bit (slower than say on a native OS). However, I have found a few ways to squeeze a few more Frames Per Second out of the EAW in spite of this Additional Compatibility Mode, read on.


I have modified the database for testing of EAW:
Reminder: You need to disable the EAW database entry first, before you add the new Registry values. Otherwise the database fixes will still apply and the registry entries will compound them, causing problems and issues that are not relevant.

The following are the "latest" Fixes and Modes I found to improve the game. I tested them first as a new database entry as Fixes and Modes, then I disabled those new entries and set these values in the Registry:


This is the Win8.1 and Win10 Registry Additional Compatibility Mode/Fix Entry Location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

See the Value Data single line below that you you enter to give you improved compatibility and a speed increase:

These are the Values (Note that the folder path to your game will be different):
Value Name: D:\MicroProse Software\EAW126\eaw.exe
Value Data:  DWM8And16BitMitigation 8And16BitAggregateBlts 8And16BitTimedPriSync

The line above gained 5 Frames per second (from 38 to 43 on my machine): (Currently the best for perfect gaming)
Remember: You must disable the EAW database entry in the ACT tool for these fixes to work properly!

1) Game Menus display correctly; remedies menu color corruption and tearing , Additional Compatibility Mode.
2) Increase speed a bit under 8/16 mitigation from #1 setting / HUD stops flashing (but unfortunately removes pointer)
3) Fix mouse pointer so it shows up again. (but slows down setting #2, it still provides more FPS than without #2)


or try this one:

These are the Values (Note that the folder path to your game will be different):
Value Name: D:\MicroProse Software\EAW126\eaw.exe
Value Data:  DWM8And16BitMitigation Disable8And16BitD3D

The line above gained 26 Frames per second (from 38 to 64 on my machine): (However you loose DirectDraw Acceleration and it moves and squishes the HUD and Radio Subtitle text. Primarily useful for testing by a programmer only at this point, until I can find, if one exists, a new Fix to improve things).
Reminder: These fixes do not need the EAW database entry disable to use.

1) Game Menus display correctly; remedies menu color corruption and (tearing fix is questionable on Win7). This specific entry is called a per user Additional Compatibility Mode.
2) Increases speed a lot (but distorts text in flight screen) (there maybe a Mode or Fix that can retain some of the speed, while fixing the text. However I don't think there is one from my incomplete research, you can try to find one and please let me know if you do solve this issue).


The remaining issues with stock EAW that may be possible to cure with ACT:
Since the game seems to have a few quirks left, I'll continue my experiments when time and interest allows me to and I'll write in this help doc the information I discover. (Feel free to explore the ACT toolkit and tell me your findings).

  • Menu/Map and Briefing Screen Corruption: ?Some win7 users still get menu tearing? with just DWM8And16BitMitigation applied? (Russ! has/had this issue in Win7)...
  • Standard Menu Screen highlighted/hover colored fonts that get distorted when they switch, especially with Anti Alias set for the graphic card or game specific profile. (Note to self: Check the FXEXE Main Menu, since it uses HQ menus/buttons and its more noticeable there.)
  • Menu selection speed is too fast in Mission Selection Screens, I suspect this is due to hardware (or actually software) acceleration for DirectDraw. ?Maybe NoGDIHWAcceleration will fix it? as this is a replacement 2D accelerator API found in Win8 and above.


Further Notes On the Compatibility Fixes and Modes:

(See Microsoft's reference: Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) Technical Reference (Windows 10) / Compatibility Fixes for many more fixes you can enter to tweak out EAW. There is a list for Win7 Win8 and WinVista as well). I have tried many of these.

These seem to have merit as to improve the game performance and compatibility. Not all where tested properly by me yet...

I'm also trying to figure out what they changed in Win8/10 that slowed the game down quite a bit from Win7. Its somewhere in the way that Microsoft does some emulation of DirectDraw I think or lack of it. 2D DirectDraw was hardware accelerated, I think they dropped it and use another API for acceleration, which maybe conflicting with the 2DDraw portion of EAW. I'll know better when I run some tests now that I gather enough research and understanding to go another step forward. The fixes/modes I'd like to try are : Layer_ForceDirectDrawEmulation and NoGDIHWAcceleration  They both deal with software and hardware acceleration, the 2nd one is the new API that windows uses to render 2dDraw screens. I'll have to find a good combination for these entry settings in the registry value data.

  • 8And16BitCopyOnFlip (Fix) - Set already in the compatibility system database. No Description found. Possibly Defunct in modern database, possibly left over from a w2k database. I couldn't find this setting anywhere on its own in the ACTv6.0 toolkit. (It may very well be from an earlier version). I removed it and EAW still seemed to run fine/no change.
  • 8And16BitAggregateBlts (Mode) - Applications that are mitigated by 8/16-bit mitigation can exhibit performance issues. This layer aggregates all the blt operations and improves performance.
  • 8And16BitDXMaxWinMode (Fix) - Applications that use DX8/9 and are mitigated by the 8/16-bit mitigation are run in a maximized windowed mode. This layer mitigates applications that exhibit graphical corruption in full screen mode. This may apply to EAW but since its truly a DX 5/6 game it may not. This in theory may fixe garbled screens.
  • 8And16BitGDIRedraw (Fix) - This fix repairs applications that use GDI and that work in 8-bit color mode. The application is forced to repaint its window on RealizePalette.
  • 8And16BitTimedPriSync (Fix) - No description found. Seems to restore the EAW missing mouse pointer, when 8And16BitAggregateBlts is used.
  • Disable8And16BitD3D (?) - If set, This fix improves performance of 8/16-bit color applications that render using D3D and do not mix directdraw.
    Your only suppose to use this if DirectDraw is not used during a Direct3d accelerated screen. But EAW uses both apparently during the flight screen in EAW , DD for the text (HUD) and D3D for the images and models. But with this Mode enabled, the game ran nearly twice as fast , so instead of 38 frames per second, I was getting 64.
    Unfortunately because of the DD/D3D combination running at the same time during the flight screen, it was hard to read the text, it did indeed run much smoother. its useless as nobody wants all the HUD text squashed / distorted while playing. (unless I can find a fix/mode that corrects the distorted text).
  • DWM8And16BitMitigation (Mode) - (Note: Sets in the Registry automatically and constantly by Win10.) (perhaps best to leave it out of the database all together, unless there's a way to remove it permanently from the Registry).
      DetectorDWM8And16Bit (Fix) - The fix offers mitigation for applications that work in 8/16-bit display color mode because these legacy color modes are not supported in Windows 8.
  • DXGICompat (Fix) - The fix allows application-specific compatibility instructions to be passed to the DirectX engine.
  • DXMaximizedWindowedMode (Fix) - Applications that use DX8/9 are run in a maximized windowed mode. This is required for applications that use GDI/DirectDraw in addition to Direct3D. use it to speed up game, may not effect EAW as its a DX6 game.
  • DXPrimaryEmulation (Fix) - No description found.  use this if you want true full-screen exclusive mode.
  • IgnoreAltTab (Fix) - Set already in the compatibility system database. Many Windows 9x applications were not programmed to respond to task switches caused by pressing Alt-Tab, the Windows key, Ctrl-Esc, or Alt-Esc. This compatibility fix disables those key presses. Note that Ctrl-Alt-Del cannot be ignored in Windows XP.
  • IgnoreFontQuality (Fix) - The problem occurs when application text appears to be distorted. The fix enables color-keyed fonts to properly work with anti-aliasing. May fix the menu selections when sometimes the font gets distorted.
  • NoGDIHWAcceleration (Fix) - If set, the process will opt out of GDI hardware acceleration. (Direct2D and GDI are both immediate mode 2D rendering APIs and both offer some degree of hardware acceleration.)
  • Layer_ForceDirectDrawEmulation (Mode) - 
      ForceDirectDrawEmulation (Fix) - Some applications don't handle certain aspects of hardware acceleration correctly. For example, they may assume that the pitch is always double the width in 16bpp displays, which is not necessarily the case. This compatibility fix forces DirectDraw into emulation mode where the pitch is directly scaled to the width.

    Resulted: In eaw error 7217 with v1.26e and v1.60
  • Win95VersionLie (Fix) - Set already in the compatibility system database. This will get around the "Sorry, EAW will not run under WinNT" error. (perhaps best to leave it out of the Registry all together, unless the database entry for EAW is disabled with the ACT tool).
    Hooks the GetVersion and GetVersionEx APIs so that they return Windows 95 version credentials. Applications often check to ensure that they are running on a Win9x system, even though they will run OK on an NT based system. (This is NOT the "WIN95 Compatibility Mode" which has several sub Fixes). This is just Windows Version trickery.




This section is to explain some more of the problems running the game properly. To provide some basic technical know how.


EAW Downloaded from EB Games:
If you purchased the 183MB download setup install file program from EB Games back in 2006/2007, this installer program will not run under any operating system other than one of the Win 9x operating systems, even when setting the compatibility tab for the installer program. You will need to be able to install EAW (using the Full Install option) on a Win 9x system, then burn the resulting EAW folder to CD or DVD. Take the disc to your system running Windows 2000 or Windows XP and copy the EAW folder to your hard drive.



Other Known Video Problems:
There are a a whole bunch of other problems with the graphics portion of the game, especially from the 8-bit built in frontend/The menu screens and corrupt/tearing of the briefing map screens etc. These problems will be less likely on a Win10 system. To Learn more, see my Known Bugs And Feature Ideas Help Document for the details.



The stock game is designed for Win95. Installs and runs.



D3D.DLL Missing Error:
For some reason the Windows OS likes to remove the d3d.dll file from your game folder on an occasion... This prevents the game from loading up. Simply replace the dll again with a copy of the same one, the version of the dll that your using. It should remain once you replace it...