by MarkEAW



This page is for the Help and Information Documents.



These help documents are typically for all versions and types of the EAW game. Even for the EAWPRO and Custom SRC Modified v1.28 and up. These documents are full of Introductory and Troubleshooting information. Some are showcasing the new abilities and features found in the revised EAW games.


  • First Use - Details on what you should know when starting off with EAW, even before installing the game. Includes steps you may want to take other than the normal.
  • Install - How to quickly add the game CD files to any Windows OS, then patch it.
  • Configuration - Details about how to set up the basic configuration settings in the game. Mentions some of the settings that are more complex, harder to understand.
  • Joystick and Controls - Learn how to best setup your Joystick and Pedals (Throttles in some cases), as well as to assign your key functions to buttons.
  • Video - Details to set custom resolutions and graphical enhancements that are out of the game, such as Anti-Alias AA, and explaining the benefits from such settings.
  • Sounds - Almost everything sound related to the game. Sound Formats and Lists included.
  • EAW.INI - Very detailed information and notes about the various settings inside the eaw.ini file. This directly correlates with the difficulty and all the other settings you can make in game, plus some you can't.
  • Multiplayer - Information on connecting, joining and hosting. With information on how add-ons work in multiplayer.
  • Troubleshoot - This is a catch all for help to specific problems and errors you may have. Includes help for using Wrapper Programs and information about Windows EAW Registry entries that can cause issues for you.
  • AI Explained - How to tweak the behavior of the A.I. by way of Update Rate; Make the A.I. smarter. Also included is a section on other methods to make the game harder or more challenging.
  • WingMen and Comms - How to effectively use your squad mates and how to get them to listen to your Commands with improved results. Includes other Pilot Radio usage.
  • Missions - Information and details on how to use saved mission files to your benefit. Technical info included.
  • Flight Training and Testing - Very basic suggestions you can try or should know about flying in EAW. Also Tips on how to do some unique things with the game.
  • Using Addons - Instructions on how to use add-on files. Including "installing" or "uninstalling" them.
  • Known Bugs and Feature Ideas - Focusing on bugs that are there in v1.0, 1.1 and v1.2. Also Known Video Problems are included that are basically the result of old hardware code in the game. From incompatibility with newer hardware to performance rating of the game. A detailed bug and featured list is included.
  • CodeGroup Known Bugs and Feature Ideas - Focusing on ideas for a better game, plus bugs introduced.
  • Windows ACT ToolKit - A very advanced set of instructions on how to get EAW running in W2k and WinXP. You can use the ACT ToolKit to set and possibly improve compatibility for EAW. Not all is required reading though. WIP.
  • Model Making - WIP Help Document.....any help is appreciated to finish it....



This section is to provide a "list" of features and reviews for the Official game, hex edited, machine level manipulated and source coded modified versions of EAW. Some of the Independent game patches are present aswell.

  • Full Review (MPS EAW) - A very rich and detailed review with specifications of this great game. Incorporated into the review are the changes from the two official MPS patches.
  • MicroProse Patches - A reprint and reformat of the list of changes of the only two official MPS EAW Team patches, the list contains most of the changes there where actually made in v1.1 and v1.2. Also details of the advantages and disadvantages of using one version over the other, along with tips.
  • HexEdited Patches - Some of the various hex edited eaw.exe's replacements that fix problems and some that introduce some features, typically based on v1.2. A few are based on v1.1. Includes NoCD instructions.
  • FXEXE Patches - EAWPRO. This help document contains the details on this fascinating special effects independent build of the EAW game. Not only is the exe modified, but game data as well. Includes self contained additional help information within this help doc.
  • CodeGroup Patches - An other independent game. This help document outlines many of the changes done through their closed source code. Full of details, but unfortunately lacking some of the changes and versions they have made. Includes Install help as well.