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This section describes the purpose of my site and other matters that are related.


"New Life for European Air War, MicroProse's long-lived
World War II Air Combat Flight Simulator / Arcade Style Game"

This site and the EAW Mediafire file archive are designed for newcomers and old-timers alike. To help them technically by getting their EAW PC game up and running. To improve and maintain their interest in the game by providing shared resources and help. By cutting down on the amount of work and research one has to do to not only play it, but to customize it as well.


A Little history:
I started a EAW file archive back in 1999 to 2002 as a personal project. Then I drifted away from EAW after that. 12 years later when I was using Windows 7, I decided to see if EAW would run on it, the answer to that is yes it does.

So since May 2015 I have been re-archiving what the EAW community had and has to offer, using existing web sites, the wayback machine (old sites), what pilots send me and the Tally-Ho stored EAW community web sites and files that Sandbagger has saved over the years since 2002, fondly called "The EAW Grail" by some of the old timers. (You will find 85% of the files I have are from Tally-Ho but in different forms; such as archive size, file name and location.)

At around the same time I started work on the Help Documents. There has been a tremendous amount of work done on each of them.

I decided eventually to combine all these sources and work I have done (and others) and post them online in a newly organize structured file and site system ever since.


You may contact me with any help, feedback or questions.

  • Post or PM me (MarkEAW) on the CombatACE EAW Forum or on the SimHQ EAW Forum.
  • If something is not correct on this site or file archive, please let me know. I strive for correctness.
  • I'm looking for ANY EAW archived files or information to add to my web site or file archives; Can you find it with in you to search for your old EAW files from back in the day? I'm in desperate need of any that you old timer EAW pilots have sitting on your HD or backup CDs. I want to fill this open and Helpful Shared Resource before those files and the old time EAW players are no longer available. Please contact me to let me know where I can obtain your files. Thanks in advance.


Present EAW Community members who helped me with new information and files (and feedback). Thank You!
JACKSPRAT, VBH, Jel, Moggy, Wheels, Weird_Crapolla (RAF_Dumoulin), Nick B., Col.Gibbon, MKSheppard, Crashin' Jack, Neal O., FsFOOT, Modred, Russ W, RIBob, SkyHigh

Past EAW Community members who helped with their existing information. Thanks for being helpful!!
JWC, Zero Pilot, McLane, Neal, Stanley99, LLv34_BlauKreuz, Grendel, Prion, MPS EAW User Manual, CodeGroup Readmes, Knegel, Jel, Col. Gibbon, RAF_Roy, Sydbod, VonBeerhofen (VBH), Crashin' Jack, Moggy, Pobs, Rotton50, AngelOff, Max188 and his Guide to Add-ons, Wudpecker, DBond, NJG88, Shogun, Major Lee, Cord, Serb, Anton8, Erwin J, Chompy, No105_Archie, Skylark, Huntress, RedEyes, McGruff_GS, BlackLion, Major Lee, -E, Fox2, Bandit, Mosi, Nibiek, Mike Dunn, Al the Pal, Brandon, Combatsim Chris Coon interview, Christian Benz, Chase, MPS EAWFAQ, Trindade, Uriah, vonOben, LLv34_Snefens, Adrian, Russ, XenonS, Prune, Charles Gunst, Gurney, Jackz, Arjan van de Logt, Pharaoh, Captain Kurt, Safehaven, MPS Patch Readmes, Old Forum Posts, Old Sites, Goat Squad Guide, Aero Dome FAQ and many more that I have forgotten.


This site and archive is dedicated to my friend; my Dad, who influenced me in aviation in the first place, who I love and enjoyed playing simulations with. Thanks Dad! (That one "got to me" he said).

Also in dedication to the World Wide Community of European Air War (EAW) fans, who have kept improving this WWII Air Combat Simulator even without having the games source code (at the time) and even after learning that market pressure forced the original developers to reluctantly move on to other projects.


Volunteer Programmer Needed:
The EAW community is in need of Volunteers to code updates for this Windows 95 designed game. It currently runs under legacy compatibility layers or fixes provided by WinXP , WinVista (and the newer modern Window OS's). In some situations an external Wrapper Program or Registry Fix is needed to run the game with out problems, or with reduced issues.

These are major things that need to be improved to keep current EAW enthuses and to attract newbie's to stay.

  • DirectX version needs to go from DX5/6 to at least 9.0c/9_1 so modern drivers and hardware can be taken advantage of by the game and the video control panel settings will work. (There is No Horizon Fog in D3D when using Nvidia Cards and there are lower Frames per second in DD/D3D performance in flight).
  • Add modern Hardware compatibility, primarily proper GPU usage.
  • Update the in-game 8-bit front-end of EAW to 32-bit. Right now it uses the old DirectDraw to display. Its faulty; the menu, map and briefing screens do not have perfect color, and at times are garbled (tearing), sometimes corrupt. (However Win10 the game looks proper with its fixes applied).
  • Memory management intended for Win95 is CPU intensive (system mem) rather than GPU.

The fixed up compliable v1.2 source code is in a mixture of "C", "C++" and assembler. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (In WinXP) to work on and compile the code. A custom DX6 SDK (although the DX7 SDK should also work) can be used.

There is no programmers available to update the code to issue hardware repairs to the game at this time. Not many of the current EAW source code users have looked for new programmers. A few old timer EAW enthuses have tried to find someone in the past , but no luck in the end. So I thought I'd re-mention it here. I'd personally, would like to see this before some of us pass on, either by them leaving the EAW community or by the older EAW users dyeing off.

If anyone is really willing and capable of doing these updates. Please contact us if seriously interested at CombatACE or SimHQ forums.


Disclaimer and Legal:
The content of this archive is for a flight-simulator game and is a fan website only. It is non-political and is not intended as an endorsement of any political or historical view. Not endorsed by any official developer, publishers or their affiliates.

This Site in its structure and design (Started Feb 2016) and The Mediafire EAW folder file archive (Started: May 2015), are done by me. This archive and site can not be used for personal gain. It can not be sold or duplicated.

MICROPROSE is a registered trademark and European Air War is a trademark of MicroProse Software, Inc. under Hasbro. MICROPROSE was a wholly owned subsidiary of Hasbro Interactive, Inc.
then publisher Infogrames, then publisher Atari, now EAW publisher Tommo, Inc.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Uses Smacker Video Technology, Copyright 1994-1996 by RAD Game Tools, Inc. 3D models in Intro, AutoPlay screen and Hangars by REM Infografica TM.