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This page is for my files.






This help document is to provide descriptive information on the various files I offer for download, to help out the EAW players a bit.

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Here are some of my (MarkEAW) more recent downloadable file contributions:

  • EAW-DxWnd-Profiles - Varous EAW custom Profile settings for the DxWnd Wrapper by (ghotik).

  • EAW-DxWnd-Profiles-FS - Varous EAW custom Full Screen Profile settings for the DxWnd Wrapper by (ghotik), I used v2_06_02f_build of his Wrapper to modify and export this time.

  • Graphical MSSWFF2 Joystick Profile - I was just messing around and came up with this graphic showing the assigned functions I have used for EAW with the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick.
  • Default Key List - A RTF document listing the default keys for EAWv1.2+. (Based on MPS Demo Key Sheet).
  • Quick Reference Key Sheet -  A black and white single page default keyboard command key sheet image for the un-official EAW v1.28+
  • Keyboard Layout Card - A colored default keyboard command card image for the un-official v1.28+.
  • Quick Reference Key Sheet 160 - Black and white single page default keyboard command key sheet image for the un-official EAW v1.60+. This sheet is a little dated now, there are a few more controls that I have to add.
  • Custom EAW Images - Some EAW subject matter images (EAW Logos, Boxes, Icons, CD Pictures, etc) that where touched up and can be freely used in your projects, like for making a new EAW web site with some EAW type pictures! (I update this file now and then when new pictures come in).
  • EAWHS Tools and Extras Pack - Here is a pack of specially picked bit of tools and information that I update now and then. Hopefully it will eventually contain a tool and readme for every use needed. If you have any ideas or thoughts etc or even what should go into this pack, please let me know.
  • MS SW FFB2 Button Repair - Dissemble the grip and replace switches by soldering out the old and replace with the new. Includes part numbers for new switches. Primarily the info is for the MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick, however it may be useful for other MS sticks that use a similar grip, such as the Sidewinder FF Pro Stick. Also a few Win10 driver issues noted (like naming) and details on how to resolve them.