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This help document is to provide information on what you may want to know and what you will need to know when you first get EAW. This is the first Help Document you should be reading when rediscovering EAW today!



European Air War (EAW) was released on October 31, 1998 published by Hasbro, under the developers name, MicroProse. It was a marvel, with 20 Flyable planes and a possible 256 planes in the air at one time, out beating any other WWII Combat Sims of the time and afterwards. At twelve months old it was considered a classic but still full price on the store shelves. Given that it's had a few budget re-release's; on July 24, 2000 by Hasbro “Classic Series” and on June 8, 2001 by Infogrames, then again in 2002 by Atari. It's a must have if you're even vaguely interested in WWII combat flight simulators, or think you might like to try it one day.

From 1998 to 2002 and beyond there was an enormous mod scene that produced enhancements and add-ons. The EAW improvements have come in almost every area of modding and hacking at the exe and game data level, like; new aircraft, flight models, skins, sounds, cockpits, campaigns, terrain textures, terrain objects, skys, horizon clouds, etc, all available to change the way the stock EAW looked and behaved, partially unrecognizable for the better. This was and is one of the major reasons for the games popularity. (Special attention must go to Paulo Morais for all his genius in designing all the necessary tools to work with all EAW files and Charles Gunst for providing basic add-ons as Enemy Coast Ahead (ECA), ECA Panel and the massive EAW Editing Notes. Without the contributions of these two men no custom fan campaign would have been made. The very first campaign add-ons that most have studied and used as major examples of how campaigns needed to be done, were made by them. "1942 Turning Point in Europe" and the first "1940 Battle of France" were designed by Paulo Morais and Charles Gunst respectively.) Of course there are man many more important people during those days, perhaps some time in the future I'll have a list made up. Right now, look at my 'Files Help Document' and see the other tool programmers and game modders names that where present during that time, witness there accomplishments as you browse through.

Then the source modifications; In August 2005 the EAW community officially obtained the source code and has since modified the game to remove many bugs from the stock version, including adding in long wanted fan requested features. Read below in the 'STARTING OFF' section and read the 'Game Types' topic to understand where and what form these un official updates take.


About The EAW Community:
The EAW Community (of 1998 to about 2005) are a loosely structured collection of programmers, artists, modelers, and enthusiasts who have contributed their expertise to the relentless pursuit of immersion in World War II air combat. They where mostly in single form; meaning they worked and shared all their discoveries with each other. You should enjoy and appreciate the outstanding work presented here in this sites file archives (and files located in other places) of these good folks who keep real life Veterans' and their planes, their experiences, and their memories alive in a virtual form.

The community in later years (after 2002) is similar but greatly reduced in size. Number drop off for more modern WWII Flight Simulators and problems associated with the EAW game no longer running on modern computers...

Around 2005 you'll find that the remain community split into several groups and this eventually led to the demise of the larger community, a small number still hanging around up to 2008...

After 2008, virtual pilot players are all that's mostly left. There are new versions of EAW by way of the un-official closed source code modifying by one group and another independent version made by machine level manipulation. New game data was added and existing old assets where modified to work with the new versions of builds or types of the game...


Making my EAW Help Site is partly in hope you will rediscover EAW in working order on modern machines and use many of the fan resources to enjoy the game in whatever form you prefer. Read on to get started!



Lets start you off here to inform you of some of the information you will want to know, before you proceed with adding the EAW game to your computer.


Why EAW?....:
....and not some other WWII Flight Simulator? Most people play EAW for the intense battles you can have with 256 planes in the air at once. Others play it because of the (almost) full dynamic playable Campaign / Career Mode. (Read my 'Full Review Help Document' to learn more about this game, the good and bad is mentioned). 


This topic is for explaining the different official version types available from the developer Microprose. Below is listed information about the EAW Official game, Stock Game and official patches released after the game was.

  • Quick Note About The EAW Demo:
    The official EAW Demo is really a software only rendered game and allows you to play for 5 mins at a time, sometimes longer depending on how well you do in combat. It's available as an English or German download. See my 'Files Help Document' for some extra words about the EAW 5min Demo and where to get it.

  • v1.0 Out of The Box:
    This is the CD version. Of course, you must at least 'install' this version if you want the stock game. This version is said to be flawed in some areas and advisable to patch up to a more refined version of 1.1 or 1.2.
  • v1.1 Stock:
    This is the first Official MPS patch version. Often used for its much more difficult enemy A.I. (harder than v1.2 below). But lacks some features and multiplay bug fixes that are in v1.2.

  • v1.2 Stock:
    This is the second and final Official MPS Patch version. This one can be applied without needing the previous version patch. I recommend that you play this version for a period of time to learn the in's and outs of the game. (The official MicroProse made Dynamic Campaign / Career Mode is most playable with this version or type.)


Game Types:
This topic is for explaining the different types of available un-Official EAW modified versions. From Hex edited exe's, machine level manipulated and source modifications. Some of these can be added on top of, or instead of an install of the stock EAW. (There are currently three types of un-official custom modifications of EAW).

  • HexEdited Patches:
    These are the tweaked by hex editing custom replacement 'exe's' that where made to replace just the games main exe file (eaw.exe) rather than modifying any additional game data. You'll only want to use these if you have an English game installed as most of these replacement exe's are primarily for the EAWv1.2). You apply these replacement exe's over a previous official patch or to a newly added full clean "installation" of the EAW game. More on this later.

    There are several HexEdited replacement eaw.exe's available. Some worth mention here includes the so called un-official 1.2a enhancement version, which presumably was hex-edited. There is also the un-official community made v1.26e patch updater with fixes to the exe with some game data modifications as well. (It is considered to be a 1.2 executable regarding compatibility and running it). There are many more.

    See my 'HexEdited Patches Help Document' for further details and install instructions for each of these custom HexEdit "upgrades". Also note that most if not all HexEdited exe's included a NoCD option built in, see the same Help Document for the special NoCD Instructions. You can even get a hexedited stock exe with just the NoCD change.


  • FXEXE Patches:
    The EAWPRO powered by the FXEXE (eaw.exe) is a machine level manipulated special effects exe. This new package includes much improved game data that takes advantage of those developed effect improvements. These changes take the game beyond the stock game, visually and gameplay wise. More on this later.

    The FXEXE: EAWPRO Edition special effects update /addition in concern with Windows compatibility is considered to be a EAWv1.2 executable, and the archive contains its own readme with install instructions.

    The FXEXE does not require your game CD to play other than for you to first copy the files from the CD for a full stock 'installation'. Then you take the EAWPRO archive and you overwrite some of the files with the new ones from the Zip. Please read my 'Install Help Document' to get EAW up and running first. Also see my 'FXEXE Patches Help Document' for install directions and additional information like changes with development background details.

    This release of the game can have add-ons converted to work with it, however, the game is intentionally self contained and has its own add-ons built in, including updated game data. The Final Cut and the full game data is available to members only. Basic Core files and game data are available to everyone to try out including the FXEXE.


  • CodeGroup Patches:
    The CodeGroup source code modifications (src feature changes, added game data, new gameplay and modding features. This includes what is labeled as un-official versions; v1.28x and higher).

    These Source Coded 'patches' that have new bug fixes, features added, and a lot of community game data in them. The full blown game data add-ons usually come with very large new individual theaters of operations and many planes to choose from.

    Most of the released archives after 2012 are even considered 'Standalone' where you don't need the game CD to install nor run the game; they will not require you to add the CD files to your computer before hand since they are already included.

    To install any of the CodeGroups unofficial source code modifications, see my 'CodeGroup Patches Help Document'. Also see that document for more information on the revision changes and details of those released.

    The latest versions contain the best of the best add-ons, and do not require any additional add-ons to be added to them. You may request from CodeGroup members to up convert any old add-ons done by other authors that you may find.




This section is to guide you to the Help Documents you'll want to read and the order in which to do so. Other helpful details may appear here too.


You will want to see my 'Install Help Document'. That document will teach you primarily how to get the CD and the official patches on your computer the proper way, plus other important info. Please read it regardless.


You will want to read my 'Configuration Help Document'. There are a few things with the settings in-game you should do the proper way before playing (before seeing the flight screen), I'll go over them briefly in that help document.

BUT, since most default settings in the configuration screens will work for most systems 'out of the box' , you may prefer to skip to setting up your controls first, read below.


Next, you will want to read my 'Joystick and Controls Help Document'.


Then, you will want to read my 'Video Help Document'.


You will want to read my 'Troubleshoot Help Document'. That document will teach you primarily how to get the EAW game working properly on your computer. Its a catch all for problems you may run into.