GOG PATCHES   6-20-2024
Written and Edited by MarkEAW




v1.2 GOG
Clean Installed Folder For v1.2GOG | Other Programs Installed by GOG
Make a Portable Version from the GOG Installed Files
Features in EAW restored by Retroism/GoG | Modifications done by Retroism/GoG | Remaining Issues | NoCD

Clean Installed Folder For v1.28GOG | Versions (128) , a and b



This help document provides information about the GOG and Steam re-released purchasable digital downloads.

v1.2 GOG

Some brief notes about the GOG Automated Installed EAWv1.2GOG Game, re-re-released 3-27-2021.

The game is the MicroProse official v1.2 patched game. However, the game exe was also modified by Retroism / GoG afterwards. It includes all MicroProses' official v1.2 CDFs and other gamedata files, untouched.

It has been suspected that Retroism used some powerful tools with brute force to hack the eaw.exe, primarily and possibly to update the DirectX version instructions in the eaw.exe to DX7. The 'new' improved super game exe is slightly larger than the official game exe from MPS. (The d3d.dll files are identical). They have not shared the improvements with the community.

The GoG installer installs the EAW game files and all the Wrappers and finally DirectX 9.0c on your system. Normally you wouldn't need to have 9.0c installed unless a file was missing, however the game may now need it (its unclear to me if it does or does not). Its safe to install these files and it will not overwrite other versions of DirectX.



Clean Installed Folder For v1.2-GOG (for reference)

This is only showing the single changed file, the game exe. The rest of the files are the same as the Official MPS EAWv1.2 install. (You can see a complete official v1.2 folder list in my 'Install Help Document').


eaw.exe 1,431,040



Other Programs Installed by GOG (for reference)

You'll find these files in your EAW GOG Install as well. Separated here for reference.

GOG DirectX 1-7 Wrapper (by GOG)

  • ddraw.dll 1,572,864
    dxcfg.exe 929,792
    dxcfg.ini 159
    gog.ico 69,248

The game; the super patched eaw.exe requires this wrapper (or more precise, a ddraw.dll must be present, this is the actual wrapper) to function correctly. If this "new" dll is not present, the game will most likely become non responding (at least on Win10). A Pain to get out of.

Another Direct Draw wrapper with a .dll can be used, if you wanted to use another wrapper than GOG's. Typically a ddraw.dll wrapper comes with a configuration file. Both those files are placed in the games main folder, where the supper patched eaw.exe is sitting.

You use the dxcfg.exe to configure GOG's wrapper settings.
This wrapper will upscale the menu screens to equal larger resolutions than 640x480 (equal to the set resolution in the wrapper). Normally a standard wrapper leaves the menu screens alone and renders them at EAW default size when resolutions in the wrapper are Width is zero by Height is zero or automated, this wrapper does not.
The wrapper can also be used to upscale the games resolution on the Flight Screens.

Note: Without the presents of the dxcfg.ini the game folder, the ddraw.dll will use default settings, as listed in the configuration program.

See my "Troubleshoot Wrappers Help Document" to read more about GOGs DX Wrapper.



Glide Wrapper (Portable/Local nGlide by Zeus)

  • 3DfxSpl.dll 1,105,408
    3DfxSpl2.dll 1,105,408
    3DfxSpl3.dll 1,105,408
    glide.dll 1,536,000
    glide2x.dll 1,630,208
    glide3x.dll 1,732,608
    nglide_config.exe 348,160
    nglide_readme.txt 24,929
    nGlideEULA.txt 227

This is a portable version of nGlide, all the files get dumped into the games folder. Support becomes local for only the game folder its placed in. Instead of system wide, like nGlide normally installs itself into.


Direct Input Wrapper (?)

  • dinput.dll 352,256
    dixi.ini 12,591

This wrapper allows more modern Control Pads to be used with EAW, and perhaps improves modern Joystick support at the same time (more devices?). (However, If your standard three in one Joystick doesn't work, try removing this dll to see if that helps EAW to detect your device properly).



IPX Wrapper (by Solemn)

  • directplay-win32.reg 1,662
    directplay-win64.reg 1,758
    dpwsockx.dll 39,200
    ipxconfig.exe 461,600
    ipxwrapper.dll 84,768
    ipxwrapper-changes.txt 8,940
    ipxwrapper-license.txt 18,326
    ipxwrapper-readme.txt 2,129
    mswsock.dll 36,128
    wsock32.dll 35,616

IPXWrapper allows using EAW that needs IPX/SPX support on recent versions of Windows which no longer support it. Software that uses WinSock 1.x and/or DirectPlay (before version 8) is supported. It will Tunnel IPX to UDP. (GoG uses this wrapper for EAW, EAW needs these files in the game folder too activate and make available the IPX Protocol choice on the multiplayer set-up in game. IPX is designed for LAN use, however some online services will allow IPX through DirectPlay allowing online playing. Without these files EAW may not display the IPX option, or the protocol option won't be click able.

The two reg/registry files configure windows for DirectPlay. However, Windows 10 will normally ask you if you wish to install the legacy application; DirectPlay upon running this game for the first time. OR you can add the option yourself by configuring Win10 to add Legacy Support and DirectPlay in Windows Program and Features>Turn Windows Features On or Off.


Other GOG Files (by GOG)*

  • EULA.txt 48,591
    goggame-eaw.ico 147,499
    firewall.cmd 342

*There are many more files (not listed or shown here) that make up approximately 12megs that are placed in the Main EAW Game folder. Some are from the GoG Setup Installer; which would include an Uninstaller program and related installer configuration files. There are also GOG Server used files. All those types of files not listed are not at all necessary for the EAWv1.2-GOG version to run properly.

The firewall.cmd file is to add a rule to the Windows Firewall to allow EAW to pass through. However, normally Windows 10 will ask you to allow EAW to pass through upon selecting a protocol in EAW's multiplayer configuration screen, and applies the firewall rule.


Make a Portable Version from the GOG Installed Files:

  • If you wish to make a portable version of the game; you should first make a copy of the newly installed game directory and then place it somewhere else. Then use the included GOG uninstaller for the actual EAWv1.2GOG version (or leave the game in place, your choice).
    If you do uninstall or remove/move a EAW game folder, most likely you'll want clean up old registry entries pertaining to that folder.
    Clean out your copy of the EAWv1.2GOG game directory by leaving out [deleting] all the un necessary files. Below is a list of the files to keep. You may want to keep nGlide files as well (those are listed above).

    These are the files for a portable GOG full 'installation';

    The "\Music" folder
    ALL "***.CDF" files

    Then follow some aspects of my 'Install Help document' instructions to complete your portable game install.

  • See the 1.28 Section below for updating if you wish.



Features in EAW restored by Retroism/GoG (The publisher/distributor of the re-release):

  1. Main MicroProse Intro Globe Smk video plays smoothly (MOVIES.CDF).
  2. Other Video Smk plays smoothly (MOVIES.CDF).
  3. All In Game Films / Videos playback properly on modern windows, most times. (MOVIES.CDF).
  4. Control Pad controllers can be used (DirectInput Wrapper; dinput.dll and dixi.ini).
  5. In Game the Flight Screen displays Direct3D Mode Horizon Fog for Nvidia Cards as well. (Wrapper).
  6. The View Plane / View Objects Screen functions correctly. (compat fixes)
  7. Software Rendering mode works. (-1 for Display in the eaw.ini), (compat fixes)
  8. No Garbled Colors on the Menu Screens. (Wrapper).
  9. No Map Tearing. (Wrapper).



Modifications done by Retroism/GoG:

  1. A few compatibility fixes; unknown.
  2. DirectX support requirement from 6 to 7 (Including DirectDraw7).
  3. Only IPX (LAN) Protocol avalable. (other modes and protocols removed).
  4. Online Multiplayer possible with IPX Wrapper that translates IPX to UDP and a Game service.



Remaining Issues (related to hardware and modern Windows):
These are issues that Retroism/GoG should fix.

  1. Parameter Screen Mouse Clicks Loop too fast (needs a delay or removed repeat, mouse polling slowdown).
  2. The FOV of the flight screen resolution 1024x768 is too narrow (the front cockpit panel is too close).
  3. Career Film Video Playback issue. Might be Movie related (you may want to try the empty MOVIE.CDF file).
  4. Campaigns crash the game because of a Career save issue. This is when a EAW error manifests when trying to save a career file. This is perhaps a new Win10 (update 12-2023) problem (A permission or file write error) Note: Some of the old un official modified eaw.exe's for WinNT seem to be okay.

    For GOG users to solve this (you won't be able to pull off this without an update to GOG's wrapper), you can however make a portable version of the GOG release, then patch the new portable version with the un-official 1.26 version (which seems okay with the career saves) or add the official EAWv1.2 eaw.exe and overwrite the GOG game exe. You can then use the DxWnd Wrapper (ghotik) with any version of the game and use the profiles I provide for download if you need help configuring the wrapper as the GOG Wrapper is no longer used.




  • The eaw.ini requires this to be present to avoid CD requirement. No powered on or installed CD-ROM is needed there after. (Note: A noCD MPS EAWv1.2 requires a CD device to be present, with no CD in the drive).
    GoG included these debug settings.
    Debug Flags=0
    Debug Path=.\

Read my 'MicroProse Patches Help Document' for more details on the official v1.2.

 v1.28 GOG

Some brief notes about the GOG Automated Installed EAWv1.28-GOG Game, re-released 2-12-2021.

Note: EAWv1.28GOG is no longer available from GOG, since the roll-back to EAWv1.2GOG on 3-27-2021, listed in the above section. The Code-Group required this version to be pulled as it is their build, which can not be sold.

The game is based on the MPS and the un-official Code-Group source modified game, v1.28. The game exe was modified beyond the CodeGroups version by Retroism / GoG afterwards. It includes MicroProses' official v1.2 CDF gamedata files, some where modified by the Code Group (meaning they replaced some of the official 1.2 CDFs). The 'new' improved GOG super game exe is almost the same size as the old Code Groups 128 game exe, however CRC values say they are different (21,417 byte difference in the exes. The d3d.dll files are identical).

See my 'First Use Help Document' for more highlights, under CodeGroup Patches.


Clean Installed Folder For v1.28-GOG (for reference)

This is a folder without any specific GOG files present (other than eaw.exe); Stripped down to the modified EAW gamadata and default gamedata files.

3D.CDF 8,409,536
chatline.txt 438
Cockpits.CDF 33,473,605
d3d.dll 86,016
DATA.CDF 1,437,809
Dsetup.dll 127,488
eaw.exe 1,310,720
eaw.ini 5,385
FLT.CDF 39,540
FONTS.CDF 1,067,664
GRBRIEF.CDF 9,352,358
hof.dat 1,096
Menu_eng.cdf 38,308
Movies.cdf 298,809,288
Music.cdf 1,452,428
PIC.CDF 28,294,463
readme.rtf 25,526
SMACKW32.DLL 96,256
SOUND.CDF 1,203,659
SOUND16.CDF 10,014,146
SPEECH1.CDF 10,431,783
SPEECH2.CDF 11,943,211
SPEECH3.CDF 12,407,240
TERRAIN.CDF 7,942,132
TEXT_ENG.CDF 178,120
UKBRIEF.CDF 10,101,180
USBRIEF.CDF 11,970,136
V1.1 Details.rtf 16,801
V1.28 Details.rtf 17,721
WSOUND.CDF 9,310,061
Wsprites.cdf 25,140,369

AmerProm.bgm 5,523,468
BritProm.bgm 6,513,556
Captured.bgm 9,071,660
Drum1.bgm 1,459,968
GermProm.bgm 6,513,796
HallOFam.bgm 7,056,968
MenuMus.bgm 7,836,020
Rescued.bgm 5,082,520
ViewObs.bgm 9,408,380
YouDead.bgm 11,813,424
MissAlli.mpf 115
MissAxe.mpf 116
  • Versions (128) , a and b:

    An update from EAWv1.28GOG, to the Code-Groups v1.28 to v1.28a to v1.28b exists. However this would remove the GOG revisions from the exe, since the eaw.exe is replaced with both of those updates. Thus any updates to the GOG game exe will remove it's revisions.

    If you do an update to 128, a or b, then consider it no longer a GOG release and you don't use many of the files GOG provided. Such as the GOG DirectX Wrapper and its dll... I would make a portable version of the GOG version before patching.


Read my 'CodeGroup Patches Help Document' for more details on the un-official v1.28.


Here is the release list of the GOG type.

-June 16 2022
Steam sells the identical GOG type, version 1.2
(Provides official MicroProse files only, exe modified by GOG, "DirectX7" updated)
Custom installer for Windows 7,8,10 English.
Available as downloads are the Manual PDF (266 pages)  3.1meg and Reference Card PDF 1.0meg

-March 26 2021
GOG sells a digital download, version 1.2GOG
(Dropped Code-Group support and provides official MicroProse files only, exe modified by GOG, "DirectX7" updated)
Custom installer for Windows 7,8,10 English. (599.8MB)
Available as downloads are the Manual PDF (266 pages)  3.1meg and Reference Card PDF 1.0meg

-February 12 2021
GOG sells a digital download, version 1.28GOG
(Code-Group's unofficial game exe and their new game data, exe modified by GOG, "DirectX7" updated)
New custom installer for Windows 7,8,10 English. (618.7MB) Includes the Flight School Guide (DSG).
Available as downloads are the Manual PDF (266 pages)  3.1meg and Reference Card PDF 1.0meg


See my 'Performance Help Document' for test results with wrappers and without.

See my 'First Use Help Document' for more highlights on the GOG type release.