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The Four types of sounds available during game | The Sound CDF files are
The two standard 'quality' attributes for sounds | Mono To Stereo | Engine Sound Recording
Gun Sounds Recording

 Quick Steps On How To Record or Modify Sounds

Stock EAWv1.2 Sound List

 To Modify An Existing Hanger Sound | List of Sounds In The WSOUND.CDF for Hanger Screens
Hanger Sounds For Each Hanger Screen List




Plane Radio Crackling or Squawking | Plane Radio Spoken Word List (SPEECH#.CDF)
British Voices: (SPEECH2.CDF) German Voices: (SPEECH3.CDF) American Voices: (SPEECH1.CDF)



16-bit Forced | v1.28 Start and Run



This help document is primarily to provide modding help...




Lets get into the Game's Sound a little....

Apparently the game is said to use Miles Sound System v4.0.? However some will disagree with that. Also Dolby Surround is incorporated (for two speaker use), at least it says it on the box. Anyhow...EAW has special sound formats listed below.

The Four types of sounds available during game:
--Snd (number).snd = In Game Sounds (Is compressed)
--Snd (number).wsd = Hanger Sounds (Is compressed)
--music types.bgm = Screen Background MUSIC Sounds (actually a wav)
--barracks music.adp = Barrack Radio (actually a wav)

The Sound CDF files are:
--SOUND16.CDF ".snd" files for explosions, guns, bombs, engines and background sounds in 16bit.
--SOUND.CDF ".SND" files for explosions, guns, bombs, engines and background sounds in 8bit.
--WSOUND.CDF these end in".wsd" files for hanger sounds and some briefing room background sounds.
--GRBRIEF.CDF, UKBRIEF.CDF, AND USBRIEF.CDF are all ".snd" files for the briefing voices.
--SPEECH1.CDF, (American), SPEECH2.CDF (British) and SPEECH3.CDF (German) are radio calls in ".snd" format.

The two standard 'quality' attributes for sounds:
are uncompressed Microsoft PCM WAV files, 8bit un-signed or 16bit signed. Most sounds are preferred to be MONO as the game will mix the sounds for stereo by using one sound channel for each engine creating a dual sound channel effect. Other effects like panning/surround/cross-fades/wow/Doppler are used when played through the games sound engine. Most of the original effects sounds have a decibel level of -15db to -20db set. Recorded 0db level seems to play loud.

However if the situation calls for it, EAW will play sounds recorded in STEREO, such as for music or for other effects. I think the game can only reproduce the sound quality/sample rate of maximum 16bit 22050Hz. It seems to play higher quality sounds, but Its probably only pushing out 22050Hz. You could try 16bit at 44100Hz when you need a decent stereo music or mono sound.

MONO to Stereo Sounds:
Converting from a mono sound to stereo you want to offset the channels slightly and perhaps add a little reverb. You may even want to increase the decibels/volume of the right channel just a little bit. This will give you an decent Stereo Effect from an otherwise mono sound. It's not perfect but it's quick and dirty.

Engine Sounds Recording:
The game only needs a 3 to 5 second duration of an engine sound recording, be it Starting Up or In-Flight sounds because the sound is repeated; EAW will play that short duration sound back in a loop. Note however, when "recording" your running sound, choose a low to medium flight speed to save as a sound. Also when editing your Engine sound, insure that the ends of your sound files match up so the loop is heard as continuous and there's no popping or drop outs at the ends of the sound or your engine will sound like it's cycling. EAW will automatically adjust your In-Flight sound pitch to match aircraft speed as throttle settings change. The decibels of aircraft approaching or going away will also be adjusted. Remember that the same engine in a different plane will be heard differently, mainly cause of the different types prop noise and updates to the engines in later years.

Gun Sounds Recording:
Although some sounds are easy to hear when played in a Audio program, others are not. For an example, the .30 cal./.303/7mm MG sound in is very quick, lasting only for a split second. In the game, however, the sound repeats very rapidly. Listening to it with an Audio program doesn't really give you much of an idea of what it sounds like when your actually playing EAW. All you need when recording is a sound of one round being fired from a particular weapon and maybe some silence added in. The idea is to match the rate of fire of the weapon in EAW with the sound being called to play.




The in-game sounds all have the naming SND00##.SND, where ## is the appropriate sound number assigned to a function in the game, such as radio voices, basic in-flight sounds; like engines, bullets, bombs and so on. If you would like to record / modify your own sound, speech or radio music files for EAW follow these general directions below:

Quick Steps On How To Record or Modify Sound:

  • Extract them from the appropriate CDF file with CDFR.exe or Paulo Morais' CDFRW.exe
  • Then convert them to RAW with Paulo Morais' SND2RAW tool, converter and files to convert MUST be at the same folder .Note: (Remember to write down the specifics of your sound that this tool tells you, such as sampling rate, bit rate and channel number; channel being 1 or 2 for mono or stereo) This DOS program give some help information when executed without parameters in your command line. For example, type in: snd2raw snd0003.snd 16000 16 1  and you'll get a raw, header less, data file. Just get a sound program to load it up as a 16000-Hz, 16-bit, mono recording, then save it as a WAV.
  • Import the RAW sound into your sound editor (Goldwave is a good one) as either 11025hz 8bit(SOUNDS.CDF) or 22050hz 16bit(SOUND16.CDF) mono.
  • Once done modifying the sound, you convert it back with RAW2SND, converter and files to convert MUST be at the same folder. (Remember to apply the specifics of your sound, such as sampling rate, bit rate and channel number; channel being 1 or 2 for mono or stereo) Note: This DOS program give some help information when executed without parameters in your command line.
    -You can also use Ncrawler's excellent WIN 98 EAW Sound Utility. This utility allows conversion back and forth between .WAV and .SND with a button click. (It also updates the internal SND ID header and you can match that with the SND file name, no hex editing required...)
    -Once you have a sound converted you can place it in EAW's main folder, this will take priority over the built-in sounds and play your sound instead.



Stock SND List...

Stock EAWv1.2 Sound List:
by snd number and description.

  SND0001 Switching radio frequency in the barracks/Radio tuning squawk
 SND0002 Click switch
 SND0003 AAA(Flak) explosion
 SND0004 Bomb explosion/Big Explosion
 SND0005 Plane crashes 1/Distant Explosion
 SND0006 Plane crashes 2/Short Explosion
 SND0007 Plane crashes 3/Small Explosion
 SND0008 Plane crashes 4 (water splash/crash)
 SND0009 Bomb Release and whistle
 SND0010 Bullet hit 1 dual and ricochet
 SND0011 Bullet hit (small cal.) and ricochet
 SND0012 Ricochet 1 (bullet bounce)
 SND0013 Ricochet 2/Cannon Hit
 SND0014 Ricochet 3 (long)/Hit and Echo
 SND0015 Bullet hit/cannon hit 2/Small Bullet Hit
 SND0016 Ricochet 4/Small Bullet Hit2
 SND0017 Thump (bullet hit?)/Light or Distant Explosion
 SND0018 Ricochet 5/Hit and Damage Nose
 SND0019 AAA(Flak) Hit 1/?Shot?/Hit with crumple damage
 SND0020 AAA(Flak) Hit 2 with Damage
 SND0021 Engine sputter/?Distant Explosion?/Flak
 SND0022 Plane explodes 1/Large and Long Explosion
 SND0023 Plane explodes 2/Distant Explosion
 SND0024 -= NONE =-
 SND0025 .30cal MG / 7.62mm MG
 SND0026 .50cal MG / 13mm MG
 SND0027 20mm cannon
 SND0028 30mm cannon
 SND0029 Rocket launch
 SND0030 Radial engine starting (FW-190 / P-47 / Bomber use)
 SND0031 Radial engine running  (FW-190 / P-47)
 SND0032 -= NONE =-
 SND0033 -= NONE =-
 SND0034 In-line engine starting (Spitfires, Mustangs, Me-109, etc./ Bomber use)
 SND0035 In-line engine running  (Spitfires, Mustangs, Me-109, etc.)
 SND0036 -= NONE =-
 SND0037 -= NONE =-
 SND0038 Jet/Rocket engine starting
 SND0039 Jet/Rocket engine running
 SND0040 -= NONE =-
 SND0041 -= NONE =-
 SND0042 Light Bomber or twin engine running (German/Axis)/Inline
 SND0043 Heavy Bomber or multi engine running (US)/Rotary
 SND0044 V-1 propulsion engine running
 SND0045 Click/Engine starting to miss-overheat warning
 SND0046 Click/Engine Overheat
 SND0047 Engine damaged/failure stop
 SND0048 Engine overheating-damage bearings
 SND0049 Engine sputter (no fuel start)/Misfire and Rough Running
 SND0050 Landing gear up/down
 SND0051 Parachute Opens
 SND0052 Landing Gear Flexing Touchdown and on Takeoff /wheel squeak/chirp (flaps?)
 SND0053 Distant Ba-Boom (flak?)/Wheel Squeal on Runway
 SND0054 Wind Force (plane moving fast)
 SND0055 Plane/Cockpit shaking
 SND0056 Click/Water Drop



Found in the WSOUNDS.CDF, The WSD sound files are atmospheric, used for the; Hangers, Briefing Room and after-mission scenes, (like the passing planes and trucks, everything but speech.) (must be in the range of SND2800-2899)

To Modify An Existing Hanger Sound:

  • You need to extract it from the CDF file.
  • The sounds are in .WSD format can be opened as a 22050 (some are 11025) mono .RAW file. If the sound plays back funny, then you have the wrong sample rate.
  • Or better yet you can convert the .WSD to .WAV using Ncrawler's EAW sound utility. This utility allows conversion back and forth between .WAV and .WSD.


List of Sounds In The WSOUND.CDF for Hanger Screens:

  SND2800 - Hanger Outside; Flyby-inline1-distant 
 SND2801 - Hanger Outside2; Flyby2-sudden fast-whiff
 SND2802 - Hanger Outside3; Flyby3-buzzy (rotary engine-F4F Wildcat)
 SND2803 - Hanger Fan (?Engine-"purr"-quiet engine running sound?)
 SND2804 - Hanger Engine startup-engine rumble (used on P-38 hanger screen)
 SND2805 - Hanger Welding Torch-crackle/Lit and Burns
 SND2806 - Hanger Welding Torch2-crackle/In Use
 SND2807 - Hanger Welding Torch3-pop/Lit-Low
 SND2808 - Hanger Welding Torch4-crackle/In Use-Low
 SND2809 - Hanger Flyby-Jet (Me-262 screen)
 SND2810 - Hanger Engine idle-smooth inline engine running/German (used for BF-110 hanger screen)
 SND2811 - Hanger Rotary engine start-shutdown (FW-190)
 SND2812 - Hanger Rotary engine start-shutdown-longer (FW-190)
 SND2813 - Hanger Flyby-Rotary Engine-fast, smooth whiff (P-47)
 SND2814 - Hanger Flyby-Inline Engine-slight buzz and engine miss (Tempest)
 SND2815 - Hanger Engine startup-inline eng start-shutdown (Hurricane)
 SND2816 - Hanger Tool/Wrench dropped to floor
 SND2817 - Hanger Sound of drilling/Chain Hoist
 SND2818 - Hanger Metal Plate thump-hollow thud/Gas Can
 SND2819 - Hanger Metal Thump2/Engine sputter-metal thud2/Gas Can2
 SND2820 - Hanger Metal grinding/?Control Surface moving?/Gas Can Open
 SND2821 - Hanger Small hammer on metal/Low Tone
 SND2822 - Hanger Medium hammer on metal/High Tone
 SND2823 - Hanger Metallic sound-drop something, ringing sound/Kettle Down
 SND2824 - Hanger "Tinny" sound-hollow clunk/Cylinder Sput/Kettle Up
 SND2825 - Hanger Metallic sound-loud echo hit
 SND2826 - Hanger Metallic sound-loud echo/High Echo
 SND2827 - Hanger Metallic sound-control surfaces move-a bit of echo (as in FW-190 screen)
 SND2828 - Hanger Metallic sound x1/Single Blow of Hammer
 SND2829 - Hanger Metallic sound x2/Double Blow
 SND2830 - Hanger Metallic sound x3/Triple Blow-soft pounding
 SND2831 - Hanger Flyby-sput (Spit)
 SND2832 - Barrack "Creaking" metal sound/Metal Chair squeak
 SND2833 - Barrack cough
 SND2834 - Barrack (Reading-page turning)
 SND2835 - Barrack Door opens
 SND2836 - Barrack Door shuts
 SND2837 - Barrack Footsteps Walking On Stone
 SND2838 - Barrack Footsteps (slower) On Wood
 SND2839 - Barrack UK Truck passes by
 SND2840 - Barrack UK Flyby-whiff-low sound (P-51 type-other Merlin Engines)
 SND2841 - Barrack US Truck or Jeep passes by
 SND2842 - Barrack German Flyby-fairly long (P-51 type-other Merlin Engines)
 SND2843 - Barrack US Flyby-fast truck or slow plane (P-47?)
 SND2844 - Briefing Voices/Crowd Start
 SND2845 - Briefing Voices/Crowd End
 SND2846 - Briefing Voices in Room/?water moving?
 SND2847 - Briefing Air-raid alarm (Allied Briefing)
 SND2848 - Briefing Air-raid alarm (Axis Briefing) 


Hanger Sounds For Each Hanger Screen List:
(No minor sounds listed like pounding, clinks, metal noises, etc.) , (list by Wudpecker).


Bf 109--All models. HNGR16.MPC -109e, HNGR17 -109g, HNGR-18 -109k
SND2800.WSD--common inline flyby-slight whine
SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2840.WSD--longer "whiff" flyby

SND2812.WSD--Short- start and stop radial engine
SND2827.WSD--Control surfaces move
SND2800.WSD--common inline flyby-slight whine
SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby

SND2811--Long- start and stop radial engine
SND2800.WSD--common inline flyby-slight whine
SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby

SND2810.WSD--Smooth inline engine running continuous
SND2800.WSD--common inline flyby-slight whine
SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby

SND2800.WSD--common inline flyby-slight whine
SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby

SND2809.WSD--Jet flyby, fast
SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby
SND2800.WSD ?--common inline flyby?


SND2815.WSD--Inline engine start+stop
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby
SND2831.WSD--Fast flyby with backfires

SND2831.WSD--Fast flyby with backfires
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby 
SND2827.WSD--Control surfaces move

SND2831.WSD--Fast flyby with backfires
SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby

SND2815.WSD--Inline engine start+stop
SND2800.WSD--common inline flyby-slight whine
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby

SND2806--Welding sounds (no pops as in 2805 or 2807)
SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby

SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby


SND2840.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby
SND2842.WSD--Longer flyby-low note

SND2840.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby
SND2842.WSD--Longer flyby-low note

SND2806--Welding sounds (no pops as in 2805 or 2807)
SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2840.WSD--longer "whiff" flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby

SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby
SND2813.WSD--longer "whiff" flyby 

SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby
SND2804.WSD-- for engine start/run. 

SND2801.WSD--"Whiff" fast flyby
SND2802.WSD--"Buzzy" long flyby
SND2804.WSD-- for engine start/run.



There are 10 BGM files located in the MUSIC sub-folder for intro music and screen music. The stock Music are all in Windows PCM sound format with 44100Hz, signed 16-bit and stereo (they can be 8-bit also if you wish). These files happen to be WAV files just renamed with the .bgm file extension. So for an example, you can rename Drum1.bgm to Drum1.wav and it will open and play in a standard player or sound editor. Another example, If you make a new Menu Music wav file and have your sound file in the required format, just simply rename it MenuMus.bgm and put it in the MUSIC subfolder of EAW, then the game will play it.





There are also some sounds in the MUSIC.CDF file, the radio sound files for the barracks in campaign mode. I would imagine the Barracks Radio can play just as high or low quality sounds that other parts of the game can playback. However most find it appealing to have the "old time" scratchy, MONO sound found on radios back in the 1930's and 40's. With that said due to the suggested low recording quality, it is going to sound scratchy, but just perfect for that barracks radio player.

-Import your sound by changing, setting or converting your existing sound "Format" in your Sound Editor program to Microsoft ADPCM and for sample rate, select 11,025hz, 4 bit, mono.
-Now that your wave file is now in the desired format, save your newly converted sound as a .wav file.
-Now you are going to have to RENAME the this files extension from .wav to .adp so that the EAW program will load and play it. This is very simple requiring no special conversion programs. (It really is still a wave format sound.)

There are only two songs per nation:
Aradio1m.adp, Aradio2m.adp = American Barracks
Bradio1m.adp, Bradio2m.adp = British Barracks
Gradio1m.adp, Gradio2m.adp = German Barracks

-Copy this file directly into your EAW MAIN directory folder.
-The tune should be one of your radio selections in your Barracks next time you play EAW.




In the Briefing Room, The SND extension works as a WAV file. They are Microsoft ADPCM 22.050 Hz 4 Bit Mono, unconverted and simply renamed from .WAV to .SND. Make sure your sound editing software does not automatically convert the .WAV file out of specs when loading it, some will do that. It can be freely converted to SND or WAV simply by changing the extension name. (It does NOT require the EAW Sound Utility, which will NOT work with these phony SND files.) These "phony" SND files can played normally in any sound player that handles .WAV files.

All you have to do is throw your SND file into your EAW folder, select a campaign and start the campaign until you hear the recording or until you hear nothing and see subtitles none the less. (the game randomly selects from 3 or 4 intro's).











 SND_TARGET_NAMES_US 140 // 140 to 157 eg. OilRefinery, Wharehouse






 SND_WEATHER_TYPE_US 190 // 190 to 193 eg. clear, cloudy


 SND_BOMBER_GROUP_NAMES_US 200 // 200 to 213
 SND_FIGHTER_SQUAD_NAMES_US 215 // 215 to 223

 SND_TAKEOFF_TIME_HOUR_US 240 // 240 to 253
 SND_TAKEOFF_TIME_MIN_US 265 // 265 to 268 every 15min

 SND_WAYPOINT_TIME_HOUR_US 275 // 275 to 291
 SND_WAYPOINT_TIME_MIN_US 293 // 293 to 296 every 15min

 SND_TARGET_AREA_NAMES_US 450 // 450 to 743

 SND_FROM_RANK_US 300 // 300 to 305



 SND_MISSION_RESULT_TYPE_US 325 // 325 to 329, eg. exceptional, bad, terrible


 SND_MEDAL_TYPE_NAMES_US 350 // 350 to 354, eg. Airman, Medal of Honor


 SND_TO_RANK_US 370 // 370 to 375

 SND_GET_AWARD_DAYS_US 380 // 380 to 383, eg. 5 10 20 30 days













 SND_TARGET_NAMES_GR 840 // 840 to 857 eg. OilRefinery, Wharehouse







 SND_WEATHER_TYPE_GR 890 // 890 to 893 eg. clear, cloudy


 SND_BOMBER_GROUP_NAMES_GR 900 // 900 to 908
 SND_FIGHTER_SQUAD_NAMES_GR 909 // 909 to 918

 SND_TAKEOFF_TIME_HOUR_GR 940 // 940 to 963
 SND_TAKEOFF_TIME_MIN_GR 965 // 965 to 968 every 15min

 SND_WAYPOINT_TIME_HOUR_GR 976 // 976 to 986
 SND_WAYPOINT_TIME_MIN_GR 993 // 993 to 996 every 15min

 SND_FROM_RANK_GR 1000 // 1000 to 1005



 SND_MISSION_RESULT_TYPE_GR 1025 // 1025 to 1029, eg. excecptional, bad, terrible


 SND_MEDAL_TYPE_NAMES_GR 1050 // 1050 to 1056, german medals


 SND_TO_RANK_GR 1070 // 1070 to 1075

 SND_GET_AWARD_DAYS_GR 1080 // 1080 to 1083, eg. 5 10 20 30 days


 SND_TARGET_AREA_NAMES_GR 1150 // 1150 to 1457


 SND_ZUM_GR 1504
 SND_ZUR_GR 1505



 SND_OPEN1_UK 2100
 SND_OPEN2_UK 2101
 SND_OPEN3_UK 2102
 SND_OPEN4_UK 2103
 SND_OPEN5_UK 2104
 SND_OPEN6_UK 2105
 SND_OPEN7_UK 2106








 SND_TARGET_NAMES_UK 2140 // 2140 to 2157 eg. OilRefinery, Wharehouse






 SND_WEATHER_TYPE_UK 2190 // 2190 to 2193 eg. clear, cloudy


 SND_BOMBER_GROUP_NAMES_UK 2200 // 2200 to 2213
 SND_FIGHTER_SQUAD_NAMES_UK 2215 // 2215 to 2223

 SND_TAKEOFF_TIME_HOUR_UK 2240 // 2240 to 2253
 SND_TAKEOFF_TIME_MIN_UK 2265 // 2265 to 2268 every 15min

 SND_WAYPOINT_TIME_HOUR_UK 2275 // 2275 to 2291
 SND_WAYPOINT_TIME_MIN_UK 2293 // 2293 to 2296 every 15min

 SND_TARGET_AREA_NAMES_UK 2450 // 2450 to 2743

 SND_FROM_RANK_UK 2300 // 2300 to 2305



 SND_MISSION_RESULT_TYPE_UK 2325 // 2325 to 2329, eg. excecptional, bad, terrible


 SND_MEDAL_TYPE_NAMES_UK 2350 // 2350 to 2354, eg. Airman, Medal of Honor


 SND_TO_RANK_UK 2370 // 2370 to 2375

 SND_GET_AWARD_DAYS_UK 2380 // 2380 to 2383, eg. 5 10 20 30 days




Lists of the speech files for all three nations, Most of these Voices get played on cue, some are randomly selected...

Plane Radio Crackling or Squawking:
This type of sound can be overlay-ed and joined with existing sounds. To give the effect of poor radio reception or mic activation or other radio woes. This would require loading each sound up in a Sound Editor and applying the overlay-ed sound you would want to add. Not ideal given how many of RADIO messages there are, probably better to program in a new random sound or two via source code.

These sounds are apparently to be saved as PCM Waveform for editing. Then renamed to RAW, Run RAW2SND.EXE in a DOS window with the proper rates to finally create the SND file for use in EAW. (The speech files are 8000 Hz, 8 bits, mono sound.)


Plane Radio Spoken Word List (SPEECH#.CDF):
(list by Col.Gibbon)

 British Voices: (SPEECH2.CDF)

                  uk1_001 Beetle leader
                  uk1_002 Cricket leader
                  uk1_003 Dogtail leader
                  uk1_004 Elfin leader
                  uk1_005 Foxtrot leader
                  uk1_006 Pinetree leader
                  uk1_007 Rabbit leader
                  uk1_008 Roundtop leader
                  uk1_009 Spider leader
                  uk1_010 Walker leader
                  uk1_011 This is Arrow control
                  uk1_012 This is Starlight control
                  uk1_013 This is Tophat control
                  uk1_014 Bulldog flight
                  uk1_015 Beehive flight
                  uk1_016 Mascot flight
                  uk1_017 Victoria flight
                  uk1_018 Bigbear flight
                  uk1_019 Hammer flight
                  uk1_020 Foxhole flight
                  uk1_021 Wizard flight
                  uk1_022 Bandits
                  uk1_023 10 plus bandits
                  uk1_024 20 plus bandits
                  uk1_025 50 plus bandits
                  uk1_026 100 plus bandits
                  uk1_027 bandits now 5 miles
                  uk1_028 bandits now 10 miles
                  uk1_029 bandits now 20 miles
                  uk1_030 diver
                  uk1_031 diver now 5 miles
                  uk1_032 diver now 10 miles
                  uk1_033 diver now 20 miles
                  uk1_034 5 miles
                  uk1_035 10 miles
                  uk1_036 20 miles
                  uk1_037 50 miles
                  uk1_038 5 miles ahead
                  uk1_039 10 miles ahead
                  uk1_040 20 miles ahead
                  uk1_041 50 miles ahead
                  uk1_042 5 miles behind
                  uk1_043 10 miles behind
                  uk1_044 20 miles behind
                  uk1_045 50 miles behind
                  uk1_046 heading north
                  uk1_047 heading south
                  uk1_048 heading east
                  uk1_049 heading west
                  uk1_050 heading northeast
                  uk1_051 heading northwest
                  uk1_052 heading southeast
                  uk1_053 heading southwest
                  uk1_054 vector 0
                  uk1_055 vector 030
                  uk1_056 vector 060
                  uk1_057 vector 090
                  uk1_058 vector 120
                  uk1_059 vector 150
                  uk1_060 vector 180
                  uk1_061 vector 210
                  uk1_062 vector 240
                  uk1_063 vector 270
                  uk1_064 vector 300
                  uk1_065 vector 330
                  uk1_066 angels 5 - over
                  uk1_067 angels 10 - over
                  uk1_068 angels 15 - over
                  uk1_069 angels 20 - over
                  uk1_070 angels 25 - over
                  uk1_071 angels 30 - over
                  uk1_072 be adviced - we've lost contact with the bandits - over
                  uk1_073 be adviced - we are losing contact with the bandits - over
                  uk1_074 we've lost contact with the bandits - you're on your own - over
                  uk1_075 mission accomplished - good job - over
                  uk1_076 mission is accomplished - nice work - over
                  uk1_077 mission accomplished - good show - over
                  uk1_078 return to base immediately - over
                  uk1_079 return to home base - over
                  uk1_080 return to base - i repeat return to base - over
                  uk1_081 home base
                  uk1_082 negative - all efforts are comitted at this time - good luck - over
                  uk1_083 negative - no other fighters are nearby - good luck - over
                  uk1_084 negative - all available fighters are busy at this time - sorry - over
                  uk1_085 we're vectoring additional fighters to your vicinity - hold on - over
                  uk1_086 we're sending more fighters to your location - hang on - over
                  uk1_087 vectoring fighters to your area - hang on tight - over
                  uk1_088 clear - we have no contact with the enemy - over
                  uk1_089 you're clear - there are no bandits in your area -over
                  uk1_090 we show no bandits in your area - over

                  uk2_001 Beetle leader
                  uk2_002 Cricket leader
                  uk2_003 Dogtail leader
                  uk2_004 Elfin leader
                  uk2_005 Foxtrot leader
                  uk2_006 Pinetree leader
                  uk2_007 Rabbit leader
                  uk2_008 Roundtop leader
                  uk2_009 Spider leader
                  uk2_010 Walker leader
                  uk2_011 Ashland leader
                  uk2_012 Bearskin leader
                  uk2_013 Goldfish leader
                  uk2_014 Greenhouse leader
                  uk2_015 Horseback leader
                  uk2_016 Rattlesnake leader
                  uk2_017 Slingshot leader
                  uk2_018 Swordfish leader
                  uk2_019 Tinplate leader
                  uk2_020 Yardstick leader
                  uk2_021 This is Bulldog flight
                  uk2_022 This is Beehive flight
                  uk2_023 This is Mascot flight
                  uk2_024 This is Victoria flight
                  uk2_025 We are at rendezvous point - over
                  uk2_026 We are approaching our rendezvous point - over
                  uk2_027 Approaching our rendezvous point - over
                  uk2_028 Nice to see you blokes - over
                  uk2_029 Glad to have you in sight - over
                  uk2_030 Thanks for joining us - over
                  uk2_031 We are approaching our target - over
                  uk2_032 Approaching our target - 10 minutes out - over
                  uk2_033 10 minutes to target - over
                  uk2_034 We are at IP and commencing bomb run
                  uk2_035 We are on target - starting our attack run
                  uk2_036 Commencing our bomb run now
                  uk2_037 Bombs away!
                  uk2_038 Thanks for the cover - over
                  uk2_039 Thanks for the cover, chaps - see you back at home base in time for tea - over
                  uk2_040 Thanks for the support - have a quiet trip home - over
                  uk2_041 bandits
                  uk2_042 fighters
                  uk2_043 enemy fighters
                  uk2_044 German fighters
                  uk2_045 --- NONE ---
                  uk2_046 --- NONE ---
                  uk2_047 109s
                  uk2_048 110s
                  uk2_049 190s
                  uk2_050 long-nosed 190s
                  uk2_051 262s
                  uk2_052 410s
                  uk2_053 --- NONE ---
                  uk2_054 --- NONE ---
                  uk2_055 your 1 o'clock
                  uk2_056 your 2 o'clock
                  uk2_057 your 3 o'clock
                  uk2_058 your 4 o'clock
                  uk2_059 your 5 o'clock
                  uk2_060 your 6 o'clock
                  uk2_061 your 7 o'clock
                  uk2_062 your 8 o'clock
                  uk2_063 your 9 o'clock
                  uk2_064 your 10 o'clock
                  uk2_065 your 11 o'clock
                  uk2_066 your 12 o'clock
                  uk2_067 your 1 o'clock high
                  uk2_068 your 2 o'clock high
                  uk2_069 your 3 o'clock high
                  uk2_070 your 4 o'clock high
                  uk2_071 your 5 o'clock high
                  uk2_072 your 6 o'clock high
                  uk2_073 your 7 o'clock high
                  uk2_074 your 8 o'clock high
                  uk2_075 your 9 o'clock high
                  uk2_076 your 10 o'clock high
                  uk2_077 your 11 o'clock high
                  uk2_078 your 12 o'clock high
                  uk2_079 your 1 o'clock low
                  uk2_080 your 2 o'clock low
                  uk2_081 your 3 o'clock low
                  uk2_082 your 4 o'clock low
                  uk2_083 your 5 o'clock low
                  uk2_084 your 6 o'clock low
                  uk2_085 your 7 o'clock low
                  uk2_086 your 8 o'clock low
                  uk2_087 your 9 o'clock low
                  uk2_088 your 10 o'clock low
                  uk2_089 your 11 o'clock low
                  uk2_090 your 12 o'clock low
                  uk2_091 --- NONE ---
                  uk2_092 look out! what was that? - where did it go?
                  uk2_093 we are under attack! requesting immediate assistance - over
                  uk2_094 we are coming under attack! request assistance - over
                  uk2_095 we are under attack! we need assistance - over
                  uk2_096 we are under attack! - repeat - we are under attack! - where are you blokes?
                  uk2_097 where are you blokes? we need immediate assistance
                  uk2_098 they're shooting us up! we need help - now!

                  uk3_001 this is red section
                  uk3_002 this is yellow section
                  uk3_003 this is blue section
                  uk3_004 this is green section
                  uk3_005 this is red one
                  uk3_006 this is red two
                  uk3_007 this is red three
                  uk3_008 this is red four
                  uk3_009 this is yellow one
                  uk3_010 this is yellow two
                  uk3_011 this is yellow three
                  uk3_012 this is yellow four
                  uk3_013 this is blue one
                  uk3_014 this is blue two
                  uk3_015 this is blue three
                  uk3_016 this is blue four
                  uk3_017 this is green one
                  uk3_018 this is green two
                  uk3_019 this is green three
                  uk3_020 this is green four
                  uk3_021 copy that, Arrow control
                  uk3_022 copy that, Starlight control
                  uk3_023 copy that, Tophat control
                  uk3_024 copy that, Bigbear leader
                  uk3_025 copy that, Hammer leader
                  uk3_026 copy that, Foxhole leader
                  uk3_027 copy that, Wizard leader
                  uk3_028 copy that, Bulldog leader
                  uk3_029 copy that, Beehive leader
                  uk3_030 copy that, Mascot leader
                  uk3_031 copy that, Victoria leader
                  uk3_032 vector 0
                  uk3_033 vector 30
                  uk3_034 vector 60
                  uk3_035 vector 90
                  uk3_036 vector 120
                  uk3_037 vector 150
                  uk3_038 vector 180
                  uk3_039 vector 210
                  uk3_040 vector 240
                  uk3_041 vector 270
                  uk3_042 vector 300
                  uk3_043 vector 330
                  uk3_044 bandits
                  uk3_045 fighters
                  uk3_046 enemy fighters
                  uk3_047 bombers
                  uk3_048 enemy bombers
                  uk3_049 --- NONE ---
                  uk3_050 --- NONE ---
                  uk3_051 German fighters
                  uk3_052 --- NONE ---
                  uk3_053 --- NONE ---
                  uk3_054 German bombers
                  uk3_055 Stukas
                  uk3_056 Heinkels
                  uk3_057 109s
                  uk3_058 110s
                  uk3_059 190s
                  uk3_060 long-nosed 190s
                  uk3_061 262s
                  uk3_062 410s
                  uk3_063 --- NONE ---
                  uk3_064 --- NONE ---
                  uk3_065 --- NONE ---
                  uk3_066 1 o'clock
                  uk3_067 2 o'clock
                  uk3_068 3 o'clock
                  uk3_069 4 o'clock
                  uk3_070 5 o'clock
                  uk3_071 6 o'clock
                  uk3_072 7 o'clock
                  uk3_073 8 o'clock
                  uk3_074 9 o'clock
                  uk3_075 10 o'clock
                  uk3_076 11 o'clock
                  uk3_077 12 o'clock
                  uk3_078 1 o'clock high
                  uk3_079 2 o'clock high
                  uk3_080 3 o'clock high
                  uk3_081 4 o'clock high
                  uk3_082 5 o'clock high
                  uk3_083 6 o'clock high
                  uk3_084 7 o'clock high
                  uk3_085 8 o'clock high
                  uk3_086 9 o'clock high
                  uk3_087 10 o'clock high
                  uk3_088 11 o'clock high
                  uk3_089 12 o'clock high
                  uk3_090 1 o'clock low
                  uk3_091 2 o'clock low
                  uk3_092 3 o'clock low
                  uk3_093 4 o'clock low
                  uk3_094 5 o'clock low
                  uk3_095 6 o'clock low
                  uk3_096 7 o'clock low
                  uk3_097 8 o'clock low
                  uk3_098 9 o'clock low
                  uk3_099 10 o'clock low
                  uk3_100 10 o'clock low
                  uk3_101 11 o'clock low
                  uk3_102 --- NONE ---
                  uk3_103 Look out! Jet fighters!
                  uk3_104 What's at 6 o'clock? Can't identify it...
                  uk3_105 What was that behind us? Can't see it now...
                  uk3_106 Here comes something from the rear...
                  uk3_107 Tally ho! Bandits!
                  uk3_108 Roger, I see them
                  uk3_109 Roger, I've got them
                  uk3_110 Where? I don't see them
                  uk3_111 I don't see any... Wait - now I see them!
                  uk3_112 Are you sure? I don't see any
                  uk3_113 Bandits six o'clock high - coming down now!
                  uk3_114 Bandits coming down on our six
                  uk3_115 Behind us - fighters coming down
                  uk3_116 Here they come!
                  uk3_117 They are coming in!
                  uk3_118 Fighters coming in now!
                  uk3_119 Let's get those blighters!
                  uk3_120 Let's get them!
                  uk3_121 Okay - take them!
                  uk3_122 We're engaging!
                  uk3_123 Attacking now!
                  uk3_124 Here we go! - Engaging...
                  uk3_125 Keep your eyes peeled (?) for the escorts!
                  uk3_126 Keep your eyes open for the escorts!
                  uk3_127 Watch out for the escorts!
                  uk3_128 Keep your eyes open for enemy fighters!
                  uk3_129 Watch your six for enemy fighters!
                  uk3_130 Watch out for enemy fighters!
                  uk3_131 Watch out - behind you!
                  uk3_132 Watch it - you have one on your tail!
                  uk3_133 Look out - six o'clock!
                  uk3_134 Break! Break!
                  uk3_135 Break right! Break right!
                  uk3_136 Break left! Break left!
                  uk3_137 Somebody get him off me!
                  uk3_138 Clear my tail!
                  uk3_139 I can't shake him!
                  uk3_140 They're shooting at the bombers!
                  uk3_141 They're going after the bombers!
                  uk3_142 They're engaging the bombers!
                  uk3_143 I got one!
                  uk3_144 Scratch one bandit!
                  uk3_145 He's going down in flames!
                  uk3_146 Good shooting!
                  uk3_147 Good kill! Good kill!
                  uk3_148 Nice shot!
                  uk3_149 I'm hit! I'm hit!
                  uk3_150 Aargh! I'm hit!
                  uk3_151 Mayday! Mayday! I'm going down!
                  uk3_152 I'm bailing out!
                  uk3_153 I'm on fire - bailing out!
                  uk3_154 I've had it - I'm bailing out!
                  uk3_155 Bail out! Bail out!
                  uk3_156 Get out and hit the silk!
                  uk3_157 Hit the silk!
                  uk3_158 Pull up! Pull up!
                  uk3_159 You're getting too close - pull up!
                  uk3_160 Watch the ground! Pull up!
                  uk3_161 I've gone Winchester!
                  uk3_162 I'm Winchester!
                  uk3_163 I'm out of ammo!
                  uk3_164 Check fire! Check fire!
                  uk3_165 Cease fire! Shooting at friendly!
                  uk3_166 Watch it! You're shooting at one of ours!
                  uk3_167 Bombs away!
                  uk3_168 Firing rockets!
                  uk3_169 Attacking with rockets!
                  uk3_170 Rockets gone!
                  uk3_171 Drop tanks!
                  uk3_172 Drop tanks now!
                  uk3_173 Release tanks - on my mark... Drop!
                  uk3_174 Target hit and on fire!
                  uk3_175 Target destroyed!
                  uk3_176 Direct hit - target destroyed!
                  uk3_177 Well done everybody!
                  uk3_178 Good job everyone!
                  uk3_179 Okay - break it off! Good show everyone!
                  uk3_180 Okay - let's go home!
                  uk3_181 Everyone - let's go home!
                  uk3_182 We are heading home
                  uk3_183 Roger - we're engaging
                  uk3_184 Roger - here we go! Attacking bandits now
                  uk3_185 Copy - engaging bandits
                  uk3_186 Roger, we're starting our attack run
                  uk3_187 Roger, attacking ground target
                  uk3_188 Copy - attacking now!
                  uk3_189 Roger - we've got you covered
                  uk3_190 Roger - I'm right with you
                  uk3_191 Copy - I'll cover you
                  uk3_192 Roger - disengaging now
                  uk3_193 Roger - breaking off
                  uk3_194 Copy - disengaging
                  uk3_195 Roger - rejoining formation
                  uk3_196 Roger - regrouping
                  uk3_197 Copy - rejoining
                  uk3_198 Roger - we're targeting freely
                  uk3_199 Roger - targeting freely
                  uk3_200 Roger - targeting all
                  uk3_201 Roger - we're going after the bombers
                  uk3_202 Roger - going after the bombers
                  uk3_203 Roger - targeting the bombers
                  uk3_204 Roger - we're going after the fighters
                  uk3_205 Roger - going after the fighters
                  uk3_206 Copy - Targeting the fighters
                  uk3_207 Roger - breaking right
                  uk3_208 Roger - breaking left
                  uk3_209 Roger - breaking high
                  uk3_210 Roger - breaking low
                  uk3_211 Roger - going to rockets
                  uk3_212 Roger - rockets armed
                  uk3_213 Copy - arm rockets
                  uk3_214 Roger - going to bombs
                  uk3_215 Roger - bombs armed
                  uk3_216 Copy - arm bombs
                  uk3_217 Roger - we're dropping tanks
                  uk3_218 Roger - releasing tanks
                  uk3_219 Copy - drop tanks
                  uk3_220 Roger - closing formation
                  uk3_221 Roger - closing it in
                  uk3_222 Copy - tight formation
                  uk3_223 Roger - opening formation
                  uk3_224 Roger - kicking out
                  uk3_225 Copy - loose formation
                  uk3_226 Roger - echelon right formation
                  uk3_227 Roger - echelon left formation
                  uk3_228 Roger - line-up left formation
                  uk3_229 Roger - line-up stern formation
                  uk3_230 Roger - vic formation
                  uk3_231 Roger - stepping up 150 feet
                  uk3_232 Roger - stepping down 150 feet
                  uk3_233 Roger - stepping up 500 feet
                  uk3_234 Roger - stepping down 500 feet
                  uk3_235 Roger - next checkpoint. We are on our way
                  uk3_236 Roger - proceeding to next checkpoint
                  uk3_237 Copy - next checkpoint
                  uk3_238 Roger - previous checkpoint. We are on our way
                  uk3_239 Roger - returning to previous checkpoint
                  uk3_240 Copy - previous checkpoint
                  uk3_241 Roger - we're loitering
                  uk3_242 Roger - holding here
                  uk3_243 Copy - loitering here
                  uk3_244 Roger - we are returning to base
                  uk3_245 Roger - heading home
                  uk3_246 Copy - returning to base
                  uk3_247 Roger
                  uk3_248 Roger that
                  uk3_249 Copy
                  uk3_250 Negative
                  uk3_251 Unable
                  uk3_252 Unable to comply
                  uk3_253 I'll be right there!
                  uk3_254 I'm on it - hang on tight!
                  uk3_255 I've got it - hold on!
                  uk3_256 You're all clear
                  uk3_257 Your six is clear
                  uk3_258 Are you alright?

                  Please note: uk4_### and uk5_### are the same as the uk3_### 
                  files but with different voices.   
 German Voices: (SPEECH3.CDF)

                  ge1_001 Bussard Führer
                  ge1_002 Roland Führer
                  ge1_003 Adler Führer
                  ge1_004 Falke Führer
                  ge1_005 Jagdhund Führer
                  ge1_006 Siegfried Führer
                  ge1_007 Stahl Führer
                  ge1_008 Tristan Führer
                  ge1_009 Walküre Führer
                  ge1_010 Geier Führer
                  ge1_011 Hier ist Loki Bodenkontrolle
                  ge1_012 Hier ist Walhalla Bodenkontrolle
                  ge1_013 Hier ist Wotan Bodenkontrolle
                  ge1_014 Amboss Staffel
                  ge1_015 Dolch Staffel
                  ge1_016 Hammer Staffel
                  ge1_017 Kugelblitz Staffel
                  ge1_018 -= NONE =-
                  ge1_019 -= NONE =-
                  ge1_020 -= NONE =-
                  ge1_021 -= NONE =-
                  ge1_022 Feinde
                  ge1_023 mindestens 10 Feinde
                  ge1_024 mindestens 20 Feinde
                  ge1_025 mindestens 50 Feinde
                  ge1_026 mindestens 100 Feinde
                  ge1_027 Feinde jetzt bei 10 Kilometern
                  ge1_028 Feinde jetzt bei 20 Kilometern
                  ge1_029 Feinde jetzt bei 50 Kilometern
                  ge1_030 -= NONE =-
                  ge1_031 -= NONE =-
                  ge1_032 -= NONE =-
                  ge1_033 -= NONE =-
                  ge1_034 10 Kilometer
                  ge1_035 20 Kilometer
                  ge1_036 50 Kilometer
                  ge1_037 100 Kilometer
                  ge1_038 10 Kilometer voraus
                  ge1_039 20 Kilometer voraus
                  ge1_040 50 Kilometer voraus
                  ge1_041 100 Kilometer voraus
                  ge1_042 10 Kilometer zurück
                  ge1_043 20 Kilometer zurück
                  ge1_044 50 Kilometer zurück
                  ge1_045 100 Kilometer zurück
                  ge1_046 Kurs Nord
                  ge1_047 Kurs Süd
                  ge1_048 Kurs Ost
                  ge1_049 Kurs West
                  ge1_050 Kurs Nordost
                  ge1_051 Kurs Nordwest
                  ge1_052 Kurs Südost
                  ge1_053 Kurs Südwest
                  ge1_054 Vektor 0
                  ge1_055 Vektor 030
                  ge1_056 Vektor 060
                  ge1_057 Vektor 090
                  ge1_058 Vektor 120
                  ge1_059 Vektor 150
                  ge1_060 Vektor 180
                  ge1_061 Vektor 210
                  ge1_062 Vektor 240
                  ge1_063 Vektor 270
                  ge1_064 Vektor 300
                  ge1_065 Vektor 330
                  ge1_066 Höhe 2 Kilometer - Ende
                  ge1_067 Höhe 5 Kilometer - Ende
                  ge1_068 -= NONE =-
                  ge1_069 Höhe 8 Kilometer - Ende
                  ge1_070 Höhe 10 Kilometer - Ende
                  ge1_071 Achtung - Wir haben die Peilung der Feinde verloren - Ende
                  ge1_072 Achtung - Wir verlieren die Peilung der Feinde - Ende
                  ge1_073 Wir haben die Peilung der Feinde verloren - Sie sind nun auf sich gestellt - Ende
                  ge1_074 Einsatz abgeschlossen - Gute Arbeit - Ende
                  ge1_075 Einsatz abgeschlossen - Gut gemacht - Ende
                  ge1_076 Einsatz abgeschlossen - Gute Vorstellung - Ende
                  ge1_077 Sofort zurück zum Stützpunkt - Ende
                  ge1_078 Zurück zum Stützpunkt - Ende
                  ge1_079 Zurück zum Stützpunkt - Ich wiederhole - Zurück zum Stützpunkt - Ende
                  ge1_080 Stützpunkt
                  ge1_081 Negativ - Alle verfügbaren Kräfte sind zur Zeit im Einsatz - Viel Glück - Ende
                  ge1_082 Negativ - Keine anderen Jäger in der Nähe - Viel Glück - Ende
                  ge1_083 Negativ - Alle verfügbaren Jäger sind zur Zeit im Einsatz - Ende
                  ge1_084 Wir entsenden weitere Jäger in ihre Nähe - Ende
                  ge1_085 Wir entsenden weitere Jäger an ihren Standort - Ende
                  ge1_086 Entsenden Jäger zu ihnen - Ende
                  ge1_087 Nichts - Wir haben keinerlei feindliche Peilung - Ende
                  ge1_088 Nichts - Keine Feinde in ihrer Nähe - Ende
                  ge1_089 Wir sehen keinerlei Feinde in ihrer Nähe - Ende
                  ge1_090 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_001 Bussard Führer
                  ge2_002 Roland Führer
                  ge2_003 Adler Führer
                  ge2_004 Falke Führer
                  ge2_005 Jagdhund Führer
                  ge2_006 Siegfried Führer
                  ge2_007 Stahl Führer
                  ge2_008 Tristan Führer
                  ge2_009 Walküre Führer
                  ge2_010 Geier Führer
                  ge2_011 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_012 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_013 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_014 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_015 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_016 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_017 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_018 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_019 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_020 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_021 Hier ist Amboss Staffel
                  ge2_022 Hier ist Dolch Staffel
                  ge2_023 Hier ist Hammer Staffel
                  ge2_024 Hier ist Kugelblitz Staffel
                  ge2_025 Wir sind am Rendezvous Punkt - Ende
                  ge2_026 Wir nähern uns dem Rendezvous Punkt - Ende
                  ge2_027 Nähern uns dem Rendezvous Punkt - Ende
                  ge2_028 Schön euch zu sehen, Jungs - Ende
                  ge2_029 Sind froh, daß ihr da seid - Ende
                  ge2_030 Danke für die Gesellschaft - Ende
                  ge2_031 Wir nähern uns dem Ziel - Ende
                  ge2_032 Nähern uns dem Ziel - Noch 10 Minuten - Ende
                  ge2_033 10 Minuten bis Ziel - Ende
                  ge2_034 Wir sind am Bestimmungsort und beginnen mit der Bombardierung
                  ge2_035 Wir sind am Ziel - Beginnen den Bombenangriff
                  ge2_036 Beginnen jetzt den Bombenangriff
                  ge2_037 Bomben abgeworfen
                  ge2_038 Danke für den Begleitschutz - Ende
                  ge2_039 Danke für den Begleitschutz - Wir sehen uns am Stützpunkt - Ende
                  ge2_040 Danke für die Unterstützung - Kommt gut nach Hause - Ende
                  ge2_041 Feinde
                  ge2_042 Jäger
                  ge2_043 Feindliche Jäger
                  ge2_044 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_045 Amerikanische Jäger
                  ge2_046 Englische Jäger
                  ge2_047 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_048 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_049 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_050 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_051 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_052 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_053 Spitfires
                  ge2_054 Mustangs
                  ge2_055 In Position 1 Uhr
                  ge2_056 In Position 2 Uhr
                  ge2_057 In Position 3 Uhr
                  ge2_058 In Position 4 Uhr
                  ge2_059 In Position 5 Uhr
                  ge2_060 In Position 6 Uhr
                  ge2_061 In Position 7 Uhr
                  ge2_062 In Position 8 Uhr
                  ge2_063 In Position 9 Uhr
                  ge2_064 In Position 10 Uhr
                  ge2_065 In Position 11 Uhr
                  ge2_066 In Position 12 Uhr
                  ge2_067 In Position 1 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_068 In Position 2 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_069 In Position 3 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_070 In Position 4 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_071 In Position 5 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_072 In Position 6 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_073 In Position 7 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_074 In Position 8 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_075 In Position 9 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_076 In Position 10 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_077 In Position 11 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_078 In Position 12 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge2_079 In Position 1 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_080 In Position 2 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_081 In Position 3 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_082 In Position 4 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_083 In Position 5 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_084 In Position 6 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_085 In Position 7 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_086 In Position 8 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_087 In Position 9 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_088 In Position 10 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_089 In Position 11 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_090 In Position 12 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge2_091 Achtung Spitfire
                  ge2_092 -= NONE =-
                  ge2_093 Wir werden angegriffen - Erbitte sofortige Unterstützung - Ende
                  ge2_094 Wir werden angegriffen - Erbitte Unterstützung - Ende
                  ge2_095 Wir werden angegriffen - Wir brauchen Unterstützung - Ende
                  ge2_096 Wir werden angegriffen - Wiederhole - Wir werden angegriffen - Wo seid ihr, Jungs ?
                  ge2_097 Wo seid ihr, Jungs ? - Wir brauchen sofortige Unterstützung
                  ge2_098 Die schießen uns in Stücke - Erbitte sofortige Unterstützung
                  ge3_001 Hier ist Schwarm 1
                  ge3_002 Hier ist Schwarm 2
                  ge3_003 Hier ist Schwarm 3
                  ge3_004 Hier ist Schwarm 4
                  ge3_005 Hier ist 1
                  ge3_006 Hier ist 2
                  ge3_007 Hier ist 3
                  ge3_008 Hier ist 4
                  ge3_009 Hier ist 5
                  ge3_010 Hier ist 6
                  ge3_011 Hier ist 7
                  ge3_012 Hier ist 8
                  ge3_013 Hier ist 9
                  ge3_014 Hier ist 10
                  ge3_015 Hier ist 11
                  ge3_016 Hier ist 12
                  ge3_017 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_018 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_019 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_020 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_021 Verstanden, Loki Bodenkontrolle
                  ge3_022 Verstanden, Walhalla Bodenkontrolle
                  ge3_023 Verstanden, Wotan Bodenkontrolle
                  ge3_024 Verstanden, Amboss Führer
                  ge3_025 Verstanden, Dolch Führer
                  ge3_026 Verstanden, Hammer Führer
                  ge3_027 Verstanden, Kugelblitz Führer
                  ge3_028 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_029 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_030 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_031 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_032 Vektor 0
                  ge3_033 Vektor 30
                  ge3_034 Vektor 60
                  ge3_035 Vektor 90
                  ge3_036 Vektor 120
                  ge3_037 Vektor 150
                  ge3_038 Vektor 180
                  ge3_039 Vektor 210
                  ge3_040 Vektor 240
                  ge3_041 Vektor 270
                  ge3_042 Vektor 300
                  ge3_043 Vektor 330
                  ge3_044 Feinde
                  ge3_045 Jäger
                  ge3_046 Feindliche Jäger
                  ge3_047 Bomber
                  ge3_048 Feindliche Bomber
                  ge3_049 Amerikanische Jäger
                  ge3_050 Englische Jäger
                  ge3_051 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_052 Amerikanische Bomber
                  ge3_053 Englische Bomber
                  ge3_054 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_055 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_056 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_057 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_058 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_059 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_060 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_061 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_062 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_063 Spitfires
                  ge3_064 Mustangs
                  ge3_065 B-17
                  ge3_066 1 Uhr
                  ge3_067 2 Uhr
                  ge3_068 3 Uhr
                  ge3_069 4 Uhr
                  ge3_070 5 Uhr
                  ge3_071 6 Uhr
                  ge3_072 7 Uhr
                  ge3_073 8 Uhr
                  ge3_074 9 Uhr
                  ge3_075 10 Uhr
                  ge3_076 11 Uhr
                  ge3_077 12 Uhr
                  ge3_078 1 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_079 2 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_080 3 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_081 4 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_082 5 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_083 6 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_084 7 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_085 8 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_086 9 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_087 10 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_088 11 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_089 12 Uhr oberhalb
                  ge3_090 1 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_091 2 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_092 3 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_093 4 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_094 5 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_095 6 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_096 7 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_097 8 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_098 9 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_099 10 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_100 11 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_101 12 Uhr unterhalb
                  ge3_102 Achtung Spitfire
                  ge3_103 -= NONE =-
                  ge3_104 Was ist das bei 6 Uhr ? - Kann es nicht identifizieren
                  ge3_105 Was war das hinter uns ? - Kann es im moment nicht sehen
                  ge3_106 Hier kommt was von hinten
                  ge3_107 Feinde gesichtet
                  ge3_108 Verstanden, ich seh' sie
                  ge3_109 Verstanden, ich hab' sie 
                  ge3_110 Wo ? - Ich seh' sie nicht
                  ge3_111 Ich seh' keine - Moment, ich seh' sie
                  ge3_112 Sicher ? - Ich sehe niemanden
                  ge3_113 Feinde - 6 Uhr oberhalb - Kommen jetzt runter
                  ge3_114 Feinde - Kommen runter bei 6 Uhr
                  ge3_115 Hinter uns - Jäger kommen runter
                  ge3_116 Da kommen sie
                  ge3_117 Sie kommen
                  ge3_118 Jäger im Anflug - Jetzt
                  ge3_119 Schnappen wir uns sie, Jungs
                  ge3_120 Schnappen wir sie uns
                  ge3_121 Okay, schnappt sie Euch
                  ge3_122 Greife an
                  ge3_123 Greife jetzt an
                  ge3_124 Los geht's - Angriff
                  ge3_125 Haltet die Augen offen - Die haben bestimmt Begleitschutz
                  ge3_126 Haltet Ausschau nach dem Begleitschutz
                  ge3_127 Achtet auf den Begleitschutz
                  ge3_128 Haltet Ausschau nach feindlichen Jägern
                  ge3_129 Achtet auf feindliche Jäger von hinten
                  ge3_130 Achtet auf feindliche Jäger
                  ge3_131 Paß auf - Hinter Dir
                  ge3_132 Paß auf - Du hast einen im Genick
                  ge3_133 Achtung - 6 Uhr
                  ge3_134 Wegbrechen - Wegbrechen
                  ge3_135 Rechts wegbrechen - Rechts wegbrechen
                  ge3_136 Links wegbrechen - Links wegbrechen
                  ge3_137 Schaff' mir einer den Kerl vom Hals
                  ge3_138 Halt' mir den Rücken frei
                  ge3_139 Ich kann ihn nicht abschütteln
                  ge3_140 Sie schießen auf die Bomber
                  ge3_141 Sie sind hinter den Bombern her
                  ge3_142 Sie greifen die Bomber an
                  ge3_143 Ich hab' einen
                  ge3_144 Ein Feind weniger
                  ge3_145 Er brennt lichterloh
                  ge3_146 Guter Schuß
                  ge3_147 Guter Treffer - Guter Treffer
                  ge3_148 Netter Schuß
                  ge3_149 Ich bin getroffen - Ich bin getroffen
                  ge3_150 Aaahhhh ! - Ich bin getroffen
                  ge3_151 Mayday - Mayday - Ich stürze ab
                  ge3_152 Ich steige aus
                  ge3_153 Ich brenne - Steige aus
                  ge3_154 Es ist vorbei - Ich steige aus
                  ge3_155 Steig aus - Steig aus
                  ge3_156 Steig aus und zieh' Leine
                  ge3_157 Zieh' Leine
                  ge3_158 Zieh' hoch - Zieh' hoch
                  ge3_159 Du bist zu tief - Zieh' hoch
                  ge3_160 Achte auf den Boden - Zieh' hoch
                  ge3_161 Meine Munition ist verbraucht
                  ge3_162 Keine Munition mehr
                  ge3_163 Ich hab' keine Munition mehr
                  ge3_164 Feuer einstellen - Feuer einstellen
                  ge3_165 Feuer einstellen - Du schießt auf deine eigenen Leute
                  ge3_166 Paß auf - Du schießt auf ein eigenes Flugzeug
                  ge3_167 Ugh!
                  ge3_168 Feuere Raketen ab
                  ge3_169 Greife mit Raketen an
                  ge3_170 Raketen abgefeuert
                  ge3_171 Werfe Tanks ab
                  ge3_172 Werfe Tank ab - Jetzt
                  ge3_173 Klinke Tanks aus
                  ge3_174 Ziel getroffen - Sekundärziel auch geklärt
                  ge3_175 Ziel zerstört
                  ge3_176 Volltreffer - Ziel zerstört
                  ge3_177 Gut gemacht, alle zusammen
                  ge3_178 Gute Arbeit, alle zusammen
                  ge3_179 Okay, wegbrechen - Wir sind hier fertig
                  ge3_180 Okay, ab nach Hause
                  ge3_181 An alle - Ab nach Hause
                  ge3_182 Wir fliegen nach Hause
                  ge3_183 Verstanden - Wir greifen an
                  ge3_184 Verstanden - Los geht's - Greifen Feinde jetzt an
                  ge3_185 Verstanden - Greifen Feinde an
                  ge3_186 Verstanden - Wir beginnen unseren Angriff
                  ge3_187 Verstanden - Greifen Bodenziel an
                  ge3_188 Verstanden - Greifen jetzt an
                  ge3_189 Verstanden - Wir geben euch Deckung
                  ge3_190 Verstanden - Ich bin dicht bei dir
                  ge3_191 Verstanden - Ich geb' dir Deckung
                  ge3_192 Verstanden - Wir beenden jetzt den Angriff
                  ge3_193 Verstanden - Brechen weg
                  ge3_194 Verstanden - Beenden Angriff
                  ge3_195 Verstanden - Fliegen wieder in Formation
                  ge3_196 Verstanden - Formieren uns wieder
                  ge3_197 Verstanden - Wieder in Formation
                  ge3_198 Verstanden - Wir greifen beliebige Ziele an
                  ge3_199 Verstanden - Beliebige Ziele
                  ge3_200 Verstanden - Greifen alle an
                  ge3_201 Verstanden - Wir übernehmen die Bomber
                  ge3_202 Verstanden - Übernehmen die Bomber
                  ge3_203 Verstanden - Greifen die Bomber an
                  ge3_204 Verstanden - Wir übernehmen die Jäger
                  ge3_205 Verstanden - Übernehmen die Jäger
                  ge3_206 Verstanden - Greifen die Jäger an
                  ge3_207 Verstanden - Brechen rechts weg
                  ge3_208 Verstanden - Brechen links weg
                  ge3_209 Verstanden - Brechen nach oben weg
                  ge3_210 Verstanden - Brechen nach unten weg
                  ge3_211 Verstanden - Schalten auf Raketen
                  ge3_212 Verstanden - Raketen scharf
                  ge3_213 Verstanden - Mache Raketen scharf
                  ge3_214 Verstanden - Schalte auf Bomben
                  ge3_215 Verstanden - Bomben scharf
                  ge3_216 Verstanden - Mache Bomben scharf
                  ge3_217 Verstanden - Wir werfen Tanks ab
                  ge3_218 Verstanden - Klinken Tanks aus
                  ge3_219 Verstanden - Werfe Tanks ab
                  ge3_220 Verstanden - Schließen Formation
                  ge3_221 Verstanden - Schließen uns zusammen
                  ge3_222 Verstanden - Enge Formation
                  ge3_223 Verstanden - Öffne Formation
                  ge3_224 Verstanden - Nehmen Abstand
                  ge3_225 Verstanden - Lockere Formation
                  ge3_226 Verstanden - Formation Staffel rechts
                  ge3_227 Verstanden - Formation Staffel links
                  ge3_228 Verstanden - Formation in einer Linie
                  ge3_229 Verstanden - Versetzte Formation
                  ge3_230 Verstanden - V-Formation
                  ge3_231 Verstanden - Steige um 50 Meter
                  ge3_232 Verstanden - Sinke um 50 Meter
                  ge3_233 Verstanden - Steige um 200 Meter
                  ge3_234 Verstanden - Sinke um 200 Meter
                  ge3_235 Verstanden - Nächster Kontrollpunkt - Wir sind unterwegs
                  ge3_236 Verstanden - Fliegen zum nächsten Kontrollpunkt
                  ge3_237 Verstanden - Nächster Kontrollpunkt
                  ge3_238 Verstanden - Voriger Kontrollpunkt - Wir sind unterwegs
                  ge3_239 Verstanden - Fliegen zurück zum vorigen Kontrollpunkt
                  ge3_240 Verstanden - Voriger Kontrollpunkt
                  ge3_241 Verstanden - Wir patrouillieren
                  ge3_242 Verstanden - Bleiben vor Ort
                  ge3_243 Verstanden - Patrouillieren hier
                  ge3_244 Verstanden - Wir kehren zum Stützpunkt zurück
                  ge3_245 Verstanden - Fliegen heim
                  ge3_246 Verstanden - Rückkehr zum Stützpunkt
                  ge3_247 Verstanden
                  ge3_248 Verstanden
                  ge3_249 Verstanden
                  ge3_250 Negativ
                  ge3_251 Unmöglich
                  ge3_252 Kann Anweisung nicht befolgen
                  ge3_253 Ich bin gleich da
                  ge3_254 Ich bin unterwegs - Halt' durch
                  ge3_255 Ich hab's _ Halt' aus
                  ge3_256 Kein Feind weit und breit
                  ge3_257 6 Uhr Position ist frei
                  ge3_258 Alles in Ordnung ?

                  Please note: ge4_### and ge5_### are the same as the ge3_### 
                  files but with different voices.

 American Voices: (SPEECH1.CDF)

                  us1_001 Ashland leader
                  us1_002 Bearskin leader
                  us1_003 Goldfish leader
                  us1_004 Greenhouse leader
                  us1_005 Horseback leader
                  us1_006 Rattlesnake leader
                  us1_007 Slingshot leader
                  us1_008 Swordfish leader
                  us1_009 Tinplate leader
                  us1_010 Yardstick leader
                  us1_011 This is Tackline control
                  us1_012 This is Warmsun control
                  us1_013 This is Colgate control
                  us1_014 Bigbear flight
                  us1_015 Hammer flight
                  us1_016 Foxhole flight
                  us1_017 Wizard flight
                  us1_018 Bulldog flight
                  us1_019 Beehive flight
                  us1_020 Mascot flight
                  us1_021 Victoria flight
                  us1_022 Bandits
                  us1_023 10 plus bandits
                  us1_024 20 plus bandits
                  us1_025 50 plus bandits
                  us1_026 100 plus bandits
                  us1_027 bandits now 5 miles
                  us1_028 bandits now 10 miles
                  us1_029 bandits now 20 miles
                  us1_030 -= NONE =-
                  us1_031 -= NONE =-
                  us1_032 -= NONE =-
                  us1_033 -= NONE =-
                  us1_034 5 miles
                  us1_035 10 miles
                  us1_036 20 miles
                  us1_037 50 miles
                  us1_038 5 miles ahead
                  us1_039 10 miles ahead
                  us1_040 20 miles ahead
                  us1_041 50 miles ahead
                  us1_042 5 miles behind
                  us1_043 10 miles behind
                  us1_044 20 miles behind
                  us1_045 50 miles behind
                  us1_046 heading north
                  us1_047 heading south
                  us1_048 heading east
                  us1_049 heading west
                  us1_050 heading northeast
                  us1_051 heading northwest
                  us1_052 heading southeast
                  us1_053 heading southwest
                  us1_054 vector 000
                  us1_055 vector 030
                  us1_056 vector 060
                  us1_057 vector 090
                  us1_058 vector 120
                  us1_059 vector 150
                  us1_060 vector 180
                  us1_061 vector 210
                  us1_062 vector 240
                  us1_063 vector 270
                  us1_064 vector 300
                  us1_065 vector 330
                  us1_066 angels 5 - over
                  us1_067 angels 10 - over
                  us1_068 angels 15 - over
                  us1_069 angels 20 - over
                  us1_070 angels 25 - over
                  us1_071 angels 30 - over
                  us1_072 be adviced - we've lost contact with the bandits - over
                  us1_073 be adviced - we are losing contact with the bandits -over
                  us1_074 we've lost contact with the bandits - you're on your own - over
                  us1_075 mission accomplished - good job - over
                  us1_076 mission is accomplished - nice work - over
                  us1_077 mission accomplished - good show - over
                  us1_078 return to base immediately - over
                  us1_079 return to home base - over
                  us1_080 return to base - i repeat return to base - over
                  us1_081 home base
                  us1_082 negative - all efforts are comitted at this time - good luck - over
                  us1_083 negative - no other fighters are nearby - good luck - over
                  us1_084 negative - all available fighters are busy at this time - sorry - over
                  us1_085 we're vectoring additional fighters to your vicinity - hold on - over
                  us1_086 we're sending more fighters to your location - hang on - over
                  us1_087 vectoring fighters to your area - hang on tight - over
                  us1_088 clear - we have no contact with the enemy - over
                  us1_089 you're clear - there are no bandits in your area -over
                  us1_090 we show no bandits in your area - over

                  us2_001 Ashland leader
                  us2_002 Bearskin leader
                  us2_003 Goldfish leader
                  us2_004 Greenhouse leader
                  us2_005 Horseback leader
                  us2_006 Rattlesnake leader
                  us2_007 Slingshot leader
                  us2_008 Swordfish leader
                  us2_009 Tinplate leader
                  us2_010 Yardstick leader
                  us2_011 Beetle leader
                  us2_012 Cricket leader
                  us2_013 Dogtail leader
                  us2_014 Elfin leader
                  us2_015 Foxtrot leader
                  us2_016 Pinetree leader
                  us2_017 Rabbit leader
                  us2_018 Roundtop leader
                  us2_019 Spider leader
                  us2_020 Walker leader
                  us2_021 This is Bigbear flight
                  us2_022 This is Hammer flight
                  us2_023 This is Foxhole flight
                  us2_024 This is Wizard flight
                  us2_025 We're at rendezvous point - over
                  us2_026 We're approaching our rendezvous point - over
                  us2_027 Approaching our rendezvous point - over
                  us2_028 Nice to see you guys - over
                  us2_029 Glad to have you in sight - over
                  us2_030 Thanks for joining us - over
                  us2_031 We're approaching our target - over
                  us2_032 Approaching our target - 10 minutes out - over
                  us2_033 10 minutes to target - over
                  us2_034 We're IP and commencing bombing run
                  us2_035 We're on target - starting our attack run
                  us2_036 Commencing bombing run now
                  us2_037 Bombs away!
                  us2_038 Thanks for the cover - over
                  us2_039 Thanks for the cover move friends - See you back at home base - over
                  us2_040 Thanks for the support - have a safe trip home - over
                  us2_041 Bandits!
                  us2_042 Fighters!
                  us2_043 Enemy fighters!
                  us2_044 Jerry fighters!
                  us2_045 --- NONE ---
                  us2_046 --- NONE ---
                  us2_047 109s
                  us2_048 110s
                  us2_049 190s
                  us2_050 long-nosed 190s
                  us2_051 262s
                  us2_052 410s
                  us2_051 --- NONE ---
                  us2_052 --- NONE ---
                  us2_053 --- NONE ---
                  us2_054 --- NONE ---
                  us2_055 your 1 o'clock
                  us2_056 your 2 o'clock
                  us2_057 your 3 o'clock
                  us2_058 your 4 o'clock
                  us2_059 your 5 o'clock
                  us2_060 your 6 o'clock
                  us2_061 your 7 o'clock
                  us2_062 your 8 o'clock
                  us2_063 your 9 o'clock
                  us2_064 your 10 o'clock
                  us2_065 your 11 o'clock
                  us2_066 your 12 o'clock
                  us2_067 your 1 o'clock high
                  us2_068 your 2 o'clock high
                  us2_069 your 3 o'clock high
                  us2_070 your 4 o'clock high
                  us2_071 your 5 o'clock high
                  us2_072 your 6 o'clock high
                  us2_073 your 7 o'clock high
                  us2_074 your 8 o'clock high
                  us2_075 your 9 o'clock high
                  us2_076 your 10 o'clock high
                  us2_077 your 11 o'clock high
                  us2_078 your 12 o'clock high
                  us2_079 your 1 o'clock low
                  us2_080 your 2 o'clock low
                  us2_081 your 3 o'clock low
                  us2_082 your 4 o'clock low
                  us2_083 your 5 o'clock low
                  us2_084 your 6 o'clock low
                  us2_085 your 7 o'clock low
                  us2_086 your 8 o'clock low
                  us2_087 your 9 o'clock low
                  us2_088 your 10 o'clock low
                  us2_089 your 11 o'clock low
                  us2_090 your 12 o'clock low
                  us2_091 --- NONE ---
                  us2_092 Look out, what was that? - Did anyone see that? - Where to go?
                  us2_093 We're under attack! Requesting immediate assistance - over
                  us2_094 We're coming under attack! Request assistance - over
                  us2_095 We're under attack! We need assistance - over
                  us2_096 We're under attack! Repeat - we're under attack! Where are you guys?
                  us2_097 Where are you guys? We need immediate assistance!
                  us2_098 They're eating us alive! We need help NOW!

                  us3_001 This is red flight
                  us3_002 This is white flight
                  us3_003 This is blue flight
                  us3_004 --- NONE ---
                  us3_005 This is red one
                  us3_006 This is red two
                  us3_007 This is red three
                  us3_008 This is red four
                  us3_009 This is white one
                  us3_010 This is white two
                  us3_011 This is white three
                  us3_012 This is white four
                  us3_013 This is blue one
                  us3_014 This is blue two
                  us3_015 This is blue three
                  us3_016 This is blue four
                  us3_017 --- NONE ---
                  us3_018 --- NONE ---
                  us3_019 --- NONE ---
                  us3_020 --- NONE ---
                  us3_021 Copy that, Tackline control
                  us3_022 Copy that, Warmsun control
                  us3_023 Copy that, Colgate control
                  us3_024 Copy that, Bigbear leader
                  us3_025 Copy that, Hammer leader
                  us3_026 Copy that, Foxhole leader
                  us3_027 Copy that, Wizard leader
                  us3_028 Copy that, Bulldog leader
                  us3_029 Copy that, Beehive leader
                  us3_030 Copy that, Mascot leader
                  us3_031 Copy that, Victoria leader
                  us3_032 vector 000
                  us3_033 vector 030
                  us3_034 vector 060
                  us3_035 vector 090
                  us3_036 vector 120
                  us3_037 vector 150
                  us3_038 vector 180
                  us3_039 vector 210
                  us3_040 vector 240
                  us3_041 vector 270
                  us3_042 vector 300
                  us3_043 vector 330
                  us3_044 bandits
                  us3_045 fighters
                  us3_046 enemy fighters
                  us3_047 bombers
                  us3_048 enemy bombers
                  us3_049 --- NONE ---
                  us3_050 --- NONE ---
                  us3_051 German fighters
                  us3_052 --- NONE ---
                  us3_053 --- NONE ---
                  us3_054 German bombers
                  us3_055 Stukas
                  us3_056 Heinkels
                  us3_057 109s
                  us3_058 110s
                  us3_059 190s
                  us3_060 long-nosed 190s
                  us3_061 262s
                  us3_062 410s
                  us3_063 --- NONE ---
                  us3_064 --- NONE ---
                  us3_065 --- NONE ---
                  us3_066 1 o'clock
                  us3_067 2 o'clock
                  us3_068 3 o'clock
                  us3_069 4 o'clock
                  us3_070 5 o'clock
                  us3_071 6 o'clock
                  us3_072 7 o'clock
                  us3_073 8 o'clock
                  us3_074 9 o'clock
                  us3_075 10 o'clock
                  us3_076 11 o'clock
                  us3_077 12 o'clock
                  us3_078 1 o'clock high
                  us3_079 2 o'clock high
                  us3_080 3 o'clock high
                  us3_081 4 o'clock high
                  us3_082 5 o'clock high
                  us3_083 6 o'clock high
                  us3_084 7 o'clock high
                  us3_085 8 o'clock high
                  us3_086 9 o'clock high
                  us3_087 10 o'clock high
                  us3_088 11 o'clock high
                  us3_089 12 o'clock high
                  us3_090 1 o'clock low
                  us3_091 1 o'clock low
                  us3_092 1 o'clock low
                  us3_093 1 o'clock low
                  us3_094 1 o'clock low
                  us3_095 1 o'clock low
                  us3_096 1 o'clock low
                  us3_097 1 o'clock low
                  us3_098 1 o'clock low
                  us3_099 1 o'clock low
                  us3_100 1 o'clock low
                  us3_101 12 o'clock low
                  us3_102 --- NONE ---
                  us3_103 Look out! Jet fighters!
                  us3_104 What's at 6 o'clock? - Can't identify it
                  us3_105 What was that behind us? - Can't see it now
                  us3_106 Someone's coming up from behind
                  us3_107 Tally ho! Bandits!
                  us3_108 Roger - I see them
                  us3_109 Roger - I got 'em
                  us3_110 Where? - I don't see them
                  us3_111 I don't see any - Wait, I see them
                  us3_112 Are you sure? - I don't see any
                  us3_113 Bandits six o'clock high - coming down now
                  us3_114 Bandits coming down on our six
                  us3_115 Behind us - fighters coming down
                  us3_116 Here they come!
                  us3_117 They're coming in!
                  us3_118 Fighters! Coming in now!
                  us3_119 Let's get those guys!
                  us3_120 Let's get 'em!
                  us3_121 OK, take 'em!
                  us3_122 We're engaging!
                  us3_123 Attacking now!
                  us3_124 Here we go!
                  us3_125 Keep your eyes peeled (?) for the escorts
                  us3_126 Keep your eyes open for the escorts
                  us3_127 Watch out for the escorts
                  us3_128 Keep your eyes open for enemy fighters
                  us3_129 Watch your six for enemy fighters
                  us3_130 Watch out for enemy fighters
                  us3_131 Watch out! Behind you!
                  us3_132 Watch it - you've got one on your tail!
                  us3_133 Look out! Six o'clock!
                  us3_134 Break! Break!
                  us3_135 Break right! Break right!
                  us3_136 Break left! Break left!
                  us3_137 Somebody get him off me!
                  us3_138 Clear my tail!
                  us3_139 I can't shake him!
                  us3_140 They're shooting at the bombers
                  us3_141 They're going after the bombers
                  us3_142 They're engaging the bombers
                  us3_143 Got one!
                  us3_144 Scratch one bandit!
                  us3_145 He's going down in flames!
                  us3_146 Good shooting!
                  us3_147 Good kill! Good kill!
                  us3_148 Nice shot!
                  us3_149 I'm hit! I'm hit!
                  us3_150 Aargh! I'm hit!
                  us3_151 Mayday! Mayday! I'm going down!
                  us3_152 I'm bailing out!
                  us3_153 I'm on fire! Bailing out!
                  us3_154 I've had it! I'm bailing out!
                  us3_155 Bail out! Bail out!
                  us3_156 Get out and hit the silk!
                  us3_157 Hit the silk!
                  us3_158 Pull up! Pull up!
                  us3_159 You're getting too close! Pull up!
                  us3_160 Watch the ground! Pull up!
                  us3_161 I've gone Winchester!
                  us3_162 I'm Winchester!
                  us3_163 I'm out of ammo!
                  us3_164 Check fire! Check fire!
                  us3_165 Cease fire! Shooting at friendly!
                  us3_166 Watch it! You're shooting at one of ours!
                  us3_167 Bombs away!
                  us3_168 Firing rockets!
                  us3_169 Attacking with rockets!
                  us3_170 Rockets gone!
                  us3_171 Drop tanks
                  us3_172 Drop tanks now
                  us3_173 Release tanks on my mark - Drop!
                  us3_174 Target hit and on fire
                  us3_175 Target destroyed
                  us3_176 Direct hit - Target destroyed
                  us3_177 Well done everybody!
                  us3_178 Good job everyone!
                  us3_179 OK, break it off - Good job everyone!
                  us3_180 OK, let's go home!
                  us3_181 Everyone - let's go home!
                  us3_182 We're heading home!
                  us3_183 Roger - we're engaging!
                  us3_184 Roger - here we go! Attacking bandits now
                  us3_185 Copy - engaging bandits
                  us3_186 Roger - we're starting our attack run
                  us3_187 Roger - attacking ground target
                  us3_188 Copy - attacking now
                  us3_189 Roger - we got you covered
                  us3_190 Roger - I'm right with you
                  us3_191 Copy - I'll cover you
                  us3_192 Roger - disengaging now
                  us3_193 Roger - breaking off
                  us3_194 Copy - disengaging
                  us3_195 Roger - rejoining formation
                  us3_196 Roger - regrouping
                  us3_197 Copy - rejoining
                  us3_198 Roger - we're targeting freely
                  us3_199 Roger - targeting freely
                  us3_200 Copy - targeting all
                  us3_201 Roger - we're going after the bombers
                  us3_202 Roger - going after the bombers
                  us3_203 Copy - targeting the bombers
                  us3_204 Roger - we're going after the fighters
                  us3_205 Roger - going after the fighters
                  us3_206 Copy - targeting the fighters
                  us3_207 Roger - breaking right
                  us3_208 Roger - breaking left
                  us3_209 Roger - breaking high
                  us3_210 Roger - breaking low
                  us3_211 Roger - going to rockets
                  us3_212 Roger - rockets armed
                  us3_213 Copy - arm rockets
                  us3_214 Roger - bombs ready
                  us3_215 Roger - bombs armed
                  us3_216 Copy - arm bombs
                  us3_217 Roger - we're dropping tanks
                  us3_218 Roger - releasing tanks
                  us3_219 Copy - drop tanks
                  us3_220 Roger - closing formation
                  us3_221 Roger - closing it in
                  us3_222 Copy - tight formation
                  us3_223 Roger - opening formation
                  us3_224 Roger - kicking out
                  us3_225 Copy - loose formation
                  us3_226 Roger - echelon right formation
                  us3_227 Roger - echelon left formation
                  us3_228 Roger - line-up left formation
                  us3_229 Roger - line-up stern formation
                  us3_230 Roger - vic formation
                  us3_231 Roger - stepping up 150 feet
                  us3_232 Roger - stepping down 150 feet
                  us3_233 Roger - stepping up 500 feet
                  us3_234 Roger - stepping down 500 feet
                  us3_235 Roger - next checkpoint. We're on our way
                  us3_236 Roger - proceeding to next checkpoint
                  us3_237 Copy - next checkpoint
                  us3_238 Roger - previous checkpoint. We're on our way
                  us3_239 Roger - returning to previous checkpoint
                  us3_240 Copy - previous checkpoint
                  us3_241 Roger - we're loitering
                  us3_242 Roger - holding here
                  us3_243 Roger - loitering here
                  us3_244 Roger - we're returning to base
                  us3_245 Roger - heading home
                  us3_246 Copy - returning to base
                  us3_247 Roger
                  us3_248 Roger that
                  us3_249 Copy
                  us3_250 Negative
                  us3_251 Unable
                  us3_252 Unable to comply
                  us3_253 I'll be right there!
                  us3_254 I'm on it - hang on tight!
                  us3_255 I got it - hold on!
                  us3_256 You're all clear
                  us3_257 Your six is clear
                  us3_258 Are you alright?

                  Please note: us4_### and us5_### are the same as the us3_### 
                  files but with different voices.






16-bit Forced:
(The new independent CodeGroup v1.28 EAW patch and beyond) use's 16-bit sounds at all times, even when you set the game to use 8bit as it is forced to 16 bit in the code. Many of the default stock sounds have been replaced as well...


1.28 Start and Run:
The source modification of EAWv1.28 and versions above it have the ability to have individual Start and Run sounds for all planes by means of a special sounds sub-folder. There are correct sounds now for each plane type instead of the Generic stock Engine sounds used in out of the box EAW.

v1.28 still supports the old method of replacing the Generic Sounds. For example; all sounds, snd0001.snd thru snd0059.snd should work when placed in the root. (Except of course snd0030.snd thru snd0046.snd, which were the generic engine sounds which are no longer used because all planes in v1.28 now have the individual plane type sounds for start and run, snd0060.snd thru snd0119.snd and up.)

(for v1.28e and above) Here are the default EAW aircraft types and the slot number with new engine sounds.
There should be more information available in the \Sounds folder Readme.txt. List by Knegel.

aircraft 		slot# 	start_sound 	run_sound

PL_P38H 		0 	SND0060.SND 	SND0061.SND
PL_P38J 		1 	SND0062.SND 	SND0063.SND
PL_P47C 		2 	SND0064.SND 	SND0065.SND
PL_P47D 		3 	SND0066.SND 	SND0067.SND
PL_P51B 		4 	SND0068.SND 	SND0069.SND
PL_P51D 		5 	SND0070.SND 	SND0071.SND
PL_B17 		6 	SND0072.SND 	SND0073.SND
PL_B24 		7 	SND0074.SND 	SND0075.SND
PL_B26 		8 	SND0076.SND 	SND0077.SND
PL_SPIT2A 	10 	SND0080.SND 	SND0081.SND
PL_SPIT9 	11 	SND0082.SND 	SND0083.SND
PL_SPIT14 	12 	SND0084.SND 	SND0085.SND
PL_ME109E4 	16 	SND0092.SND 	SND0093.SND
PL_ME109G6 	17 	SND0094.SND 	SND0095.SND
PL_ME109K4 	18 	SND0096.SND 	SND0097.SND
PL_ME110C 	19 	SND0098.SND 	SND0099.SND
PL_ME110G 	20 	SND0100.SND 	SND0101.SND
PL_ME410 	21 	SND0102.SND 	SND0103.SND
PL_FW190A8 	22 	SND0104.SND 	SND0105.SND
PL_FW190D9 	23 	SND0106.SND 	SND0107.SND
PL_ME262A 	24 	SND0108.SND 	SND0109.SND
PL_JU88A4 	25 	SND0110.SND 	SND0111.SND
PL_JU88C 	26 	SND0112.SND 	SND0113.SND
PL_JU87 		27 	SND0114.SND 	SND0115.SND
PL_HE111 	28 	SND0116.SND 	SND0117.SND
PL_V1 		29 	SND0118.SND 	SND0119.SND
(for v1.28 and above) I think the following where added later in the source modification and not part of the v1.2 list.
snd0057 Long water landing or takeoff
snd0058 NONE
snd0059 Landing ski's flex on water