Written and Edited By: MarkEAW

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-game-patch-wrapper - I have some older wrapper programs in here, To get current releases you'll need to go to the Wrappers home web sites to get them. (See my 'Links Page' or do a search on the web).




Definition of Wrapper Programs | EAW Graphical API's | Options Universal to most Wrapper Programs

DxWnd Wrapper (ghotik) Program | GOGs DirectX 1-7 Wrapper Program
DDWrapper (Aqrit) Program | D3DWindower (menopem) Wrapper Program |
OpenGLide Wrapper Program | nGlide Wrapper Program | dgVoodoo 2 Wrapper Program



This document was written to get you out of issues or problems you may have with the game by way of Wrapper Programs. To get the game (any version, including source modifications) to run properly on any release of WindowsOS. The new and best method (2023) is to use a well coded Wrapper Program(s), regardless of your WinOS. :).


This section is for brief information about DirectX and Glide Wrapper programs used with the game to resolve video and running issues and errors. Some Windows OS do not need Wrappers, to determine that for you, read my 'Troubleshoot Help Document' to see if you need to use one.

I'm finding in more recent years (2023) that any good Wrapper is ideal regardless of how well the OS may natively handle the game, as those Wrappers improve in quality with more options, EAW begins to behave better under their control.


Definition of Wrapper Programs:
For our use, Wrappers are special programs to run the EAW game better in most cases; for an overall workaround of any of the errors listed above in the previous section. These programs typically will translate older DirectX / DirectDraw games up converted out to a newer DirectX (sometimes OpenGL). Sometimes they allow you to use the games built in Glide mode, that is translated to DirectX. Also they allow for you to use a Window Mode (Frame) for games like EAW that don't have that mode available originally. (Windowed Mode is a window frame on your desktop that the game can run in.) Most wrappers allow full screen mode as well.

The Wrapper programs that other EAW pilots have used are: DDWrapper, D3DWindower, and DXWnd for DirectX support. For Glide Mode they have used nGlide and dgVoodoo. Use only one of them at a time if there the same Mode/API, such as installing or even using two or more DirectX wrappers at the same time can result in highly un predictable behavior, not to mention confusion for you. Work with one of them at a time until you find the one you need.

You can run a DirectX Wrapper plus nGlide for the same game session. But I have only briefly pointed that out in given locations in this section, typed out below.


EAW Graphical API's:
This area of the document is to inform you of the two different Graphical API's in EAW and how they affect your game. The two Application Programming Interface (API) used by EAW are D3D (DirectX) from Microsoft, and the other is Glide from 3DFX. These are the coded graphics renderer modes built into the game.

  • Note DirectX API Version:
    Currently all versions of EAW, either source modified or not, use DX6. (There maybe some instructions left over from DX5 in the games code). The Menu system in EAW is driven by DirectDraw and the Flight Screen is primarily Direct3D with portions in DirectDraw for the 2D overlay part of the Flight Screen, or at least for the HUD.

    For NVIDIA users running the game natively, there will be no Horizon Fog as support for this is not in the video card drivers anymore. Some DX Wrapper programs will restore Fog now (June 2023). ATI cards had Fog Legacy dropped but support was re-introduced in the early 2000s.  (note: The newly released GoG super patched game and included wrapper will support FOG on all cards in DX mode).

    Wrapper programs can speed the game up if DirectX Mode runs slow for you. Perhaps try in Window Mode (Frame) rather than in just full screen to see if performance is better.

  • Note Glide API Version:
    The game on modern computers (without Voodoo Video Cards) require a Glide Wrapper (such as nGlide) to be used to support the Glide Mode (v2.43 API) in the game. This will render the Flight Screen in Glide and transfer it to D3D for final output, its done practically seamlessly.

    Even when using Glide Mode, DirectDraw is used during the Menu Screens in EAW. Glide takes over during the Flight Screen. (This mean you MAY need a D3D Wrapper as well to correct any in game Menu corruption like tearing or color issues).

    Glide Resolution limits; Remember that some higher resolutions may only be available in Direct3D. Also remember that some of the high resolutions will be limited by the amount of video memory and the capability of your monitor. For EAW Glide mode users the maximum resolution seems to be 1600x1200. If you have a resolution in the stock v1.2 game set above 1280x1024 but under 1600x1200, it will force your pilots seat to be pushed all the way to the cockpit dash and have an actual res defaulted down to 640x480.

    The more recent Code modified versions of EAW (starting with Feb 2016 for EAW v1.28e, 1.29 and 1.40 and other various unofficial versions) will be using the improved Glide 3.0 API version, this will display the game in 256 colors with a selectable 24 bit color palette, just like Direct3D does. (However you are limited to a maximum of 1024x768 in game Glide Mode resolution).

    Using Glide and EAWv1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.26e, FXEXE or any other version of the game that has not been specifically coded to use the more advanced 'Glide API v3.0' will be seen in reduced available colors, since those un-updated exes use the older and original 'Glide API v2.43'; These older versions only display from a fixed 8-bit 256 colors in its flight screens, rather than the many more selectable color choices available like you would find in Direct3D mode. (However higher resolutions will be most likely available to use in game).

    Primary reasons to use Glide Mode over DirectX Mode in EAW:
    You may want to try Glide Mode out if you can't get Direct3D Mode in EAW to run fast enough on your system. If you find you have terribly low Frame Rates (near or under 30FPS , even on low resolution or non demanding game settings) there may be a use for the old Glide Mode after all. Note: There is no reason that everyone shouldn't be able to have in game Maximum Quality Settings and then have good Frame Rates this day and age with EAW. So do what you need to keep those FPS high!

    Remember Glide Mode will always have Horizon Fog no matter which Video Card Manufacturer you have (if it was missing from Direct3D mode). It even works to restore fog for NVIDIA Video Cards (You won't see the edge of the square world anymore, 'Horizon Fog' graphics are displayed from ground to sky). However, now some newer DX Wrapper Programs will produce Fog for Nvidia Cards in D3D Mode, as I mentioned above. (Fog Tables are incompatible with NVIDIA's modern drivers, they have removed support for them).

    If you find you want the edge of the world hidden by Fog, use a Wrapper that supports it.

  • Other Graphic Renderer's:
    Most Wrapper programs will translate old DirectX to newer or current DirectX versions in some fashion. This will allow some wrappers to have more features and abilities available to the game. Glide converted to newer or current DirectX versions is common as well. There's also DirectX/Glide APIs translated to OpenGL API and the newer Vulkan API. They all have similar outcomes, typically improvement. Some may yield better performance for you (higher FPS). Below in the list I've noted what the Wrappers can translate from a certain API to another API for your conveyance.


Options Universal to Most Wrapper Programs:
Here are some of the general functions and enhancements typically found in most good Wrapper Programs that can benefit EAWs look and performance. (See my 'Display Help Document' to learn about enhancements you can turn on in your Video Control Panel (VCPL)).

  • Delayed Loading:
    In some cases the EAW Window may seem non responsive at first (blank screen), give it a few seconds and then it will enter the first Menu Screen. This is from the Smacker Video not playing, or unable too, or your using an empty movie.cdf. Either way, you can use the ESC Key while waiting, to bypass it.

  • Filename:
    When running EAW natively or Wrapped on a WinNT system, such as Win2000 or above, you need to have at least the main game exe to have a filename of, eaw.exe. This allows the NoCD function of the hacked EAW game to work correctly every time. Otherwise after one launch and exit of the game will result in the Debug Path = .\ line in the eaw.ini file to be blanked out upon closing of the launch. Then no future launches of the game will work.
    This will also allow, when using a wrapper program (DxWnd is the one I prefer) rather then running natively, you can have several game.exe in the main game folder, each one would be named differently (such as eaw.exe, eaw12.exe , eaw12a.exe , eaw12x.exe , etc) to your game folder and wrap each one separately. Why do this, simply you can test different versions of the game using the same gamedata.

    (See my 'Hex Edited Help Document' to read how to use the NoCD eaw exe's).

  • Resolution Settings:
    For the unofficial UAWv1.28 and above, try 1024x768 in your eaw.ini. (for the EAWPRO type, use 1024x768). Note: anything above in-game resolution of 640x480 will use 3D Virtual Cockpits, these cockpits are less detailed than the standard 2D Standard Cockpits. Note: You will find that the un-official UAWv1.28 and above versions lack default 2D Cockpit access, as they removed them from the gamedata files to save space and creating new ones was not feasible.

    • Resolution Doubled in Wrapper:
      If your using a Wrapper program to display the game and if performance is an issue, such as low Frames Per Second (FPS), ...for EAW versions below 1.28 I recommend perhaps an in game resolution in your eaw.ini of minimum of 800x600. You can then raise the resolution in the Wrapper Program separately or try to double it (1600x1200 if possible) if you wish, via the Wrapper Program settings. Some will say that the quality is almost as good as if EAW's in game resolution was set for that high by itself, you can judge for your self though. Using this 'doubling' method you will find that the planes are larger, the HUD, icons and chat fonts are larger also. The frame rate is much better too because the actual game res is lower. Keep reading.

    • Resolution Upped in Wrapper:
      Now you don't need to double up on the resolution in the wrapper if your system won't handle it...try 800x600 in EAW, then in the wrapper try 1024x768, or whatever you wish. This will help FPS too better than the doubling method, mentioned above. I do this with the older EAW 'versions', such as with the hacked EAWv1.26e (and the official EAWv1.2). Why do it this way? I get a decent view and high performance that way, because the standard/stock games give a better Frame Of View (FOV) at 800x600 than it does at 1024x768. (However, if your using the un-official EAW UAWv1.28 and above or the FXEXE exe (EAWPRO) it's best to use 1024x768 in EAW because those versions support Wide FOV at that resolution).

    • Resolution Fixed in Game:
      Another option is to set Width and Height to 0 in your Wrapper Program. (This will load the games menu screens in there natural windows size (either 640x480 or 1024x768 depending on the EAW game version/type your using) and the 3D Flight Screen of the game will automatically use what you have set in the eaw.ini resolution area).

      For more about resolution settings and the options you have with them, please see my 'Display Help Document'. It includes advice about setting your EAW resolutions and limitations of such.

    • Resolution; Keeping The Detailed 2D Cockpits:
      If you want to keep the original lower res, but detailed 2D Cockpits while using a Wrapper Program, and get some visual improvements in quality of the cockpit at the same time; Keep the default in game resolution (for EAWv1.1 and v1.2) at 640x480 (set in the eaw.ini) and then in the Wrapper Program set it too double; 1280x960. The Wrapper Program will upscale and you will be able to keep all the fun 2D cockpits, while having a more detailed internal view. I know this works in Glide Mode with the nGlide Wrapper program. (Note: that the un official UAW (EAW exe's v1.28 and up) do not have the 2D cockpits in the gamedata anymore, so its not feasible to use the lower resolution for those types of the EAW games). Read my 'Display Help Document' for info on the drawbacks with 3D Virtual Cockpits.

    • Resolution; Windowed Mode:
      Try to set your wrapper to play in a Window Frame Mode. (It usually won't fill your entire screen), but you may get higher Frames per second. Why? It appears to use older tech more so than running the game in full screen. You can upscale the resolution in the wrapper to size it to your monitors display size.
  • No Terrain Shimmer:
    Anisotropic Filtering set in the Video Control Panel was used a very long time ago (year 1999) to clean up the distant Terrain Shimmering, its unclear if it works in all situations. After testing on modern systems it doesn't seem so. You can also try the 'EnableMipMap' option in the OpenGLide Wrapper as that will clean up the shimmer. (I have not found another wrapper that fixes terrain shimmer so obviously).

  • Horizon Fog:
    DirectX does not normally supply FOG in game for Nvidia Cards. Current tests in (June 2023) have me forcing FOG support in the DxWnd Wrapper to get it to work. EAW in Glide Mode will of course automatically supply Fog. The same with the OpenGLide wrapper and GOG's Wrapper.
  • Bilinear Filtering:
    Try the lowest possible setting, other than none for this filter. This will slow the game down a bit, but produces better looking textures and fuller Radio Sub Titles...

  • Two Wrappers:
    If you wish to experiment, you should be-able to use a Glide Wrapper (for the games Flight Screen) along side a DirectX Wrapper (for the Menu Screens), however I do not include instructions (other then mentioning it here) in using multiple wrappers at the same time. (set in the EAW.INI file, DisplayDevice equal to 0 for Glide Mode). Note: The menu screens will always use Direct Draw (part of DirectX) to display them, Flight Screens will display then in Glide Mode.

  • Bypassing a Wrapper:
    I don't recommend doing this unless you know what to do, keep reading....If it is NOT desired to run the game while also using a Wrapper program for what ever reason, simply bypass the Wrapper program by clicking on the games's own shortcut or EXE in Windows File Explorer withOUT having the Wrapper loaded elsewhere. Note: though this could cause Windows OS compatibility problems when you return to the wrapper program for launching the game next time, only because Win10 sometimes adds a compatibility registry entry, read below about this.
  • Clear Compatibility Flags:
    Although Win8.1/10 can run EAW natively, someone might want to run a Wrapper Program to avoid any issues or lack of game features that are available. Most if not all Wrapper Programs run better in cases when the Windows 10 OS compatibility mode fix that is automatically set to on (when you first run eaw.exe, most of the time) is removed.

    Its best that the registry entry is removed either within a Wrapper that allows you to remove it or by using Regedit since the Win10 compat setting can conflict with a D3D Wrappers operation; For an example, the speed (reduced FPS) of the game can be effected or a CTD error at launch of the game can occur when this registry entry is set while using a Wrapper at the same time.

    So if your having performance issues that you just can't solve with the Wrapper and know how to remove the entry in the registry. Read my 'Troubleshoot Registry Help Document', the topic will be titled 'Windows 8.1/10 Compatibility Layer'. (This may apply to later versions of Vista and Win7 as well...??...but its unknown by me since I do not have those OS's).

  • Windows Frame and [ALT TAB]:
    When EAW is running in a Framed Window, some wrappers may allow you to cycle to other OS Windows, occupied by other programs, such as an online client program you maybe running; If the wrapper has that function, this will allow you to get out of the EAW framed screen to other programs such as your online client program. The game should still run while your busy with your other Windows.




In this section, I'll start by mentioning default settings you should possibly use for each Wrapper Program to run EAW properly. For more information on any of these programs, check their Readme's and see their home sites for help where available. I highly recommend you read the wrapper information provided by the programmers before you pick one Wrapper you want to try. Then study the information I have provided for that Wrapper you picked. Not all possible Wrapper Programs that work with EAW are listed here.

I now (in late 2023) recommend the DxWND or OpenGLide wrapper as they produce high frame rates, have fog support (in DirectX and Glide modes), and other filters to smooth out the jagged steps on the lines of planes. OpenGLide has a terrain shimmer fix. Both are fairly easy to setup.

Note: Glide Mode (Glide 3.0) for the Code-Groups UAW (unofficial versions of EAW) will only support a maximum resolution of 1024x768 in game/set in your eaw.ini file.

Note2: Disable Virtualization in your motherboard BIOS, if you don't use it. Some older computers run faster and better without it. This will increase your games FPS greatly. Just an option for you, possibly.

More info; See my 'Performance Help Document' for EAW test results with wrappers and without.


DxWnd (ghotik) Wrapper Program: (v2_06_02f_build)
This was originally developed as a tool for running full screen games (like EAW) in windowed mode (but can be used in full screen anyway). The DxWnd Wrapper has also developed into the ability to fix old games with a bunch of compatibility settings, options and tweaks. Designed for Windows (Works with EAW and Win10 fine).

You may find that you may need to use the DxWnd Wrapper program with Win2000/XP/Vista/7 to correct the weird colored Menu Screens or get rid of garbled / tearing Screens or perhaps you just want to run EAW in a Window Frame (not full screen) with or without Borders. BTW, See Notes at the end of these instructions.

The procedure to "install" the Wrapper including the minimum settings needed for EAW to run properly are listed below. All settings I have listed may not be required, try what I have listed below first to get your game running stable. Then read up on what the settings do in the DxWnd readme or web site before you disable (uncheck) them for other reasons you may have.

(If your going to use this Wrapper, make sure you first set EAW to use the Direct3D Mode (these settings were tested with D3D), under the DisplayDevice setting to 1 or 2 in your eaw.ini file. I recommend running EAW in Window Frame mode (any Wrapper Resolution) with a eaw.ini resolution of 800x600 or 1024x768 , depending which game version your using, for the wider view).


"Install" the DxWnd.

  • Un-zip all files into their own folder, preferably near your games folder.
  • After you have DXWnd un-zipped, run it by clicking on the "dxwnd.exe" file. A small window will appear. (It will be in easy Global mode, stay with that mode for now).

"Updating" DxWnd Program. (Just downloaded a new version?, this is what to do)

  • Simply un-zip the new archive into its own new folder.
  • Copy the dxwnd.ini file from the old version into the new folder. This contains all your wrapper settings for your EAW DXWND configurations.
  • Run the new version and import your game parameter DxWnd profiles.
  • Delete the old DxWnd folder and use the new folder to launch DxWnd.

See my 'My Downloads Help Document' to get premade profiles to import.


- Loading EAW Wrapper Settings "into" DxWnd: (Configuring DxWnd for EAW)

  • Run dxwnd.exe by double clicking it.
  • At this point you can load an exported (saved) set of settings. The pre-made default EAW profile (this profile has some of the correct settings already, but it needs more changes). To load it, open the File menu and choose "Import....".
  • Browse to the folder where you extracted the DxWnd files and open the \exports sub-folder. Choose 'European Air War" , then click on "Open".
  • Right click on the EAW blank Icon in the list and choose "Modify". It will open to the DXWnd Main Tab Settings for that game icon.
  • Change the existing Path of the game to the specific eaw.exe you want to use and run with this particular Icon.
  • Once you have completed the previous step, the game Icon should now be a little graphic in appearance.
  • Right Click the Icon and pick "Modify" to start check marking setting boxes, read on.


The following settings are made for a FULL 4:3 Aspect Ratio; a square screen. (doesn't fill the screen, has pillars and no stretch)


Easy Mode DxWnd Settings for EAW: (settings tested with Win10)
(Easy Mode TABs)

- Setup MAIN Tab:

  • Name, modify the European Air War name to reflect the eaw.exe game you will be launching, like "EAW126".
  • Path, change to match the game folder with the correct eaw.exe in.
  • Position, Hide desktop background, checked (this will blacken the background around the Window Frame).
  • Position, Keep aspect Ratio, checked
  • Position, Window initial size, set W and H to 0 setting (Zeros will auto detect the game menu screen sizes and also change to the resolution settings in the eaw.ini for the Flight screen).
  • Position, Monitor to def. (default or 1)
  • Position, Desktop work area, checked (part of full screen support)
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup VIDEO Tab:

  • Window Style, default, checked
  • Windows Size and Position, Locked Size, checked
  • Initial Virtual Color Setting, Current, checked
  • FPS counter, overlay, checked (works in full screen only, should be above 64FPS on the flight screen).
  • Z Order, default, checked
  • Screen Resolution, SD (4:3), checked
  • Screen Resolution, Fix aspect ratio, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup MOUSE Tab:

  • Cursor Visibility, Autom., checked
  • Mouse Clipper, default, checked
  • Cursor Handling, Correct mouse position, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup INPUT Tab:

  • Control Keys, Alt-Tab, Default, checked
  • Keyboard Handling, Enable Hot Keys, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup DIRECTX Tab:

  • DirectX Version Hook, Automatic , checked (DirectX9, may boost FPS a few, but not sure how it behaves).
  • DirectX Version Hook, Renderer, primary surface, selected
  • Emulation, Renderer, Filter, select low and increase in quality to test performance degrade...
  • Overlay Emulation, No, checked
  • Flip emulation, partial, checked (This allows the flight screen to display correctly)
  • AERO Handling, AERO compatible mode (part of full screen support)
  • AERO Handling, Optimize for AERO mode (part of full screen support)
  • DirectDraw Surface Handling, Auto Primary Surface Blit, checked (Boosts FPS on Menu screens, better mouse movement and smooth's prop rotation on Flight Screen. On UAWv1.60 causes an occasional slight screen flicker)
  • DirectDraw Surface Handling, Auto Primary Surface Blit; Forced Mode, checked
  • DirectDraw Surface Handling, Support offscreen 3D, checked (part of full screen support)
  • VSync, default (VSync ON may adjust (max) FPS to monitor refresh rate)
  • VSync, WaitForVerticalBlank, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup DIRECT3D Tab:

  • Force W-based Fog (This now restores Horizon Fog when using DX mode, for all cards)
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup GDI Tab:

  • GDI, No GDI handling, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup NOTES Tab:

  • Insert your testing information etc..... (feel free to experiment with what settings I have here. To better the look and performance, you may want to use Extended Mode. That mode will provide many more Tabs with settings on them, see below).



Extended Mode DxWnd Settings for EAW: (settings tested with Win10)
(Extended Mode TABs)
Now for some expert settings. To enable the new Tab settings, at the DxWnd window, go to Options and select Extended Mode. Then right click the game icon and select modify. (Note: Expert mode was optional, I find it important now to use to run EAW perfectly).

- Setup HOOK Tab:

  • Hook Enabled, checked
  • Injection, Windows Hook, selected.
  • Hook Mode, IAT scan, selected.
  • IAT scan, Word-align, selected.
  • Son Mode, default, selected.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup 3D Tab:

  • Texture Handling, none (although Hack seems to work as well)
  • Texture Handling, file format, BMP, checked (although RAW seems to work too)
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup MSGS Tab:

  • Message Handling, Process All Messages, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup DIRECTX(2) Tab:

  • Ddraw tweaks, Set 16BPP RGB565 encoding, checked
  • Flip/Blt Wait, default, checked
  • Clipper, default, checked
  • FourCC Processing, HW, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup DIRECT3D(2) Tab:

  • Force Vertex Proc./Execute Buffer, Default, selected.
  • D3D tweaks, both def. selected.
  • Device type, default, selected.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup OPENGL Tab:

  • Nothing checked. (If you use this, I suppose this allows you to use DirectX and translate to OpenGL)

- Setup SDL Tab:

  • Nothing checked.

- Setup SOUND Tab:

  • DirectSound, Global Focus, default, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup CDAudio Tab:

  • Generic, def., selected.
  • No Emulation, checked.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup TWEAKS Tab:

  • Active Tweaks, patch:IgnoreFileSysErrors, added. (This will allow Career Saved files, prevents crashing of Campaign when you exit/abort on NT Windows, for EAW12 (not required for 126, 128 and above and EAWPRO).
  • Active Tweaks, tweak:LimitResources, add (This will allow resolution of 1024x768 and above in the eaw.ini).
  • Active Tweaks, tweak:SlowDownExceptions, added. (This will give a more stable FPS and timing).
  • Everything else leave. (You can come back and add others to test for better speed if you wish).

- Setup I/O Tab:

  • I/O, Fake CD, checked (allows you to play without the CD) (not required for EAW.exe games with the noCD function built in).
  • I/O Tweaks, Set CDROM Drive Type, checked (acts as if a CD-ROM Device is present even if you don't have one, so the early noCD game exe's will launch; the eaw.exe with the CDROM Device still listed in the code. For EAW12 and all other NoCd 12's).
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup LOCALE Tab:

  • Nothing checked.

- Setup TIMING Tab:

  • CPU Optimization, Slow Down Mouse Polling, checked (This will normalize the speed at which selections appear on the changing mission menus parameter screen) (not needed with game exes with looping disabled or delayed, such as the FXEXE and CodeGroup eaw.exe's)
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup LOGS Tab:

  • DXWND Logs, None, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked. (You can save some logs if you wish)

- Setup LIBS Tab:

  • MM (multimedia), Remap MCI coordinates, checked

- Setup COMPAT Tab:

  • Tweaks, Disable performance counter, checked
  • Fake Version, checked. Select; Windows ME. (with this setting, you can use any file name for the eaw.exe as the "Sorry, EAW will not run under WinNT" error will not be an issue for you).
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup REGISTRY Tab:

  • Nothing checked.



Launching EAW Correctly:

  • Create a desktop shortcut to the DXWND program.
  • Launch the game by first starting the DXWND program.
  • Then highlight desired game icon in the box.
  • Then right-click "Run" to play game.  (or double click on the game Icon in the box to launch EAW.)
  • Configure the in-game settings inside the Wrapped EAW game (after running the DXWND and launching EAW).




Works well with this OS. It fixes all issues a Win7 system would have (color issue, garbled menus/maps). Its unclear to me if any other Win7 ONLY settings need to be checked. Fill me in if you know important Win7 ONLY settings!

Win10 , DxWnd and EAW Fog:
Nvidia Fog is restorable in Direct3D mode with this wrapper now (June 2023).

Win10 , DxWnd and EAW Window Screen:
You will find that DirectX (DD/D3D) Mode in EAW may give you a big performance boost with the DxWnd Wrapper Program. You should find out the this wrapper out performs running EAW natively in Win10's with it's own fixes and compatibility layers.

Win10 Compatibility Registry Entry:
DxWnd sometimes works better if the operating system isn't attempting to run a game in any compatibility mode. You can either edit the Registry directly (see my 'Troubleshoot Registry Help Document'), or use the ACT Toolkit (see my 'Windows ACT Toolkit Help Document') or use the DxWND Wrapper to remove the assigned Compatibility layer that Windows 10 automatically applies.

If your going to use the wrappers own built in functions to remove this assigned fix, then highlight the icon for the eaw.exe you want in the wrappers main window. Then go to tools and then Clear Compatibility Flags. This command deactivates all the compatibility modes by erasing the relevant registry keys.

Win10 and DXWND and EAWv1.60:
Loading up a mission either at approximately 50 on the Fuel Loading Gauge or 100% on Loading Map Screen, the game freezes and becomes non responsive, every time, then flashes to working state in a few seconds. I was unable to find a fix or workaround for this (this error happens with v1.40 tested as well). Seems to be the loading of heavy resources slows the Wrapper down??.
-Also a few times (more than a rare instance) a "Pic not Found! Error -1" after clicking Instant Mission happens. This last error maybe related to the resolution used. This appears to be another DXWND issue. You may need to use a resolution set equal to your computers native resolution to avoid this error??



GOGs DirectX 1-7 Wrapper Program:
This is a special wrapper provided by GOG (or Steam) when you purchased a digital download of EAW. The wrapper will only work with their special super patched eaw.exe, as this particular game exe seeks out a locally placed Direct Draw DLL file. Read next paragraph.

You don't want to remove their Wrapper Program as its presence alone is required to run the game (the presence of a game folder placed, ddraw.dll). This is true even if you use Glide Mode for your games Flight Screen. (GOG/Steam have provided you with a portable nGlide Wrapper program to use as well). However here we are discussing the GOG DirectX Wrapper Program.

The GOG DX Wrapper program configuration (dxcfg.exe) has just about all the settings you need to have to produce a good run for the game. A Few more I think are needed to really full fill EAW needs; (For ex: There seems to be no effect on the terrain shimmer with any of the settings)...

Also since GOG or Retroism (the publisher), has not modified the frame of view, by widening the 1024x768 FOV for the games Flight Screen (like the two types of unofficial versions have), you may want to use 800x600 or some other resolution where the cockpit panel is not pushed up against the players view. Perhaps try to use default res in EAW and Double the res in the GOG DX wrapper.


Configure GOGs Wrapper for EAW correctly.

Load dxcfg.exe and set the following basic settings, most are default. Using other settings is optional and for your use to test and tweak performance out.


General Settings.

- Setup Display Mode:

  • Set by Application

- Setup Aspect Ratio Correction:

  • Disabled

- Setup Vertical Synchronization:

  • Disabled

- Setup Presentation:

  • Windowed. This will have a Windows Frame, EAW may have better Frames Per Second in this mode. Full Screen works also.

- Setup Scaling Method:

  • Screen Fit (Default)

- Setup Gamma Correction:

  • 1.0 (Default)


Configure Enhancements.

- Setup Anisotropic Filtering:

  • Enable AF 16x. This setting use to be used in the olden days, 1999, to smooth out the terrain shimmer in the distance. (not sure its working here though)

- Setup Antialiasing:

  • Enable MSAA 8x. This smooth's jagged lines, you should notice that planes won't have step edges on their wing lines. Up close they should have smooth edges; lines.



FOG is produced by GOGs super patched eaw.exe, even in DirectX mode, on Nvidia cards. At this time, it is unclear if the GOG DX wrapper has anything to do with the FOG support working or if its the hacked game exe itself.

Regarding Career Saves; This Wrapper is not sufficient enough to provide successful Pilot Career saves on a Win10 (Dec 2023) system. See my 'GOG Patches Help Document' to learn more about the use of making a portable version of the game, replaced with a non-GOG game exe, then wrapped with the DxWnd Wrapper instead so the game will function correctly on the recent Win10 Update.



DDWrapper (Aqrit) Program:
This is a Direct Draw wrapper that works with the EAW Windows 95 game. I only tested under Windows Vista and 7.

You place the two files, ddraw.dll and the aqrit.cfg file in the main EAW game folder. (you can also place them in other game folders without effecting your global Windows settings!, each EAW game folder can be configure independent of each other.)

Open the aqrit.cfg in the main game folder set ColorFix = 1 and save it, this will remove the weird 8-bit palette color corruption from the menu screens on WinVista and Win7 in EAW.


Here's the configuration settings I tested with Win7:

RealDDrawPath = AUTO
BltMirror = 0
BltNoTearing = 0
ColorFix = 1
DisableHighDpiScaling = 0
FakeVsync = 0
FakeVsyncInterval = 0
ForceBltNoTearing = 0
ForceDirectDrawEmulation = 0
NoVideoMemory = 0
SingleProcAffinity = 0
ShowFPS = 0

Read the included readme.html file for further details, before using!



D3DWindower (menopem, NamelessVoice) Wrapper Program:
This is a English translated version of an age old Japanese program. It was designed for Windows XP and no updates after v1.88, but it is still useful and functional with Win2000/XP/Vista/7 to correct the corrupted Menu Screens. (weird colors or garbled and tearing) Perhaps you just want to set the option to run EAW from Full Screen to a Window Frame with Borders (not full screen). Why in a Frame? Because you may need the Frame feature so you can switch between other programs while running EAW.

The procedure to "install" the Wrapper including the minimum settings needed for EAW to run properly are listed below. If your going to use this Wrapper, make sure you first set the Direct3D setting under the DisplayDevice setting to 1 or 2 in your eaw.ini file for Direct3D Mode.


"Install" the D3DWindower v1.88 correctly.

  • Un-zip all files into their own folder. (preferably close to your games folder, but not necessary).
  • After you have the D3DWindower un-zipped, run it by clicking on the ".exe" file. A small window will appear.


Configure D3DWindower v1.88 for EAW correctly.

- Loading eaw.exe into the D3DWindower:

  • "+" icon adds a program, ("-" icon deletes a program.)
  • To add a program, such as EAW, use the game's executable file (eaw.exe). Browse for location and select it.
    (you can also just drag and drop the eaw.exe into the box).


Minimum D3DWindower v1.88 Program Options for EAW: (settings tested with WinVista / Win7).

- Setup Common Options Tab:

  • Open the D3DWindower and select an eaw.exe, then click on the 'Program Options Icon' (Gear Icon).
  • Set Width and Height to the size you wish, including 0 as a possible value.
  • Use Windowed Mode, checked.
  • DLL: Must point to the D3DHook.dll, Browse for location (normally in the same location as the D3DWindower.exe) of the D3Dhook.dll file, and add it.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup Window Mode Options Tab for EAW:

  • DirectX1-7, checked.
  • DDraw Color Emulate, checked.
  • DDraw Color Convert, checked. (if you don't check this one you'll get the 7217 error).
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup Foreground Control for EAW:

  • Nothing checked.

- Setup Direct Input for EAW:

  • Nothing checked.


Launching EAW Correctly:

  • Create a desktop shortcut to the D3DWindower program.
  • Launch the game by first starting the D3DWindower program.
  • Then highlight desired game icon in the box.
  • Then click "Run Program" (Computer Icon) to play game.
    (or double click on the game Icon in the box to launch EAW.)
  • Configure the game inside the Wrapped EAW game (EX: after running the D3DWindower and launching EAW).



-Further experimentation wasn't done with the other settings that I have unchecked.

A Window Frame Resolution:
Here's one example; Height = 1000 and Width = 1910 will allow a windowed version of EAW, to completely fill the screen of a monitor with 1920x1080 native resolution.

Two Wrapper Issue:
-If EAW is configured to run in Glide mode while using the D3DWindower, you will notice that EAW changes to FULLSCREEN during the Flight Screen, leaving the Window frame mode (there will be no more taskbar or Window headers).

Online Play:
For online play where you may have to cycle to other windows, such as an online client program; Open the D3DWindower, select eaw so its highlighted, and click the blue triangle. This will set it as the active default for emulation. The blue triangle will turn gray, and the red circle (stop) is becomes available. Now leave the D3DWindower running and go to the online client. This will allow you to get out of the EAW screen to other programs such as your online client program.



OpenGLide (fbarros, glidos, swstiletto) Wrapper Program:
OpenGLide is a Glide v2.xx to OpenGL wrapper. (Designed for WinXP, works on Win10) It emulates a Voodoo board. I tested out two versions, v0.09rc7 and v0.09rc9, they work well.

Put the two files Glide2x.dll and OpenGLid.ini into the main EAW game folder, the one with eaw.exe in it. Remember to set Glide Mode(0) in your eaw.ini first. Then run eaw.exe and the (dll) glide mode will work.


Here is the config file option settings I used:



Option Descriptions:

0 means disabled
1 means enabled

The priority of the OpenGLide wrapper, with the following table:
5 - IDLE

Creates a new window for OpenGlide to run.
Can be Enabled or Disabled.

Tells if OpenGLide is to run in FullScreen mode or in Windowed mode.
Can be Enabled or Disabled.

Enables the auto generation of MipMaps, can improve the performance/visual quality, but it is better to test both ways.
Can be Enabled or Disabled.

If the boards supports palette extension this has no effect, otherwise it can improve performance but reduces visual quality.
Can be Enabled or Disabled.

This one is for OpenGL 1.1 boards only, it maps the 565 texture format to the 5551 one if enabled, if disabled the 565 format is mapped to 8888. Enabling it can improve performance, but it is better to test both ways.
Can be Enabled or Disabled.

If the board only supports 16bit Z-Buffer this option can solve some z-buffer problems, it will be disabled automatically if the z-buffer is greater than 16bit.
Can be Enabled or Disabled.

Enables the use of MultiTexture to improve performance.
Can be Enabled or Disabled.

Enables the use of the Palette extension (if present) to improve performance and visual quality.
Can be Enabled or Disabled.

Can improve the performance, must be tested.
Can be Enabled or Disabled.

The amount of Texture memory present, can be from 2 to 32 MB.

The amount of Frame Buffer memory present, can be from 2 to 16 MB.



Full Screen Issue:
Although the Flight Screen works with this wrapper at full screen, when you exit a mission (leave the flight screen) and transition back to the menu screens, crashes the game and give an EAW error about resolution issues. To avoid this I set InitFullScreen= from 1(the default) to zero(0). This remedied the problem, however the flight screen will be in size to what ever you entered for a resolution in your eaw.ini, so it may look like its in a window, but there's no frame...??

Terrain Shimmer:
EnableMipMaps to 1 (the default) this is the setting that gets rid of the terrain shimmering, the terrain looks so nice at the far distance, its a little blurred out and darker in color, but its not shimmering anymore!

ATI Video Cards:
IgnorePaletteChange= should be set to 1 from the 0 (default). I think ATI cards do this themselves, that's why I think it should be disabled??

The older drivers for like WinXP may have a setting for 'PCI texture' Memory or 'frame buffer memory' in the 'OpenGL settings' in the advanced display properties. Set this equal to the setting in your OpenGLid.INI file. If problems arise try 16.

MMX and extended FOG support are now automatically applied in rc9. (OpenGLid.log is generated when used)



nGlide (zeus) Wrapper Program:
This is an another Wrapper, but this one is for the 3Dfx Glide mode in EAW (translates Glide to D3D (or Vulkan), for use by modern gamers who do not have an old Voodoo video card on hand. nGlide works for many Window OS versions, like WinXP and including modern versions, including Win10.

At the time of this writing, nGlide is the easiest Glide wrapper to use. However there is an advanced Glide Wrapper Program called dgVoodoo 2 you may want to try separately from nGlide. nGlide is a 'system wide Glide supporter', while dgVoodoo is a 'local supporting Glide wrapper', meaning dgVoodoo can be configured differently for each game you use. (You do not want to have nGlide installed when using dgVoodoo 2), (I wouldn't recommend having another Glide wrapper installed at the same time as nGlide, this will cause problems).



nGlide Setup Information:
See the nGlide web site for install, setup and usage instructions. If you have any info for these steps using it for EAW, please inform me so I can place them here for others to read...

Window Frame:
nGlide v1.05 supports Windowed Mode by pressing Alt+Enter to create the Window Frame while in game.



dgVoodoo 2 (dege) Wrapper Program:
This has 3Dfx Glide and DirectX1-7 support. Can be run with Glide Mode or DirectX Mode in EAW, up converting to DirectX11 found on modern computers. (You must have at least a DirectX11 supported video card to use).

(Do not have nGlide or another Glide wrapper installed when using dgVoodoo 2).

"Install" the dgVoodoo 2.

  • Un-zip all files into their own folder.
  • After you have dgVoodoo 2 un-zipped, Copy the file dgVoodooCpl.exe into your EAW games main directory.
  • If using WinVista/7/8 (not Win10) Copy the three DLL's files from the \MS folder into EAW's main game directory.
  • Then copy the three DLL's files from the \3DFX folder into EAW's main game directory. (EAW will use DirectX(DirectDraw) for the menu screens and Glide for the Flight Screen if you have it selected in the eaw.ini file. (However with Win8/10 the dgVoodo DX portion needs special attention to get it to work... Otherwise it will use the Windows OS DX/DirectDraw support.)
  • If using WinVista/7/8 (not Win10) You also want the file D3DCompiler_47.dll for dynamic shader compiling, copy it to EAW's main game directory.
  • To help you know when Glide is working properly when EAW goes to the Flight Screen, you'll want the Splash screen DLL files, 3DfxSplashDlls. Copy the two files to your EAW games main directory.
  • Run the dgVoodoo 2 Control Panel by clicking on the "dgVoodooCpl.exe" file. A window will appear.


Configure dgVoodoo 2 for EAW correctly.

- Loading eaw.exe into the dgVoodoo:

  • You don't actually load eaw.exe into or with dgVoodoo, but you want the 'dgVoodoo.conf' configuration file to appear in your games main directory.
  • So by this time you should have the dgVoodoo control panel loaded up. At the top you will see the pull down window labeled "Config Folder / Running Instance", it will most likely be pointing to the wrong folder, to make it point to the current folder, click the .\ dot backslash button hover over label "Adds the folder to the list to where the control panel app is located".
  • Once you click it it will show your games main directory in the window.


Minimum (default) dgVoodoo Settings for EAW: (settings tested with Win10).

- Setup GENERAL Tab:

  • Leave All at Default settings.
  • Output API, Best available one.
  • Adapter (s) to use / enable, All of them.
  • Full Screen Output, Default.
  • Appearance, Full screen.
  • Scaling Mode, Unspecified.
  • Color Adjustments, All at 100 or norm.
  • Miscellaneous, Check Keep Window Aspect Ratio.
  • Miscellaneous, Check Capture Mouse.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup GLIDE Tab:

  • Leave All at Default settings.
  • 3Dfx Card, Voodoo 2.
  • Onboard RAM, 8MB.
  • Texturing, Memory size / TMU, 4096MB.
  • Texturing, Number of TMUs, 2.
  • Resolution, Unforced.
  • Antialiasing (MSAA), App driven.
  • Miscellaneous, Enable Glide Gamma Ramp, Checked.
  • Miscellaneous, 3Dfx Watermark, Checked.
  • Miscellaneous, Force vSync, Checked.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup DIRECTX Tab:

  • Leave All at Default settings.
  • Videocard, dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card
  • Videocard, VRAM, 64MB.
  • Texturing, Filtering, App Driven.
  • Resolution, Unforced.
  • Behavior, Application controlled fullscreen/windowed state, checked
  • Behavior, Disable Alt-Enter to toggle screen state, checked.
  • Antialiasing (MSAA), App driven.
  • Miscellaneous, dgVoodoo Watermark, checked.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.


Launching EAW Correctly:

  • Either run eaw.exe by clicking on it or Create a desktop shortcut to EAW and click on that.
  • For Glide; Anytime you run this eaw.exe the DLLs for dgVoodoo will be used automatically.
  • When EAW loads up the Flight screen, on the Fuel Gauge screen, you will see the 3Dfx watermark on the lower right hand corner of your screen. This indicates that dgVoodoo Glide settings are being used.
  • For WinVista/7; DirectX mode will function if you placed the files correctly as indicated in the steps above.
  • Configure the game inside the Wrapped EAW game (EX: after you check that a watermark is present).



DirectX Issue:
There is an issue using the DX portion of dgVoodoo with Win8/10 (I didn't get it to work. I left out the instructions to even try to get it to work on those OS's, the instructions can be found at his web site).
There seems to be an issue with Win8/10 using only the Windows OS System DirectX DLLs, rather than the DLLs from dgVoodoo2 placed in the EAW games main folder. This means without some modification by you into the registry, the DirectX portion of dgVoodoo is useless as you will witness when EAW is ran in DirectX mode, there is no dgVoodoo Watermark. This means this wrapper program DX dllls are not being used to run the game at all. Even modifying the registry will not guarantee proper operation. (Read the documentation that comes with dgVoodoo as to what you should do if you choose to use the wrapper for enhanced DX.)

Window Frame:
dgVoodoo supports window mode by pressing Alt+Enter to create the Window Frame while in game or to switch back to full screen.

Windows Vista/7 Fog:
Horizon Fog can be restored when using the DirectX mode in the wrapper with Win7... Win7 can use DX dll's in the games main folder.