TROUBLESHOOT   1-23-2021

Written and Edited By: MarkEAW

Download Links:
-game-patch-registry - Has all the old EAW helping reg fixes plus a WinVista / Win7 menu color fix.
-game-patch-wrapper - Has some older wrapper programs, for the currently made programs you'll need to go to their home web sites. (See my 'Links Help Document' or do a search on the web).


(Not a in game screenshot, but a out of game image
Can you reproduce something like this image in game and send it to me?
I really prefer to show in game screenshots than mockups)



Are You Getting Any Of These Errors Listed Here
Running in Win95 / Win98 / WinME
Running in Win2000 or WinXP | Running in WinVista / Win7 | Running in Win8.1 / Win10

Definition of Wrapper Programs | EAW Graphical API's | Overall Wrapper Program and Graphical Settings
DDWrapper (Aqrit's) Program | D3DWindower v1.88 Wrapper Program | DXWND Wrapper Program
nGlide Wrapper Program | dgVoodoo 2 Wrapper Program | OpenGLide Wrapper Program

Conflicts With The Compatibility Tab | Sound Problems | Sound Wrappers | \Program Files sub-folder
Game Crashes To Desktop CTD Solutions | Mouse Pointer On Screen
EAW Downloaded from EB Games | D3D.DLL Missing Error | Missing Horizon FOG
Stretched Game Screens | More On Known Video Problems | Video Post Processing


Joystick Types Known To Work | Controller Drivers | Combining Controls | Chain-Linked Option
Assigning Device ID Option | Down Grade Stick | Gameports | Game Cable To USB | Hot Swapping Controls
Setup In Game First/Profile Software | Gaming Keyboards/Mice/Keypads | USB Joystick Disconnects From Windows
Joystick Not Recognized At All
Joystick Grayed Out/Axis Not Responding | Controls Messed Up/Plane Drifting Sideways
The Joystick Pulls Or Acts Erratically In The Game | POV Hat Not Working | Erratic View Changing Automatically
No Keyboard or Joystick Buttons Working | No control over the Aircraft and Can't Escape From the Game
 WinXP and Targeting Keys | Fast Computers and Mouse Click Selections | Unwanted Entry's In The eaw.ini
Manually Enter Settings | MicroProse Info From The User Manual


Joining Order | Joining Issues | Disconnected Players | Rebooting Necessary | Latency and Lag
Maximum Players Limited


About Registry Entries Produced by Windows | Game EXE File Names
Direct Draw Menu Color Registry Fix | Windows 8/10 Compatibility Layer
Win10 And DirectDraw | ACT Compatibility Database EAW Entry
Moving A EAW Game Folder | Having Multiple Copy's Of The Game | Cleaning Out The Registry Of EAW



Conflicts With The Compatibility Tab

Joystick Types Known To Work | Gaming Keyboards/Mice/Keypads | Erratic View Changing Automatically
Crash To Desktop, FF | WinXP and Targeting Keys | Fast Computers and Mouse Click Selections



This document was written to get you out of issues or problems you may have with the game. To supply technical support information with thorough troubleshooting help, on how to get the game (any version, including source modifications) to run properly on any version of Windows.

(For your Info: 32 bit or 64 bit computer systems will run EAW.) However, depending on which Windows OS you have you may have some problematic issues with the game. Those issues and there remedies are covered in this help document to get the game running properly, regardless of the WinOS your using.



This section is very helpful of informing you of the errors and issues you may encounter. The information explains to you the actions you may need to take to run your game problem free. Helpful for stock EAW and even modified EAW versions.


Are You Getting Any Of These Errors Listed Here:
Here are some of the errors messages and conditions you could receive when trying to run the game:
(These are typically related to graphical problems)
"not a valid win32 application"
"Sorry, EAW will not run under WinNT"
Crash to Desktop (CTD)
Your menu screen colors are messed up
Your menu screen is garbled or tearing

The following information will help you get around them.


Running in Win95 / Win98 / WinME:
The stock game is designed for Win95.


  • Installs and runs on the older OS versions. You do need to have old hardware with old supported drivers.



Running in Win2000 or WinXP:
If using fully updated versions of Win2000 or WinXP and the game won't run normally, read below.


  • For the game not running on W2k:
    Win2k requires some extensive but effective manual OS configuring to use what is called a Compatibility Database from Microsoft to get EAW to run. (Read my 'Windows ACT Toolkit' Help Document for advanced help with Win2k, If you run natively you won't need a Wrapper Program, see issue below).
  • WinXP only needs some updating and guidance:
    (Read my Windows ACT Toolkit Help Document for some simple help with WinXP, If you run natively you won't need a Wrapper Program, see issue below).
  • For the garbled screens, menu color issues, or other errors:
    You may try using a special programs called Wrappers to run the game for an overall workaround of any errors, you should have great success with them. However, if your hardware and video drivers allow it, I recommend you try to get the game to run without a Wrapper Program first. Read Above.



Running in WinVista / Win7:
If using WinVista/Win7 and you have the OS fully updated, the game can and should run "natively" in full screen with-OUT wrappers using D3D Mode and with out problems, normally faster than on Win10 (nearly double the FPS).


  • For the garbled (tearing) menu and map screens:
    Try using the special programs called Wrappers to run the game to correct this type of error. This seems to be the only current fix for Windows Vista / Win7. (On my Win7 system I did not have tearing of menus or map briefing screens, I don't know why others may have tearing issues on Win7, (it maybe something to do with the capabilities or settings for display and monitor used)).
  • For If Menu colors are messed up:
    If the game is running properly with out using a Wrapper program and the only problem is the colors of the Menu Screens are messed up, I highly suggest to you to use only a special registry fix designed for this Windows versions. See the section titled 'WINDOWS REGISTRY' near the end of this help document and read the topic titled "Direct Draw Menu Color Registry Fix" for more information on how this is beneficial to you.
  • It is possible to have one or both of the above issues.



Running in Win8.1 / Win10:
If using Win8.1/Win10 and the OS is fully updated, with basic support the game can run "natively" in full screen with-OUT wrappers in D3D Mode, with out problems. The use of the automatically applied Windows OS built-in Compatibility Fixes and Modes allows the Menu Screens to display correctly with correct color and no tearing.


  • Standard Reduced D3D Speed Performance (reduced from Win7 performance level):
    There is a flaw due to DirectDraw being deprecated by Microsoft in favor of something new called Direct2D, this maybe why it slows down the game to around 30FPS or lower on most systems, that's half of what it could run at...there currently is not any known fix other than to use a Direct3D or Glide Wrapper Program to possibly gain more Frames Per Second.
  • 7217 EAW error:
    Getting this error for no apparent reason; Add (re-add) the Windows registry fix value as described in this help document further below, in the section titled 'WINDOWS REGISTRY' at the topic 'Windows 8.1/10 Compatibility Layer'. Sometimes this special registry entry provided by Windows is removed when using a Wrapper program.




none right now.



This section is for information on DirectX and Glide Wrapper programs used with the game to resolve Video and running issues. Some Windows OS do not need Wrappers. (Read above in the previous section to see if you need to use one).


Definition of Wrapper Programs:
Wrappers are special programs to run the game for an overall workaround of any of the errors listed above in the previous section. These programs typically translate older DirectX / DirectDraw games up converted out to a newer DirectX (sometimes OpenGL). Sometimes they allow you to use the games built in Glide mode, that is translated to DirectX. Also they allow for you to use a Window Mode (Frame) for games like EAW that don't have that mode available originally. (Windowed Mode is a window frame on your desktop that the game can run in.) Most wrappers allow full screen mode as well.

The Wrapper programs that other EAW pilots have used are: DDWrapper, D3DWindower, DXWnd for DirectX support or nGlide and dgVoodoo for 3dfx Glide support. Use only one of them at a time if there the same API, such as using or even installing two or more DirectX wrappers can result in highly un predictable behavior, not to mention confusion. Work with one of them at time until you find the one you need.

There's some evidence you can run a DirectX Wrapper plus something like nGlide at the same moment. But I have only briefly pointed that out in given locations in this section.


EAW Graphical API's:
This area of the document is to inform you of the two different Graphical API's in EAW and how they affect your game. The two Application Programming Interface (API) used by EAW are D3D (DirectX) from Microsoft, and the other is Glide from 3DFX. These are the coded graphics renderer modes built (coded) into the game.

  • Note DirectX API Version:
    Currently all versions of EAW, either source modified or not use DX6. (There maybe some instructions left over from DX5 in the games code). The Menu system in EAW is driven by DirectDraw and the Flight Screen is primarily Direct3D with portions in DirectDraw for the 2D part of the Flight Screen.

    For NVIDIA users there will be no Horizon Fog as support for this is not in the video card drivers anymore. However, ATI cards had the Fog Legacy support re-introduced after it was briefly removed in the early 2000s.

    Since the DirectX version built in the game is so old, the Frames per second may suffer on certain systems, (since compatibility fixes and or modes would be used). However, Wrapper programs can speed this up, and if you use a Window Mode (Frame) rather than full screen then the performance will surly increase.
  • Note Glide API Version:
    Even when using Glide Mode, DirectDraw is used during the Menu Screens in EAW. Glide takes over during the Flight Screen. (This mean you MAY need a D3D Wrapper as well to correct any in game Menu corruption).

    The more recent Code modified versions of EAW (starting with Feb 2016 for EAW v1.28e, 1.29 and 1.40) will be using the improved Glide 3.0 API version, this will display the game in 256 colors with a selectable 24 bit color palette, just like Direct3D does. (However you maybe limited to a maximum of 1024x768 in game Glide Mode resolution).
    Using Glide and EAWv1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.26e, FXEXE or any other version of the game that has not been specifically coded to use the more advanced 'Glide API v3.0' will be seen in reduced available colors, since those un-updated exes use the older and original 'Glide API v2.43'; These older versions only display from a fixed 8-bit 256 colors in its flight screens, rather than the many more selectable color choices available like you would find in Direct3D mode. (However higher resolutions will be most likely be available to use in game).

    Primary reasons to use Glide Mode in EAW:
    -Faster Performance (most of the time).
    EAW users may find that the game runs faster in Glide mode then in a D3D mode. If you find you have terribly low Frame Rates (under 30FPS , even on low resolution or non demanding game settings) there may be a use for the old Glide Mode after all. In fact everyone should be able to have Maximum Quality Settings and have good Frame Rates this day and age with EAW.
    -Horizon Fog is restored for NVIDIA Video Cards (You won't see the edge of the square world).
    The other reason to use Glide Mode in EAW when using a NVIDIA video card is that Glide Wrappers will produce the (missing from Direct3D mode)  'Horizon Fog' graphics, which is displayed from ground to sky. (Fog Tables are incompatible with NVIDIA's modern drivers, they have removed support for them. ATI users have had that support added back in years ago). If you find you want the edge of the world hidden by Fog, then I would suggest to use a Glide Wrapper to restore the Horizon Fog.

    You can have a Glide Wrapper installed along side a D3D Wrapper Program (if needed), so you can switch back and forth between D3D and Glide anytime you want, before the game launches or use both D3D and a Glide Wrapper at the same time, Same time meaning; The Menu Screens in game will use the D3D Wrapper while the in game Flight Screen will use Glide. (Note: If your going to use a Glide Wrapper, make sure you first set the Glide Mode value under the DisplayDevice= setting to 0 in your eaw.ini file.)

  • Other Graphic Renderers:
    Most Wrapper programs will translate old DirectX to newer or current DirectX versions in some fashion. This will allow some to have more features and abilities. Glide converted to newer or current DirectX versions is common as well. There's also DirectX/Glide APIs translated to OpenGL API and the newer Vulkan API. They all have similar outcomes, typically improvement. Some may yield better performance for you (higher FPS). Below I've noted what the Wrappers listed, can translate from and to which API for your conveyance.


Overall Wrapper Program and Graphical Settings:
Some Wrappers have graphical enhancements built in that you may set as active if you choose too. Some enhancements may get applied automatically with no user control. There are similar or equal settings in each Wrapper Program that are almost entirely found in the Video Control Panels for your video drivers, but the ones in the Wrapper Program usually actually have a better chance at working. However, If at all possible when experimenting, set the equal settings in your Video control Panel first, then if that does not work, set them in the Wrapper program. You only need one setting On, either in the Wrapper or in the Video Display Control Panel, preferably in the Video Control Panel first since that will be direct hardware performance tweaking. Reminder; Only set one at a time until you know each setting is working and not causing any issues with your game, some graphic improvements may CTD the game.

Here are some of the general settings in Wrapper Programs that can benefit EAWs look and performance. Always set and try the settings in your Video Control Panel first if they exist, then use the ones the wrapper support, not both.

  • Resolution Settings:
    For EAWv1.28 and above, try 1024x768 in your eaw.ini. (EAWPRO type, use 1024x768).

    If your using a Wrapper program to display the game and if performance is an issue, such as low Frames Per Second (FPS), ...for EAW versions below 1.28 I recommend perhaps an in game resolution (eaw.ini) of minimum of 800x600. You can then raise the resolution in the wrapper separately or try to double it (1600x1200 if possible) that resolution if you wish, via the wrapper settings. Some will say that the quality is almost as good as if EAW's in game resolution was set for that high by itself, you judge for your self. Using this 'doubling' method you will find that the planes are larger, the HUD, icons and chat fonts are larger also. The frame rate is much better too because the actual game res is lower. Keep reading.

    Now you don't need to double up on the res in the wrapper if your system won't handle it...try 800x600 then in the wrapper try 1024x768, or whatever. This will help FPS too. I set EAWv1.26e (EAWv1.2) to 800x600 in the eaw.ini, and in the wrapper, I set 1024x768. I get a decent view and high performance that way. Why do I do that? I mentioned before in the previous paragraph that the stock games give a better FOV at 800x600 than 1024x768. (EAWv1.28 and above or types of eaw.exe (EAWPRO) that support Wide FOV at 1024x768, I will use 1024x768 resolution natively with in the eaw.ini).

    If you want to keep the original 2D Cockpits, using a Wrapper program, and have some visual improvements in quality; Try keeping the default 640x480 resolution in the game and then in the wrapper program set it to double; 1280x960. You will be able to keep all the fun 2D cockpits. (I'm not sure if newer video cards will work in 640x480, even if you wrap it at double res, test it!. Why? Because newer cards seem to be limited to 800 x 600 desktops.

    Another option is to set Width and Height to 0 in your wrapper program. (This will load the games menu screens in there natural windows size (640x480 or 1024x768 depending on the EAW game version your using) and the 3D Flight Screen of the game will automatically use what you have set in the eaw.ini resolution area.)

    For more about resolution settings and the options you have with them, please see my 'Video Help Document'. It includes advice about setting your EAW resolutions and limitations of such.
  • Windowed Mode:
    Try to set your wrapper to play in a Window Frame Mode. (It usually won't fill your entire screen), but you will get higher Frames per second. Why? I can only say that it does. :)
  • No Terrain Shimmer:
    Anisotropic Filtering set in the Video Control Panel was used a very long time ago to clean up the distant Terrain Shimmering, its unclear if it still works, after testing on modern systems it doesn't seem so. You can also try EnableMipMap as another option that seems to work in wrappers (if they have it, I know one wrapper does).
  • Bilinear Filtering:
    Try the lowest possible setting, other than none for this filter. This will slow the game down a bit, but produces better looking textures and fuller Radio Sub Titles.
  • Clear Compatibility Flags:
    Although Win8.1/10 can run EAW natively, sometimes someone might want to run a wrapper anyhow. Most if not all Wrapper Programs run better in most cases when the Windows 10 OS compatibility mode that is self set in the registry is removed first, it can conflict with the D3D wrapper programs for an example.
    So if your having performance issues you just can't solve with the Wrapper, remove that entry(s). Its found in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER location. Read further down in this help document under the WINDOWS REGISTRY section, the topic will be titled 'Windows 8.1/10 Compatibility Layer'. (This may apply to later versions of Vista and Win7 as well...??...But its unclear).



Further below I mention default settings you should possibly use for each Wrapper Program to run EAW properly. For more information on any of these programs, check their Readmes and see their home sites for help where available. I highly recommend you read most of the wrapper information until you pick one out you want to try. Then study that information I have provided for that Wrapper you picked.

Coded Glide Mode (Glide 3.0) for UAWv1.60 seems to only support a maximum of 1024x768 resolution in game....??



DDWrapper (Aqrit's) Program:
This is a Direct Draw wrapper that works with the EAW Windows 95 game. Tested under Windows Vista and 7. Among other capabilities, this will remove the weird 8-bit palette color corruption from the menu screens.

You place the two files, ddraw.dll and the aqrit.cfg file in the main EAW game folder. (you can also place them in other game folders without effecting your global Windows settings!, each EAW game folder can be configure independent of each other.) Open the aqrit.cfg in the main game folder set ColorFix = 1 and save it.

Here's the configuration settings I tested with Win7:

RealDDrawPath = AUTO
BltMirror = 0
BltNoTearing = 0
ColorFix = 1
DisableHighDpiScaling = 0
FakeVsync = 0
FakeVsyncInterval = 0
ForceBltNoTearing = 0
ForceDirectDrawEmulation = 0
NoVideoMemory = 0
SingleProcAffinity = 0
ShowFPS = 0

Note Readme:
Read the included readme.html file before using!



D3DWindower v1.88 (menopem, NamelessVoice) Wrapper Program:
This is a English translated version of a Japanese version. This program is ages old (Designed for Windows XP) but still useful and functional. However if you need to use the D3DWindower Wrapper program with Win2000/XP/Vista/7 to correct the weird colored Menu Screens or get rid of garbled / tearing Menu Screens or perhaps you just want to set the option to run EAW from Full Screen to a Window Frame with Borders (not full screen). Why in a Frame? Because you may need the Frame feature so you can switch between other programs while running EAW, keep reading.

The procedure to "install" the Wrapper including the minimum settings needed for EAW to run properly are listed below. If your going to use this Wrapper, make sure you first set the Direct3D setting under the DisplayDevice setting to 1 or 2 in your eaw.ini file for Direct3D Mode.


"Install" the D3DWindower v1.88 correctly.

  • Un-zip all files into their own folder. (preferably close to your games folder, but not necessary).
  • After you have the D3DWindower un-zipped, run it by clicking on the ".exe" file. A small window will appear.


Configure D3DWindower v1.88 for EAW correctly.

- Loading eaw.exe into the D3DWindower:

  • "+" icon adds a program, ("-" icon deletes a program.)
  • To add a program, such as EAW, use the game's executable file (eaw.exe). Browse for location and select it.
    (you can also just drag and drop the eaw.exe into the box).


Minimum D3DWindower v1.88 Program Options for EAW: (settings tested with WinVista / Win7).

- Setup Common Options Tab:

  • Open the D3DWindower and select an eaw.exe, then click on the 'Program Options Icon' (Gear Icon).
  • Set Width and Height to the size you wish, including 0 as a possible value.
  • Use Windowed Mode, checked.
  • DLL: Must point to the D3DHook.dll, Browse for location (normally in the same location as the D3DWindower.exe) of the D3Dhook.dll file, and add it.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup Window Mode Options Tab for EAW:

  • DirectX1-7, checked.
  • DDraw Color Emulate, checked.
  • DDraw Color Convert, checked. (if you don't check this one you'll get the 7217 error).
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup Foreground Control for EAW:

  • Nothing checked.

- Setup Direct Input for EAW:

  • Nothing checked.


Launching EAW Correctly:

  • Create a desktop shortcut to the D3DWindower program.
  • Launch the game by first starting the D3DWindower program.
  • Then highlight desired game icon in the box.
  • Then click "Run Program" (Computer Icon) to play game.
    (or double click on the game Icon in the box to launch EAW.)
  • Configure the game inside the Wrapped EAW game (EX: after running the D3DWindower and launching EAW).



-Further experimentation wasn't done with the other settings that I have unchecked.

A Window Frame Resolution:
Here's one example; Height = 1000 and Width = 1910 will allow a windowed version of EAW, to completely fill the screen of a monitor with 1920x1080 native resolution.

Two Wrappers:
-You can use nGlide or dgVoodoo (in Glide Mode 0) as (listed below) with the D3DWindower program, however I include no instruction to do that here.
-If EAW is configured to run in Glide mode while using the D3DWindower, you will notice that EAW changes to FULLSCREEN, leaving the Window frame mode (there will be no more taskbar or Window headers).

Online Play:
For online play where you may have to cycle to other windows, such as an online client program; Open the D3DWindower, select eaw so its highlighted, and click the blue triangle. This will set it as the active default for emulation. The blue triangle will turn gray, and the red circle (stop) is becomes available. Now leave the D3DWindower running and goto the online client. This will allow you to get out of the EAW screen to other programs such as your online client program.

Bypass D3DWindower:
If it is NOT desired to run the game while also using D3dWindower program, simply bypass the D3DWindower program by clicking on the games's own shortcut or EXE in Windows File Explorer withOUT having the D3DWindower loaded elsewhere. (Note though this could cause Windows OS compatibility problems when you return to the wrapper program for launching the game next time, only because Win10 sometimes adds a compatibility registry entry).



DXWND (ghotik) Wrapper Program:
This was developed as a tool for running full screen games (like EAW) in windowed mode (but can be used in full screen). The DXWnd Wrapper has been made with the ability to fix old games with a bunch of compatibility settings and options. Designed for Windows.

However you may find that you may need to use the DXWND Wrapper program with Win2000/XP/Vista/7 to correct the weird colored Menu Screens or get rid of garbled / tearing Menu Screens or perhaps you just want to run EAW in a Window Frame (not full screen) with or without Borders. BTW, See Notes at the end of these instructions.

The procedure to "install" the Wrapper including the minimum settings needed for EAW to run properly are listed below. All settings I have listed may not be required, try what I have listed below first to get your game running stable. Then read up on what the settings do in the DXWND readme or web site before you disable (uncheck) them for other reasons. (If your going to use this Wrapper, make sure you first set EAW to use the Direct3D Mode, under the DisplayDevice setting to 1 or 2 in your eaw.ini file.)


"Install" the DXWND.

  • Un-zip all files into their own folder.
  • After you have DXWnd un-zipped, run it by clicking on the "dxwnd.exe" file. A small window will appear. (It will be in easy mode, stay with that mode for now).

"Updating" DXWND Program. (Just downloaded a new version?, this is what to do)

  • Simply un-zip the new archive into its new folder.
  • Copy the dxwnd.ini file from the old version into the new folder. This contains all your wrapper settings for your EAW DXWND configurations.
  • Delete the old DXWND folder and use the new folder to launch DXWND.


Configure DXWND for EAW correctly.

- Loading eaw.exe into the DXWND:

  • Run dxwnd.exe by double clicking it.
  • Where going to load the premade EAW profile. To load it, open the File menu and choose "Import....".
  • Browse to the folder where you extracted the DXWnd files and open the \exports sub-folder. Choose 'European Air War" ,then click on "Open".
  • Right click on the EAW Icon in the list and choose "Modify". It will open to the Main Tab Settings for that game.
  • Change the existing Path of the game to the specific eaw.exe you want to use and run with this particular Icon.
  • Once you have completed the previous step, the game Icon should now be a little graphic in appearance.


Minimum Easy DXWND Settings for EAW: (settings tested with Win10)
(Easy Mode TABs)

- Setup MAIN Tab:

  • Name, modify the European Air War name to reflect the eaw.exe game you will be launching, like "EAWv126".
  • Path, you should have this changed already to the correct exe.
  • Generic, Run in Window, checked (or unchecked and check FullScreen Only)
  • Position, Window initial position, set X and Y to 50 (This is where the window frame will be on your desktop)
  • Position, Window initial size, set W and H to what you want, including possible 0 setting (This is how large your window frame will be, you can match the res of the game or choose what you want, or try 1024x768).
  • Monitor to def. (default or 1)
  • Desktop Center, checked (or X,Y coordinates, checked. It will use the window position you entered previously)
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup VIDEO Tab:

  • Window Style, thick frame, checked
  • Window Style, Lock Win Style, checked
  • Window Handling, Emulate Win Maximize, checked
  • Window Handling, Hide Multi-Monitor Config, checked
  • Windows Size and Position, Locked Size, checked
  • Initial Virtual Color Setting, Current, checked
  • FPS counter, titlebar, checked (or unchecked and check overlay for displaying on full screen)
  • Z Order, default, checked
  • Screen Resolution, SVGA, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup MOUSE Tab:

  • Cursor Visibility, Autom., checked
  • Mouse Clipper, default, checked
  • Cursor Handling, Correct mouse position, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup DIRECTX Tab:

  • DirectX Version Hook, Automatic, checked
  • Emulation, Renderer, primary surface, selected (I tried OpenGL but had terrible flashing)
  • Emulation Filter, fast bilinear 2x, selected (This will smooth-out the radio subtitles and other textures)
  • Aero Handling, Aero compatible mode, checked
  • Aero Handling, Optimize for Aero mode, checked
  • DirectDraw Surface Handling, Auto Primary Surface Blit, checked (Boosts FPS on Menu screens, better mouse movement)
  • DirectDraw Surface Handling, Auto Primary Surface Blit, Forced Mode, checked (Boosts FPS and smoothes prop rotation on Flight Screen. On EAWv1.60 causes an occasional slight screen flicker)
  • DirectDraw Surface Handling, Flip emulation, checked (This allows the flight screen to display correctly)
  • DirectDraw Surface Handling, Support offscreen 3D, checked (Z buffer)
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup DIRECTX(2) Tab:

  • DDraw Tweaks, Fix ddraw refcount, checked
  • DDraw Tweaks, Set 16BPP RGB565 encoding, checked
  • VSync, default and WaitForVeticalBlank, checked (VSync ON will adjust (max) FPS to monitor refresh rate)
  • Flip/Blt Wait, default, checked
  • Clipper, default, checked
  • FourCC Processing, No, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup DIRECT3D Tab:

  • Swap Effect, Discard, checked
  • Texture Handling, none (although Hack seems to work as well)
  • Texture Handling, file format, BMP, checked (although RAW seems to work too)
  • Force Vertex Proc./ Execute Buffer, default, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup LIBS Tab:

  • GDI, No GDI handling, checked
  • Remap Client Rect, checked
  • MM (multimedia), Remap MCI coordinates, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup NOTES Tab:

  • Insert your testing information etc..... (please experiment with what settings I have here and let me know how they effect the game. To better the look and performance, you may want to use Expert Mode. That mode will provide many more Tabs with settings on them.)


Minimum Expert DXWND Settings for EAW: (settings tested with Win10)
(Expert Mode TABs) Now for some expert settings. To enable the new Tab settings, at the DXWnd window, goto Options and select Expert Mode.

- Setup HOOK Tab:

  • Hook Enabled, checked
  • Injection Mode, SetWindowsHook, checked
  • Hooking Mode, Word, checked
  • Son Process Hook, default, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup INPUT Tab:

  • Control Keys, Alt-Tab, Default, checked
  • Keyboard Handling, Enable Hot Keys, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup MSGS Tab:

  • Message Handling, Process All Messages, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup OPENGL Tab:

  • Nothing checked.

- Setup SDL Tab:

  • Nothing checked.

- Setup SOUND Tab:

  • DirectSound, Global Focus, default, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup TWEAKS Tab:

  • patch:NoOleInitialize , added
  • Everything else leave.

- Setup I/O Tab:

  • I/O, Fake CD, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup LOCALE Tab:

  • Nothing checked.

- Setup TIMING Tab:

  • CPU Optimization, Slow Down Mouse Polling, checked (This will normalize the speed at which selections appear on the changing mission menus)
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup LOGS Tab:

  • DXWND Logs, None, checked
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup COMPAT Tab:

  • Tweaks, Limit Available Resources, checked (Integer32 Memory Size Overflow error in EAW)
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup REGISTRY Tab:

  • Nothing checked.



Launching EAW Correctly:

  • Create a desktop shortcut to the DXWND program.
  • Launch the game by first starting the DXWND program.
  • Then highlight desired game icon in the box.
  • Then right-click "Run" to play game.
    (or double click on the game Icon in the box to launch EAW.)
  • Configure the game inside the Wrapped EAW game (EX: after running the DXWND and launching EAW).




Works well with this OS. It fixes all issues (color issue, garbled menus/maps).

Win10 and DXWND and EAW:
(This wrapper now works with Win10 (Tested Aug 2018 and May 27 2019)). However and unfortunate the big let down; I found that the planes flying about , jitter a bit (Like a little lag) and mouse camera movement is the same. I have been unable to find a fix or workaround for this. You may want to check / uncheck certain settings to see what works if anything to improve or remove the jitter.
You will find that DirectX (DD/D3D) Mode in EAW has a big performance boost with the DXWND Wrapper Program. The DXWND wrapper seems to out perform Win10's own fixes and compatibility layers. You should notice a boost in performance, especially if using the window frame mode. (May 27 2019) I got from 38 in Win10 to 70-80 FPS in DXWND). Test on your own if you have time, it maybe worht it for your system. (Note: Your not limited to using this DXWND wrapper, other wrappers will show a performance boost, even in Glide Mode).

Win10 and DXWND and EAWv1.60:
Loading up a mission either at approximately 50 on the Fuel Loading Gauge or 100% on Loading Map Screen, the game freezes and becomes non responsive, every time, then flashes to working state in a few seconds. I was unable to find a fix or workaround for this (this error happens with v1.40 tested as well). Seems to be the wrapper is a resource hog.
-Also a few times (more than a rare instance) a "Pic not Found! Error -1" after clicking Instant Mission happens. This last error maybe related to the resolution used. This appears to be another DXWND issue. You may need to use a resolution set equal to your computers native resolution to avoid this error??

Two Wrappers:
If you wish to experiment, you might be-able to use nGlide or dgVoodoo with the DXWND program, however I do not include instructions in using multiple wrappers at the same time.


nGlide (zeus) Wrapper Program:
This is an another Wrapper, but this one is for the 3Dfx Glide mode in EAW (translates Glide to D3D (or Vulkan), for use by modern gamers who do not have an old Voodoo video card on hand. nGlide works for many Window OS versions, like WinXP and including modern versions, including Win10.

At the time of this writing, nGlide is the easiest Glide wrapper to use. However there is an advanced Glide Wrapper Program called dgVoodoo 2 you may want to try separately from nGlide. nGlide is a 'system wide Glide supporter', while dgVoodoo is a 'local supporting Glide wrapper', meaning dgVoodoo can be configured differently for each game you use. (You do not want to have nGlide installed when using dgVoodoo 2), (I wouldn't recommend having another Glide wrapper installed at the same time as nGlide, this will cause problems).



nGlide Setup Information:
See the nGlide web site for install, setup and usage instructions. If you have any info for these steps using it for EAW, please inform me so I can place them here for others to read...

Window Frame:
nGlide v1.05 supports Windowed Mode by pressing Alt+Enter to create the Window Frame while in game.



dgVoodoo 2 (dege) Wrapper Program:
This has 3Dfx Glide and DirectX1-7 support. Can be run with Glide Mode or DirectX Mode in EAW, up converting to DirectX11 found on modern computers.

For Windows Vista/7/8.1/10 (This is important; You must have at least a DirectX11 supported video card to use).

There is an issue using the DX portion of dgVoodoo with Win8/10 (I didn't get it to work. I left out the instructions to even try to get it to work on those OS's).
I suggest to use the Glide portion of dgVoodoo at least.
(Do not have nGlide or another Glide wrapper installed when using dgVoodoo 2).

"Install" the dgVoodoo 2.

  • Un-zip all files into their own folder.
  • After you have dgVoodoo 2 un-zipped, Copy the file dgVoodooCpl.exe into your EAW games main directory.
  • If using WinVista/7/8 (not Win10) Copy the three DLL's files from the \MS folder into EAW's main game directory.
  • Then copy the three DLL's files from the \3DFX folder into EAW's main game directory. (EAW will use DirectX(DirectDraw) for the menu screens and Glide for the Flight Screen if you have it selected in the eaw.ini file. (However with Win8/10 the dgVoodo DX portion needs special attention to get it to work... Otherwise it will use the Windows OS DX/DirectDraw support.)
  • If using WinVista/7/8 (not Win10) You also want the file D3DCompiler_47.dll for dynamic shader compiling, copy it to EAW's main game directory.
  • To help you know when Glide is working properly when EAW goes to the Flight Screen, you'll want the Splash screen DLL files, 3DfxSplashDlls. Copy the two files to your EAW games main directory.
  • Run the dgVoodoo 2 Control Panel by clicking on the "dgVoodooCpl.exe" file. A window will appear.


Configure dgVoodoo 2 for EAW correctly.

- Loading eaw.exe into the dgVoodoo:

  • You don't actually load eaw.exe into or with dgVoodoo, but you want the 'dgVoodoo.conf' configuration file to appear in your games main directory.
  • So by this time you should have the dgVoodoo control panel loaded up. At the top you will see the pull down window labeled "Config Folder / Running Instance", it will most likely be pointing to the wrong folder, to make it point to the current folder, click the .\ dot backslash button hover over label "Adds the folder to the list to where the control panel app is located".
  • Once you click it it will show your games main directory in the window.


Minimum (default) dgVoodoo Settings for EAW: (settings tested with Win10).

- Setup GENERAL Tab:

  • Leave All at Default settings.
  • Output API, Best available one.
  • Adapter (s) to use / enable, All of them.
  • Full Screen Output, Default.
  • Appearance, Full screen.
  • Scaling Mode, Unspecified.
  • Color Adjustments, All at 100 or norm.
  • Miscellaneous, Check Keep Window Aspect Ratio.
  • Miscellaneous, Check Capture Mouse.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup GLIDE Tab:

  • Leave All at Default settings.
  • 3Dfx Card, Voodoo 2.
  • Onboard RAM, 8MB.
  • Texturing, Memory size / TMU, 4096MB.
  • Texturing, Number of TMUs, 2.
  • Resolution, Unforced.
  • Antialiasing (MSAA), App driven.
  • Miscellaneous, Enable Glide Gamma Ramp, Checked.
  • Miscellaneous, 3Dfx Watermark, Checked.
  • Miscellaneous, Force vSync, Checked.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.

- Setup DIRECTX Tab:

  • Leave All at Default settings.
  • Videocard, dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card
  • Videocard, VRAM, 64MB.
  • Texturing, Filtering, App Driven.
  • Resolution, Unforced.
  • Behavior, Application controlled fullscreen/windowed state, checked
  • Behavior, Disable Alt-Enter to toggle screen state, checked.
  • Antialiasing (MSAA), App driven.
  • Miscellaneous, dgVoodoo Watermark, checked.
  • Everything else leave unchecked.


Launching EAW Correctly:

  • Either run eaw.exe by clicking on it or Create a desktop shortcut to EAW and click on that.
  • For Glide; Anytime you run this eaw.exe the DLLs for dgVoodoo will be used automatically.
  • When EAW loads up the Flight screen, on the Fuel Gauge screen, you will see the 3Dfx watermark on the lower right hand corner of your screen. This indicates that dgVoodoo Glide settings are being used.
  • For WinVista/7; DirectX mode will function if you placed the files correctly as indicated in the steps above.
  • Configure the game inside the Wrapped EAW game (EX: after you check that a watermark is present).



Window Frame:
dgVoodoo supports window mode by pressing Alt+Enter to create the Window Frame while in game or to switch back to full screen.

For DirectX in Win8/10;
There seems to be a issue with Win8 and Win10 using only the Windows System DirectX DLLs. This means without some modification by you, the DirectX portion of dgVoodoo is useless as you will witness when EAW is ran in DirectX mode, there is no dgVoodoo Watermark. This means this wrapper program is not being used to run the game at all. (Read the documentation; 'ReadmeDirectX.html' that comes with dgVoodoo as to what you should do if you choose to use the wrapper for enhanced DX.)

Windows Vista/7 Fog:
Horizon Fog can be restored when using this DX mode wrapper with Win7??



OpenGLide (fbarros, glidos, swstiletto) Wrapper Program:
OpenGLide is a Glide to OpenGL wrapper. It emulates a Voodoo board so you can run old Windows Glide (v2.xx) games by translating Glide calls into OpenGL. I tested out version v009rc7 (the last version available from the year 2004) on my Win10 system, it seemed to work well.....

Put the two files Glide2x.dll and OpenGLid.INI into the main EAW game folder, the one with eaw.exe in it. Run eaw.exe and the dll glide mode will work. Remember to set Glide Mide(0) in your eaw.ini first.

Here is the config file option settings I used:



Read the included readme text file as well.



Full Screen:
Although the Flight screen works with the wrapper at full screen, when you exit a mission (leave the flight screen) and the transition back to the menu screens, crashes the game and give an EAW error about resolution issues. To avoid this I set InitFullScreen= from 1(the default) to zero(0). This remedied the problem, however the flight screen will be in size to what ever you entered for a resolution in your eaw.ini, so it may look like its in a window, but there's no frame.

Terrain Shimmer:
EnableMipMaps to 1 (the default) this is the setting that gets rid of the terrain shimmering, the terrain looks so nice at the far distance, its a little blurred out and darker in color, but its not shimmering anymore!

ATI Video Cards:
IgnorePaletteChange= should be set to 1 from the 0 (default). I think ATI cards do this themselves, that's why I think it should be disabled??

The older drivers for like WinXP may have a setting for 'PCI texture' Memory or 'frame buffer memory' in the 'OpenGL settings' in the advanced display properties. Set this equal to the setting in your OpenGLid.INI file. If problems arise try 16.




This section is for other important problems and issues with the game you should know about.


Conflicts With The Compatibility Tab:
Using the following settings will cause problems if they are enabled.
Do not run the game with Compatibility Mode (This is the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" setting) in the games shortcuts Compatibility Tab in any version of Windows (except Win2k), its not required for the game to work properly. This should remain un checked. Also do not use "Run this program as an administrator" (If your already logged into Windows OS as an Admin), Its not required and may interfere with the game working properly. Insure you followed my 'Install Help Document' with the placement of your game on your Hard Drive, specific locations can cause problems. See the topic '\Program Files sub-folder' further down in this help document as to why.

Also none of the the shortcut Compatibility Tab Settings need to be checked, (uncheck all of the items if you had them checked and click Apply) before running the game, this only needs to be done once.

Problems that will arise include.

  • Conflicts with a D3D Wrapper program (If you use one of these programs):
    That will result in a 7217 error. (even if the eaw.exe was "corrected" to bypass / not have this error).
  • A few issues with your Controllers (The Compatibility Mode setting effects this):
    Your Joystick may not be detected by the game properly resulting in the axis for movement not working, only the buttons will function, your Keyboard can possibly become unusable during the game as well. (W2K users have a special workaround, see my 'Windows ACT Toolkit Help Document').



Sound Problems:
It's quite common for people with Win9x and WinXP that have better sound cards than the average to actually have sound problems where some or all game sounds don't work. You can fix this by turning sound hardware acceleration down a bit, or off altogether.

To remedy some issues, make sure you have a full installation of EAW, without full installation the game will expect to find sounds on the CD during Play resulting in delays and freezes of the game.

  • Problems with Music/Sound stuttering or pausing game:
    can occur on older systems without a full installation, if you have this problem try to use at least a Quad-Speed CD-Rom with a small cache setting. Also if your Sound Cards IRQ is too high you may get stutter, try physically re-inserting the card on the motherboard in the last (or bottom) PCI slot to obtain the correct IRQ. If all that doesn't work and you have a full EAW installation, try using a good NoCD patch so the game doesn't use the CD in the drive at all.
  • Problem with no Career Briefing Speech:
    Make sure on Windows 95/98 that you have the standard audio compression codec installed, the Microsoft ADPCM Codec. This should not be a problem on later windows OS versions.
  • Problem with Campaign Crashing to Desktop:
    can occur when playing some campaigns such as Battle of Britain campaign in September, change your sound settings from 16bit to 8bit  (or vice vera) and try to finish the campaign. There maybe a custom sound that you put in the EAW main folder that's corrupt in some manner, that maybe causing the crash.
  • Problem with no Engine AND no Gun Sound:
    This occurs when there is still Bullet sound and Wind sound is still heard. This seems to be a problem with the newer (newer than EAW itself), "sound hardware accelerated" systems, but is usually easy to fix. The problem is when you have a type of Sound Card mounted where its in a slot on your motherboard and normally the acceleration slider for the sound card is set to the max for best performance. This is a known problem in Win9x and WinXP with Creative / Ensoniq PCI cards. To fix the issue, For Windows 98, go to the control panel and select "multimedia." Next go to the Audio tab and then click the "advanced properties" button under "playback." Then click the "performance" tab. Move the hardware acceleration slider to the left. How far depends on your hardware. Some people only have to move it two units to the left, and others might have to move it all the way to the left. Try moving it one unit at a time until you find where you need to be.
  • Crashing With This Error Message:
    If the game keeps crashing and quitting mid-game, with an error on screen: start_sound_channel(): Fail to play DS buffer. First Make sure your sound card is selected as "Game Compatible Device" in the Control Panel> Multimedia> Playback> Preferred Device. You can also try reducing your sound hardware acceleration slider. See the previous troubleshooter paragraph for instructions on how to do this.



Sound Wrappers:
Sound Wrappers tend to allow a game with true 3D sound to be used with old popular 3D Sound Drivers, like EAX and A3D using 3D Buffers, through DirectSound3D translated up to a different type and current sound driver / API. However EAW does not use DS3D (no 3D sound buffers). It uses plain DirectSound with 2D sound buffers for panning left, center (both speakers have sound), and right. Further testing on a standard Realtek Codec Integrated Audio on 5.1 speakers produce no sound in any of the surround speakers. (I'm using standard default settings. I'm not using the Audio's generic spatial functions, which are not Dolby anyhow BTW).

EAW it does claim to have stereo "surround" via a Dolby Surround Logo on the Box and CD label. (Some say it uses Miles Sound) but nothing is mentioned in the games manual about this type of superior sound oddly enough.

All you need for the game to hear the sound is a set of 2 desktop speakers or a 2 speaker set of headphones. What also works and will improve your sound experience with any game is if you use a "fake" 2.1 speaker system; this is where the subwoofer connects to the two front speakers (rather than having a real subwoofer connection; which would have its own plug that goes into the desktop's port). The sound quality is improved as the speaker system will move the lows to the subwoofer away from the desktop 'satellite' speakers. The amount of quality will depend on watts supported per speaker and the maker of the equipment.

It works with a 'real' 2.1 setup as well (Also on a 5.1 speakers when setup for Stereo). Just as before, the lows are moved to the subwoofer.

Hardware Acceleration:
Windows earlier than Win10 have an option to adjust HW acceleration with a slider... However Win10 has HW acceleration on at all times, to full. (Only the mixing of sample rates is software driven when using integrated sound).



\Program Files sub-folder:
If you followed my manual install directions, you placed your game in a folder other than \Program Files. If you did not you maybe wondering why the game is Crashing to the Desktop (CTD) as soon as you load the game with errors like "European Air War Has Stopped Working" and "A Problem Has Caused The Program To Stop Working".

This is because EAW wants and expects the games configuration file, eaw.ini, to be in the games main root folder next too the eaw.exe file. However by 'installing' the game in the \Program Files\ folder, Windows Vista/7/8/10 expects to have the eaw.ini file, to be in the \AppData system folder to write too. Under this circumstance, Windows stops EAW from writing and updating the correct copy of the "eaw.ini" file causing the CTD errors mentioned above.

If you happen to get pass the initial load of the game you may notice that none of your game settings are staying where you set them, including your controls key assignments. This is for the same reasons. You may not even have an eaw.ini in the games root folder as a result.

The above reasons are why NOT to place the game in the \Program Files sub-folders as these problems will always happen. So move your game elsewhere as mentioned, such as "C:\Microprose Software\EAW" or on a separate partition or hard drive in a folder named of your choice.

(Note: This could be tied to the "User Account Control" or UAC built into windows; UAC can stop EAW.exe from writing to your disk as a precaution. In other words if EAW.exe tries to modify it's own eaw.ini file without your intervention of clicking OK when it appears, it is prevented from doing so. However I highly recommend you do NOT turn off your UAC. It's better to just move the game out of the \Program Files sub folders).



Game Crashes To Desktop CTD Solutions:
These are all the known CTDs for the EAW game itself. (Some lengthy CTD's issues are mention above)

  • Game CTD after flash or After Blank Screen When Loading Game Issue 1
    You may get a Blank screen when the game first loads, hitting the ESC key should get you passed the intro movies before they CTD your game.
    Solution: Open your eaw.ini file (this file is in your game folder and opens with Notepad) and change the line PlayIntro=1 to a value of 0.
    Solution 2: If you still have the full official MOVIES.CDF (284Megs) file in your games main folder and your not using the 'empty' movies.cdf (1KB) file, you can have a CTD. This is because the SmackVideos are for playback with the 8-bit smk player code in the games exe. (Win10 sometimes plays back the video, but slowly).
  • Game CTD When Loading Game Issue 2.
    Your using a in-game resolution that isn't supported by your monitor or graphic card.
    Solution: Change the eaw.ini Width and Height settings to something your system supports natively.
  • Game CTD When Loading Game Issue 3.
    You installed / patched a newer version of EAW over an older incompatible installation.
    Solution: Delete your eaw.ini file, then let a new default one get created when you run the eaw.exe again.
  • Game CTD When Entering Flight Issue 1.
    You have set the Display Device to "software" mode and your system doesn't support it (bad 8 bit support).
    Solution: Goto "Configure game->Graphics" set "3d renderer" set to "3d mode". You can also change your display device in the eaw.ini. To change which card/vid mode EAW uses, follow the steps below;
    1. In your European Air War folder, open the file called "eaw.ini" with notepad.
    2. Scroll down until you find the section "[Graphics]", then under that the line that reads "DisplayDevice=".
    3. Changing this number will alter the display mode based on the numbers above.
    4. The next time you run the game, these settings will be in effect.
    -2 for OLD SOFTWAREMODE (CPU Powered, no D3D)
    -1 for D3D SOFTWAREMODE (CPU Powered)
    0 for 3Dfx GLIDE API
    1 for PRIMARY D3D CARD
    Note: I do not know the differences of values 1 and 2, but the game on occasion seems to do a new detection and picks the value of 2 more often.
  • Game CTD When Entering Flight Issue 2.
    Solution: For the FXEXE, set Windows Joystick=1 if there is nothing set for the Flight Controls.
  • Game CTD Just Before Entering Flight (mission loading) Issue 1.
    You don't have a Joystick plugged in or its not FF capable, but the setting for "Force Feedback=1" is set to 1 (ON) in the file.
    Solution: Open the eaw.ini and set "Force Feedback=0" or plug a FF stick in and leave it ON (1). You can find this entry under the headline [CONTROLS] (See the Code-Groups CTD information below in its own section if using the 1.28c/d versions, there's a bug that turns FF to 1 at all times).
  • Game CTD Just Before Entering Flight (mission loading) Issue 2.
    If you have a joystick configured in the game previously, but when you go to load a new mission and you get a CTD. Its possible your stick is not plugged in anymore / installed or is turned off at the time loading fuel gauge % complete screen is displayed, this could cause a Crash to Desktop at that point. Note: If you launch the game without your Joystick plugged in or it's not detected properly, you will loose all assigned buttons.
    Solution: Unplug your controller, wait a few seconds for WindowsOS to unload it, and re-plug in your controller. Reinstall / configure your device in WindowsOS. Then reload the game to the flight screen. Unfortunately you must reconfigure your controller settings in EAW again, as they where lost.
  • Game CTD When Launching To Fly.
    There is a common problem with the savedata due to a changed scenario; For an example: If you fly a default game mission in a Spit IX (Slot 11) offline the settings are saved in a file named "Default11.msn" which is placed in the "Savedata" folder, with details of the mission in it (targets, bases, support aircraft, enemy aircraft etc). The next time you fly a Spit IX the eaw.exe reads that file and uses it for the default mission settings. However, if afterwards you fly a custom add-on that uses the same slot, then the eaw.exe tries to use the settings in the "Default11.msn" file, this is when the problem occurs. Since you switch scenarios, and the values in the "Default11.msn" file no longer make sense as they do not apply to the new add-on, this will crash the game. Note: Also some of the "last game" settings are also stored in the "eaw.ini" file
    These may also cause a problem when a change of scenario is made.
    Solution: Delete all of the "DefaultXY.msn" files from "Savedata" folder...
  • Game CTD After A Duration In Flight.
    It could be the "Extrasquads = " setting in the eaw.ini is set too high for your computer system, as the extrasquad setting requires a lot of memory usage.
    Solution: Use a smaller value when setting it like 1 or 2, if that doesn't work try 0.
  • Campaign Crashes Game After A Mission.
    You may get a CTD in Career Mode after a mission has ended. This is because the SmackVideos are for playback with the 8-bit code in the games exe. If you still have the full original MOVIES.CDF file and not the blank movies.cdf file in your game folder.
    Solution: To avoid this change the Video Playback=1 setting in your eaw.ini file (this file is in your game folder and opens with Notepad), change the value to 0.
  • Game CTD When Using View Objects.
    If you use the View Objects selection on the games menu to View Planes on anything other than a Win9x/ME system. This could cause a Blank Black Screen or CTD cause it was coded with an earlier and buggy game code.
    Solution: Don't use it. Use ESC to get out of Blank Screen.
  • Game CTD When Loading Game / It will never run.
    If you ran into a big problem (this doesn't happen for normal use, nor often, so don't worry) because something went wrong and the game won't run anymore (after it was working for a duration at one point). You may be experiencing odd errors or a quick flash and the game CTD. Meaning the game no longer runs and will not ever run again.
    Solution: To correct this go to the WINDOWS REGISTRY section of this help document and read the topic titled 'Cleaning Out The Registry Of EAW' for the some what in depth solution.
  • *CTD Any Time.
    If none of the above solutions work, try this.
    Delete or rename your file (to eaw.ini.old) and disconnect any gaming controls , including gaming mice or gaming keyboards / keypads that require a special or extra driver to support those gaming devices. Launch the EAW game again directly from the some investigation of your controls....


Mouse Pointer On Screen:
The desktop mouse pointer will sometimes appear in the center of EAW's game screen, frozen. The game will work fine and you can still use the in-game mouse to move around. Other times there can be two mouse pointers moving around on the game menu screens. One would be the desktop pointer and the other would be the game's pointer.

Its unclear why this happens, perhaps something to do with priority or focus.

Below are some options you have to solve the issue you maybe having with the mouse pointer. These are remedies from nearly 20 years ago up to today (2019).

  • A game restart will normally fix this problem temporarily.
  • Run the game as Administrator (If not already logged in as an Admin).
  • Right clicking on the eaw.exe in windows explorer and selecting "open". (instead of double-clicking it).
  • Try turning off in Windows; 3D Pointer or Animated Pointers or Shadow Pointer.
  • Turn off Turn on Clicklock and Display pointer trails and Show location.
  • Set custom mouse pointers back to Windows default.
  • Turn off program and or game overlays.
  • Run EAW by using a Desktop Shortcut.
  • Run EAW by using a Taskbar Shortcut.



EAW Downloaded from EB Games:
If you purchased the 183MB download setup install file program from EB Games back in 2006/2007, this installer program will not run under any operating system other than one of the Win 9x operating systems, even when setting the compatibility tab for the installer program. You will need to be able to install EAW (using the Full Install option) on a Win 9x system, then burn the resulting EAW folder to CD or DVD. Take the disc to your system running Windows 2000 or Windows XP and copy the EAW folder to your hard drive.



D3D.DLL Missing Error:
For some reason the Windows OS (or antivirus) likes to remove the d3d.dll file from your game folder on occasion... This prevents the game from loading up. Simply replace the dll again with a copy of the same one, the version of the dll that your using. It should remain once you replace it...If you determine why this happens please let me know.



Missing Horizon FOG:
This is a  problem with NVIDIA Drivers (not a XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 issue really) that occurs in D3D mode, there is no Horizon Fog in the flight screen. (there will be a sharp boundary between sky and ground. You will see the corners of the square EAW world) which ruins the visual quality. (Even with the HorizonDistance setting in game set to the maximum view distance (minimum fog), the Fog is still suppose to be present.) It would be displayed from ground to sky.

However for best gameplay its advised to set the Horizon Distance as if it was still displayed as AI may be effected by the visual distance they can see.

The current solution to the missing fog is to use an AMD / ATI Video Card in D3D mode or use Glide Mode with your Nvidia card provided by a wrapper program, such as nGlide (or an other Glide related wrapper).



Stretched Game Screens:
Full Screen Stretching can occur if your in game resolution does not match the desktop screen resolution. In the games Flight Screen, check if your Gun Sight is oval or circle in shape. If it's Oval, this indicates the image is stretched. You can use your video card drivers Video Control Panel to maintain screen aspect ratio. this will produce the screen with black side bars aka pillar columns to display the game when selecting certain settings.

If your getting screen stretching (your gun sight is oval) when playing the game. Do the following to avoid it and the game will display correctly. I only have instructional steps for the NVIDIA Control Panel.

1) Open your Nvidia Control Panel,
2) Select under Display on the left; Adjust desktop size and position selection.
3) On the monitor you use to display EAW select the tab Scaling.
4) Set the Scaling Mode to: Aspect ratio.
4) Next set Perform Scaling on: GPU. (If your monitor is newer, it may support scaling correctly by itself when this is set to 'Display', Use this setting for optimal use for newer monitors).

Now on my system I have set a 4:3 Aspect Ratio Res (square) set for my game. So the game displays proportionally now with black bars on the left and right side of the screen. The top and bottom of the actual game display should touch the top and bottom of your screen. All un stretched.

Now if for some reason you want black bars across the top and bottom as well, then Select the No Scaling option under Scaling Mode. This will place the game in the center of the screen at actual game resolution.

While the Scale Mode is set to GPU:
You may prefer this setting for older wide monitors, as they do not have the built-in hardware to scale. Using this setting with my old monitor from 2008 (which is not a fancy one), I get a capped 30 frames per second. (Note that my 30fps is a very steady 30, even under a heavy loading of effects and objects in EAW). I assume why this is because my desktop res (on my old monitor from 2008) allows only a max refresh rate of 60hz at native screen resolution. I've tried to break this cap as my previous FPS in a stretched game (full screen scaled) is normally 38. Unfortunately I could not find any settings to change to get more fps to display with correct aspect ratio.

While the Scale Mode is set to Display:
You may prefer this setting for newer, more capable wide monitors, as the do have built-in hardware scaling. My game reaches 41FPS at times, (that's better than the 38fps I get when stretched with full screen scaling). This is with a newer monitor (2019) that properly supports scaling at (4:3 square) Aspect Ratio when selected and 120hz refresh rate. So the GPU is freed from this duty, and I'm not capped to 30fps as I was with the older monitor.

If you want to use the game in a Wrapper program to maintain aspect ratio you can do that too as most provide proper aspect ratio...



More On Known Video Problems:
Also read my 'Known Bugs and Feature Ideas Help Document' if you are really interested in learning more about the errors listed within this section. You will find more in depth descriptions about each error there. There are a whole bunch of other problems with the graphics portion of the game. Not required reading, more for the technically minded.



Video Post Processing:
Video Post Processing software that was tested; SweetFX and the newer version, now called, Reshade fail at providing any benefit to this DirectX6 coded game, such as on Win7 and Win10. Those programs do not support DX6 games as it was determined that Shades where introduced in DX8 games. Since these programs require Shades to be available through the game to alter them, the DX6 code in EAW would not benefit from such programs.




**For more advanced technical information regarding getting your game to run properly, please read the end of this document, under the section titled 'WINDOWS REGISTRY'. Perhaps those areas of this help document will guide you if the above info has failed in helping you properly. Be-advised, it may be difficult to understand.




Here are some technical details that are helpful in troubleshooting Joystick and Controls, in no particular order. These mentioned issues are grouped together with like problems for easier reading.


Joystick Types Known To Work:
Gameport / Midi , PS/2, Serial, USB, any stick that Windows can recognize. Some may have a special switch on them or their software may have a selection you must enable to work with Legacy Games. Some people may find out you do not install the included software at all, especially if its not compatible with the current Windows OS your using. You then can use the Windows supplied built-in drivers. Newer Windows like Vista and 7 or later include several drivers that will install when you connect your device automatically. This is useful when there is no manufacture support available.


Controller Drivers:
USB devices tend to like to have the driver installed first, and then it will have you connect the USB device during or after installation. Gameport controllers usually require the controller hardware be connected before the driver/software is installed.


Combining Controls:
In EAWv1.2 you can not use two USB devices plugged into separate ports unless you have special software to combine them into one Device ID. Multiple USB control devices (Joystick, RudderPedals, Throttle etc) connected can not be used since EAW can not recognize multiple control devices. However, control pads that can emulate keycode (Saitek's "PC-Dash") and so on, will work between the keyboard and the PC tower, so there is no problem with that configuration.

If you feel you need to "Combine" all your controllers (Flight controls: Secondary Throttle and/or Rudder Pedals) under ONE Joystick especially if they are detected by Windows as separate devices, you may want to see if your included Joystick software/driver will allow you to do that, some do, even controllers from different company's. For an example devices known to have this ability are the CH products with the use of the free CH Control Manager software, which makes Windows and therefore games see them as one controller, it allows EAW, where you cannot specify what axis does what in game, to see and use both stick and pedals.

If your controllers software does not support "Combining" or "Combo Drivers" try some free software that combines all your controls into one virtual controller, thus allowing EAW (especially v1.2) to easily detect your controls as being built on one Joystick (One DEVICE ID). Try; "UJR - Universal Joystick Remapper" by: evilC with "vJoy software" by: Shaul  or  "VJoy Virtual Joystick Driver" by: Headsoft.


Chain-Linked Option:
The other way around "Combining" without special software if you use multiple controllers is to have a setup where the controllers physically connect (plug-in) to each other (chain-linked) and only one connection (one cable) goes to the computer tower (such as a Stick, Throttle and Rudder Pedals combo). You'll have the most luck and fastest setup with this configuration.

However, its possible for a USB and Gameport set of controls (such as a USB Joystick and a Gameport Rudder Pedals or USB pedals with a gameport compatible stick) to co-exist in the stock v1.2 game...(Also note rudder pedals that use analog technology are not supposed to be compatible with digital joysticks, but I find it all really depends on the manufacture, driver and software these companies include.)

Some newer Hardware Control Boards that have come out in the last few years or so, also "link" all the controls into the unit as a single Device ID...


Assigning Device ID Option:
Here is a different option to assigning DEVICE ID1 to your Flight Control. Some software that may come in handy if you have multiple gaming devices attached to your computer and have the problem of getting the right "Joystick ID#s" with HOTAS setups is called JoyID's (or PJPJoyIDs) written by "Paul". It's a nice utility which allows switching of IDs so you can place them in an list order that you can use with EAW. This is because EAW is programmed in a way that it will only read input from a Joystick with a DEVICE ID of 1.

This program will only work correctly when you are using the old, so called deprecated Windows Controller API, example; You must have Windows Joystick=1 set in your eaw.ini file.

Note: The DirectInput API (when Windows Joystick=0) ignores IDs and are assigned "random" ports, by random I mean I'm unsure at this point how DirectX assigns port numbers / order).


Down Grade Stick:
I find that most set ups have a problem with an extra set of Rudder Pedals (or Throttle) because your Joystick already has a Twist-Handle (or Throttle) Built-in, thus EAW gets confused and doesn't allow either device to function (or properly). I find this happens with EAWv1.2, but not all the time... This is because Windows/EAW supports 6Axis, if your Primary Flight Stick has Rudder and Throttle built in, Its ideal to use those, other wise if you want secondary componets, down grade your stick so Windows doesn't recognize the built-in twist-handle or built-in throttle. Read on.

You may in very rare situations need to “downgrade” your primary stick to fool Windows and the game when it goes to detect your controls that you don't have a Twist Handle or Throttle axis on your Joystick (even though it really does), thus allowing your secondary components; rudder pedals or throttle to work. You do this either via your controllers software by turning off your Rudder and/or Throttle on your primary Joystick, but only if the manufacture's software allows this. This will now allow your secondary Rudder Pedals or Throttle to work in EAW if there was a problem before.

If your controllers software doesn't allow you to do this then you have to do it through Windows installed devices. You remove your stick and add in a 'Generic joystick'... configuring it as a Generic 2 or 3 axis stick, this will effectively remove either the Throttle and/or Rudder feature of your Joystick allowing your secondary Rudder Pedals or Throttle to work in EAW. Unfortunately, If your stick has Force feedback, using a 'generic driver' will disable FF support.


EAW works with Joysticks with 15-pin Gameport Plug ends that connects to your sound card or Motherboard. Note that the Sound Card data connection can be unreliable on older ones made before 1998. However external hardware cards are almost always the better source for sound and usually better support for your Joystick / Gameport than onboard motherboard sound.

If you have two Gameports, one on your Sound Card and one on your motherboard, you would normally disable your motherboards Gameport (or the entire On Board Sound) through your Motherboards Bios, if not there, then through Windows Devices, otherwise you will most likely have conflicts and your hardware won't work as designed.

Note: Official Windows Gameport Driver support lasted up to Windows XP, ended before Windows Vista released. However some custom drivers for specific sound cards are available for some gameports designed for WinXP and after, if you can locate them on the internet.


Game Cable to USB:
If you have an adapter on your older Joysticks 15-pin Game cable end to turn it into a USB end, It may not work. If your going to use one of these adapters, insure it's designed for your particular brand and model Joystick for best reliability rather than a universal standard adapter. Some are just cables which require the Joystick to have USB technology already built into the Joysticks hardware, typically these joysticks included such a cable when they where new. (they where Gameport to USB ready). The more fancy adapters have electronic chips inside of them to enhance the old game port controller where needed and supply a USB end. Other chipped cables only allow for the Analog portion of the joystick to function. Do extensive research on the stick you intend to buy a cable converter/adapter for. To get you headed in the right direction search the internet for the "3DP-Vert" and "FFB-Vert" projects for building electronic USB adapters for Sidewinder digital and force feedback legacy gameport joysticks.


Hot Swapping Controls:
Unplugging and changing Joysticks around to other ports is relatively speaking, not a good idea since Windows looses track of the proper settings for a controller once its disconnected; such as list order and sometimes calibrations. Detection may have been improved in more modern Windows versions (above XP), however I recommend once you get the controllers working that you leave them plugged in, unless of course a malfunction requires you to unplug and replug in the controller while the computer is on, usually this is instructed by Windows errors. Further, although USB type controllers are suppose to be more reliable in hot swapping, I still find it best to leave the controllers connected based on everything I have learned about Joysticks and their ID. Caution should be made to have your controllers correctly 'in-place' before running EAW again. Otherwise you run the risk of EAW defaulting your key assignments.


Setup In Game First/Profile Software:
You can remap virtually any function from with-in EAW. Bare in mind that EAW "doesn't like" some stick profile software, so if you are using special profile software, it might work, or then again it might not! Some people have great success with no problems, others find it better to just go ahead and use EAW's remapping directly.

So remember to setup your controllers buttons first in game or through the eaw.ini file without running the special controller profile software, only resort to the sticks software if the stick has functions that won't work from within the game itself, but this is no guarantee EAW with continue to recognize your controller in flight once the profile software is used.


Gaming Keyboards/Mice/Keypads:
These are special keyboards or mice with many additional keys or buttons, beyond that of a normal device. Extra Keypads fall in this area too. In stock EAW, these USB Gaming devices tend to cause problems with EAW detecting your primary Joystick. Make sure again that your Joystick is listed as Device ID1 in Windows. If the Gaming Keyboard/Mouse or extra Keypad insists on being ID1, then you'll have to either uninstall/disconnect them so EAW can detect your flight Joystick controller.


USB Joystick Disconnects From Windows:
If Windows looses connection with your Joystick once in a while; In Windows XP go to Windows Device Manager and in turn click on the "Root USB Hub" that your Joystick is plugged into and click properties. Choose the "Power Management Tab" and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". In Windows 10 go to Control panel>Devices and Printers>Right Click on your Controller>Select Properties>Move to the Hardware Tab>USB Input Device>Properties>Change Settings>Power Management>Uncheck; Allow the computer to turn off this device. Another option is to move the stick to use a USB PCI Slot Card if you have one rather than the motherboards ports, these are usually better hardware than some MB USB port chips sets.


Joystick Not Recognized At All:
First of all if your joystick is not being recognized at all here's a little tidbit from Microprose: Please note that in version 1.1 , in the EAW.INI file there's a parameter for Windows Joystick=0 Change that to =1 and many joystick problems will go away...


Joystick Grayed Out (Axis Not Responding):
Possible cause - 1)
If your running EAW using the shortcuts Compatibility Tab Settings by selecting any of the options, for an example Win95 or Win98/ME, your Joystick will loose all it's axis functions and only the buttons may work or the Joystick will no longer be recognized by the game at all (Grayed out). EAW does NOT require the Compatibility Tab to run properly, Windows has its own compatibility fixes built in for the eaw.exe. See my Windows ACT Help Document for more information.

You'll have to remove those check marks from the Compatibility Tab if you want EAW to recognize your controller. Do these TWO things even if it seems pointless: Right click into properties on your SHORTCUT to the game and see if they are set. Now right click the eaw.exe file directly and see if your using any Compatibility settings there...
Note: Only Win2000 requires the Tab Compatibility Layer to run the game...with extra special manual settings for the Joystick to work correctly. See my Windows ACT Help Document for Win2000 configuration for EAW.

Possible Cause - 2)
Perhaps in the in-game configuration at the Controller Setup menu screen, your FLIGHT CONTROL has moved to the default KEYBOARD setting rather than STICK. This could happen if your joystick wasn't plugged in / installed or wasn't listed as ID1 at the time the game last loaded up. This can happen if you removed/swapped out your controls for another one at some point and you never reassigned the ID back to 1 in the Windows Game Controller settings. Note: You will have lost all your eaw.ini assigned controls as well if you ran the game under these conditions.

Otherwise, for older analog Joysticks, you may simply need to re-Calibrate.


Controls Messed Up/Plane Drifting Sideways:
Check to make sure that the setting for Windows Joystick=1 and not zero, this turns off the use of EAW's self joystick routine's and the game will use the Windows API Joystick routine. To enable this mode, go edit the eaw.ini, and find the section [CONTROLS], and change the line from "Windows Joystick=0" to "Windows Joystick=1".


The Joystick Pulls Or Acts Erratically In The Game:
If you have a joystick (especially an older Logitech), make sure that you get the latest drivers for it. Also make sure that the drivers for your sound card are up to date, especially if the gameport is used on it by your joystick.
Then adjust the sensitivity and dead zone for your joystick/flight control by editing the EAW.INI file. Try setting "Flight Sensitivity=0.90000" (the ideal will vary between 0.8 and 1.0) and "Dead Zone=2". These are extreme values and are mentioned here to help troubleshoot, if after you find these settings improve your issue, you may want to keep experimenting. See further down in the help document sections titles 'Dead Zone' and 'Flight Sensitivity' for clearer instructions.


POV Hat Not Working Properly:
If you have problem with your POV hat not working properly with your joystick (for example: it fires guns when a POV hat direction is pressed. This has happened with a CH Flightstick), you can use the non EAW joystick routines (by using Windows API Joystick routine). To enable this mode, go edit the eaw.ini, and find the section [CONTROLS], and change the line from "Windows Joystick=0" to "Windows Joystick=1"


Erratic View Changing Automatically:
This is fast changing views in the Flight Screen, incorrectly sometimes called 'flicker'. If you have "Windows Joystick=1" entered in your eaw.ini file and no controller connected, Insure you have your controller plugged in before loading the game. (always have your controller plugged in and ready before loading the game).


No Keyboard or Joystick Buttons Working:
There seems there is a bug in EAW when sometimes the game will loose Keyboard and Stick Button input during Flight temporally. Entering the pilots map usually with the [M] Key and then escaping from there will return functions. This bug seems to occur very rarely and during online gaming most often. Another thing to remember to do is if your chatting in game, to remember to finally hit send, because your controls are ignored during the time you type.


No control over the Aircraft and can't escape from the game:
When you goto "Configure Game" - then "Control"; Flight Control, The Throttle Control, Rudder Control, and Camera Position settings are all locked in the Keyboard position meaning you can't change any of the above controls to any of the other options, then check your eaw.ini file; If you notice that all of the values for the assignable keys are blank, something got corrupt and you should delete your and start over. A new default .ini file will be generated next time you run the game.


Win2K/WinXP and TARGETING Keys:
Under WinXP, EAW may loose the Targeting Key assignments, target closest and target next buttons on your Joystick....they reset to default once you leave the game...There are actually 6 keys that appear to be affected by this and the culprits are: TARGET NEXT ENEMY, TARGET PREVIOUS ENEMY, TARGET CLOSEST ENEMY, TARGET NEXT FRIENDLY, TARGET PREVIOUS FRIENDLY, TARGET NEXT workaround solution is to map only those commands with the software that comes with your stick...another is to use specific custom versions of EAW, such as the v1.26e patch (which is considered a v1.2)...


Fast Computers and Mouse Click Selections:
If you run the stock EAW 1.2 version or anything based on it (Including v1.26e) you will find that Vista and newer Windows are too fast for the Multi and Single Player Mission Parameter selections menu line. By this I mean when clicking your mouse to make a selection change on those parameter screens, the selection with jump erratically / fast. There has been a workaround found (on EAWPRO by disabling the key repeat/loop). If your useing a version or type of game that does not have a workaround (like the stock game versions), you could try to enable Vsync in your video control panel to slow those selections down, however this may effect your overall performance of the game. For those un fixed or no workaround, you'll have to keep clicking more often until you get what you want from the fast display of the selection that can pass by.


Unwanted Entry's In The EAW.INI:
If your Controllers where working and suddenly stop one day; in WinXP,Vista,Win7/8/10 there is an issue with these Windows versions that sometimes there are duplicate control entry's listed at the end of your eaw.ini file. (This is possibly caused by Windows writing its own registry entry's for file locations...) Check your eaw.ini to see if it has duplicate functions listed after the last entry of ScreenCapture= Anything below that should be erased.


Manually Enter Controllers Entry's In The EAW.INI:
Remember you can open and edit the eaw.ini file to set your controllers up manually to make things easier. It won't work if you have to by-pass the grayed out Flight Control Options on the in game menu, you may be able to get your buttons to work but the axis part won't. Read this help document to gain further knowledge of what you can assign.


MicroProse Info From The User Manual:
To fly well, MPS recommend you use a joystick. They encourage the use of throttle controls and foot pedals (for the rudder). You cannot play if you use only keyboard controls. Use of a mouse is absolutely necessary, and a joystick comes in handy, too. In fact, we strongly recommend that you use both.

Calibration settings for joysticks and other hardware is taken from Windows data; if you installed the hardware correctly, you should have no need to recalibrate just for this game. (There is no in game calibration screen for this reason).

The Flight Control Setting in the Control Menu is the important one; it’s the main device for flying your aircraft. Selections for the other options might change or be limited depending on what you select here. In general, for instance, you cannot use the same device as both Flight Control and for controlling the external camera—the exception being that if your joystick is your flight control, you can use the joystick “hat” to maneuver the camera.

To customize (or completely reconfigure) the controls for the game, select Advanced. This option gives you control over all four groups of controls—View controls, Flight controls, Weapon controls, and general Game controls. When you’re done, click OK to save your changes or Cancel to undo them.



This section is for known problems with EAW and Multiplayer. Much of this information is not tested by me and I currently need to re write these topics. Read at your own risk currently. :/ This information may or may not apply to you.


Joining Order:
There is some evidence that there is a specific order in which players should join the game when players (including the Host) are on different Windows OS types/versions. Although you do not need to have a join order when there are 3 or less players. This is because the network circle is properly established in the correct order no matter who joins in which ever order.

Originally the EAW game was made for Win95 and was thought to connect to another Win9x type machine by design. (Newer Windows versions are known to be backward compatible with the older Windows versions when talking about connecting with DPLAY). However the joining only seems to work best (or at all) when a special arrangement order (like the ones listed below) are followed. The so called "network circle" fortunately works fine in either direction. There is no restriction as to who Hosts the game or what his version of DirectX is as long as subsequent players take their version into account...

<insert order here if necessary>

(Self Note: heavily re-write below info)
Another way to try to grasp the complex join order processes is to understand that the first to join are the ones with the same OS as the host, followed by the later OS's until there's nothing higher. Next to join are the older OS's in reversed release date order, with the oldest of these joining last. The entire circle should show the right hierarchy from any location in the circle, a lower OS before and a higher one after that location, or vice versa for reverse order. You can also count from the host OS and allow subsequent newer versions join sequentially and end with the highest old version lower then the host's version. <CONFUSED? So am I>

The result of the entire circle should be that connections start somewhere with the lowest and end somewhere with the highest version, with all other versions sequentially in between, just like a clock, clockwise or counter clockwise. Once the right order has been figured out, you should stick to that order or perhaps assign a hierarchal value to each player so you can still use the same order even when certain players aren't present.


Joining Issues:
Before hitting the join button, players should wait at least two mouse freezes so the handshake is properly established, after the 2nd freeze only a limited amount of time is available to hit join before usually the game disappears and sets itself up for a 2nd try of the handshake.

When join is hit too late or too early a black screen for that player will be the result and he needs to reboot. The other players sometimes will see a few weird tokens where the player's name should appear. All players should then leave the room to free the player that's stuck in the black screen. If they don't this player can only forcefully shutdown his machine but if they do the player will be released after a while (usually within a minute or so).


Disconnected Players: (Self Note: rewrite topic)
Sometimes players can get disconnected from the game which can lead to all kinds of problems... You really should start the game over if one player gets discounted without leaving the game properly.

Sometimes the remaining player's game itself starts screwing up often resulting in unexpected behavior, like a rocket freeze, constantly exploding planes or a direct draw surface loss also known as a garbled screen. When a plane is reported to be constantly exploding it may help if that particular player simply bails out and requests a new plane (only when re-spawn is on).

Besides that, one or more player's OS may become unstable and a reboot is necessary. Often also the router's configuration seems to screw up, no idea if this is an OS issue or not, but sometimes a new network connection can no longer be established. Best cure is to power off the computer completely and restart it. Sometimes it's also necessary to power off the router and reboot it.

This can have the same effect on all players as a connection loss and it's advised that all players reboot. The above knowledge applies to the original game versions and derivatives, including FXEXE and is based on painstakingly taking notes of every encountered event since 2000 up to 2018 with operating systems from Win98 up to Win7.


Rebooting Necessary: (Self Note: rewrite topic)
Now another problem I've become aware of is that EAW needs all players who are not running it's native DirectX version reboot after each session or having been in the EAW Session Parameter screen, i.e. after they were actually connected to the network. This is also true when returning to desktop without launching, you can't connect twice (as this disturbs the joining order hierarchy??).

To play multiple games in a row, without rebooting every time, only works with WinME and Win98. Players can even stay in the game and setup another, but with higher operating systems reboots in between each game are necessary and the joining order must be strictly followed, meaning that a network circle is created which sequentially follows the direct play versions on these computers. It makes no difference if the circle of connections is clockwise or counter clockwise, as long as the highest and lowest connection are adjacent somewhere in the circle. Obviously Win95 is the lowest in hierarchy and Win10 highest.


Latency and Lag:
Bad pings create lag which can have some strange effects in a game. If you're in mayhem and your plane keeps exploding when you spawn that's due to lag rather than a diabolical misuse of aerial mines. Sometimes you get shot when no-one seems to be aiming at you. Lag again. Planes can sometimes jitter about the sky making it impossible to shoot anything. In the worst case, your game will freeze up and you'll have to force a close.

AI in a game contributes to lag. More players in a game also raise the stakes - but an eight player sweep is great when it works. Playing over the channel is best to reduce lag. (the eaw game doesn't have to display ground objects and much terrain).

Sometimes players only get "half in" to a game. At the first page you get to when the game is launched, their plane type might not appear or they will see a different plane to the rest of the players. Lag again. When you launch, that player will probably drop.

For some reason, exiting and re-entering the rookie room sometimes cures lag problems. Not always though.

EAW is usually OK on a 56K modem. If you're having trouble, try a new ISP or look for a time of day where your conn speed is better. Better still, get cable/DSL.


Maximum Players Limited:
From more than 8 players is not truly possible. The limit is apparently set by the quality of the DirectPlay programming in the game (DirectPlay, part of DirectX, is how the game connects for multiplayer). There was some rumor that EAW at the beginning of development was to have a limit of 10 players, but it never was implemented. It may have been found that most likely only 8 players max worked consistently.

It may be possible to one day to achieve more players if the sync multiplayer code is entirely rewritten, it would take almost a complete rewrite of the DirectPlay networking features. When the game was released, the code used was an older DirectPlay version. It is from what I understand a somewhat crude code compared with newer DirectPlay versions. So most likely it would be possible that just updating and optimizing the code to the latest version would achieve enough performance gain to make the TCP/IP connections more efficient so players do not drop out of the game ("get kicked"). However this is unlikely to happen anytime soon, as its a huge job.

The problem with EAW is its limited by both the era in which it was created and the numerous teams that worked on the game (Thought two or three teams or more). The programming was basically revised so many times the game was almost never released. Since hardly any team knew the whole code and it was never built to be "upgraded" most of the coding as I understand was not flexible. Chris Coon and a few others worked on the later networking revisions and produced stability enough for it to work. But even then the project was almost abandoned.




This section is for the more complex details pertaining to the Windows Registry and EAW. Such as how EAW behaves with the Windows OS and it's Registry. This is not a complete guide, but only part of the picture.


About Registry Entries Produced by Windows:
The EAW game itself does not put any entries into the registry. EAW does not use any information that is stored within the registry for its own purpose. The only entries in the registry are those produced by the Windows operating system. The operating system produce changes in the registry whenever you run, move or duplicate the EAW.EXE file on the hard disk. These entries are used by Windows for tracking, compatibility and running the game itself.

There is an entry produced by the operating system that shows the path to every EAW.EXE and this value will be updated automatically. As far as I can tell any entries in the Registry for EAW are based on the full file/folder path to a eaw.exe. (The cache location used on the HD is different for each file/folder path name. Meaning that a file called "C:\MicroProse Software\EAW12\eaw.exe" is a totally different file than the one called
"C:\MicroProse Software\EAW10\eaw.exe").

As what I determined is that the Windows OS self generated REG Entries only need to know that 'eaw.exe' is launched to apply the correct automated compatibility settings to it.



Game EXE File Names:
Remember to get the best performance, stability and compatibility out of the game and Windows (after Win9x), any of the specially modified or even unmodified EAW "exe's" available from the EAW community will have to be renamed to just "eaw.exe" before you run them. Windows2000 and above are very sensitive to the EAW naming as they have built in Compatibility Fixes/Modes (not the same as Compatibility Mode Tab settings you find in a shortcut for the game). Those Windows Modes all look for filename eaw.exe to apply to correct settings.

Otherwise you'll have problems running the game properly. Not to mention many registry entries will have to be rewritten by the Windows OS for every name of a exe you have run, which will eventually cause problems and won't run properly.



Direct Draw Menu Color Registry Fix:
If on Windows Vista or Win7 and the EAW Menu Screens colors are messed up, you can use a special program that I found to help EAW's DirectDraw Screens and Windows to get along better, thus restoring the Menu Screen colors back to normal.

Windows 7 (perhaps Vista as well) applied a Compatibility Fix of some sort, but lacked the 8 bit color fix for the menu screens (that are displayed with DirectDraw). To correct the colors you have to apply a 3rd party (but really a Microsoft Setting) Registry color fix for the Accelerated DirectDraw screens to work correctly. Even when this Registry setting is applied, EAW runs at full speed on those Windows OS versions.

I recommend you forgo any of the Direct3D type Wrapper programs and just use a DirectDraw Registry Fixer Program mentioned here if in game Menu Screen Colors is your only issue. This type of fix is a lighter option (less CPU power required to run the game than using a Wrapper).

The name of the direct draw registry entry program I prefer (there are two of them) is the "DirectDraw Compatibility Tool" made by Galogen. (This program is for WinVista and Win7 ONLY). This will create automated registry entries to correct EAWs Menu Screen colors. You must apply the fix for each eaw.exe you intend to run, and in the game folder that you run it from. Just remember this; you either want to use a Wrapper Program or this Reg Fix, NOT Both. If you use both it will cause problems, so stick with one or the other. (Unless you know better than me)...

(See the top of this page for a link to the download and don't forget to read the readme that comes with the program to understand how to use it).

1) Place the program in the game folder you want to fix.
2) You then run the program, pick the eaw.exe you intend to use, and then click 'Apply' or 'Create Reg File'. It then checks the eaw.exe file for some specific attributes, such as CRC and File Size etc. Then it writes a reg file that you can inspect with notepad.
3) To finish, You need to Install this patch with a right click on the filename.reg.


If afterwards you need to delete an entry in the registry file, here are there locations written by the Reg Fix program, pick which ever one you used (The first entry is for a 64bit Windows OS , the second is for a 32bit Windows OS):

The DirectDraw Compatibility Tool writes here:


See my 'Know Bugs and Features Ideas Help Document' and read the section titled 'WEIRD COLORED MENU SCREENS' on that page if you need more details about the odd colors you experience.



Windows 8.1/10 Compatibility Layer:
All tests show that Win10 applies its own Compatibility Mode to the eaw.exe automatically (sometimes) when the game is first launched outside of a wrapper program. It applies a detected 8/16 bit color / Compatibility Mode (DWM8And16BitMitigation) to display the in-game DirectDraw Menu Screens perfectly (unlike Win7, see above). (The fix offers mitigation for applications that work in 8/16-bit display combo color mode because these legacy color modes are not natively supported in Windows 8.1/10). This may be partly also why EAW runs slower in the flight screen in Win8.1/10 than on Windows 7.

If you ever needed to remove the OS set Fixes to strictly use a DirectDraw / Direct3D Wrapper to run in Windows 10 the entries to remove are listed below. (You do not want to run a wrapper plus an OS set Fix together, they may and often will conflict with each other and most likely give you the 7217 error or other issues, even then when using a wrapper). Remove this entry and do NOT run the specific eaw.exe from OUTSIDE the wrapper, or this fix will be written again by the Windows OS, again cause problems. (For steps to remove the entry in the REGISTRY, see the topic further down, 'Cleaning Out The Registry Of EAW').

However, If you need to reintroduce this reg entry because Win10 fails to automatically apply it, which results in you getting the 7217 EAW error when run outside a Wrapper. Then add back this Value Data in the registry path indicated below.

These are the Win8.1 and Win10 Registry Additional Compatibility Mode/Fix Entries:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

These are the Values (Note that the folder path to your game will be different):
Value Name: D:\MicroProse Software\EAW12\eaw.exe
Value Data: DWM8And16BitMitigation

and/or (setting for All Users):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

These are the Values (Note that the folder path to your game will be different):
Value Name: D:\MicroProse Software\EAW12\eaw.exe
Value Data: $ DWM8And16BitMitigation



If your getting the 7217 error and you don't want to mess around trying to add to the registry ,a quick tip that I found is to do the following procedure. This will add the value data to the registry if windows won't do it automatically:

1) You can select/highlight the eaw.exe that won't start and right click it.
2) Select properties at the bottom of the menu that pops ups.
3) Select the Compatibility tab at the top of the menu that pops up.
Under Compatibility mode check mark 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' and Click okay. (no need to bother selecting a windows version).
4) Next right click the eaw.exe again and this time uncheck the mark and click okay.
5) Now double left click your eaw.exe and the error will be gone and the game will launch.



Win10 And DirectDraw:
In Windows 8/8.1 Microsoft deprecated DirectDraw even more so. It's been superseded with something called Direct2D, and this doesn't provide the full boosted performance to old DirectDraw games like the original accelerated DD DirectX did. (DirectDraw appears to be used for the HUD text "overlay" during the D3D flight screen in EAW...).

This directly effects the Frames Per Second in EAW's Flight Screen, as they have dropped dramatically from Windows 7 EAW performance, Nearly in half. From around 60 to down to around 30FPS, sometimes slower in heavy trafficked game moments (and on low spec machines). There has been many post made to Microsoft about this issue, so far no update has addressed it (June 2018).

Slow Screen Transitioning:
The old Windows10 update; version 1803 (April 2018) has an issue of slowing down the screen switching of EAW from the normal delay of 1 to 2 sec, to making it around 7 to 10 secs. This applies to first loading the game to get to the Main Menu, and going from the Main Menu to the Loading Fuel Gauge, and exiting Flight Screen back to Mission Results Screen. Its unclear what Microsoft did to cause fixed with a Wrapper Program....I figure its the speed at which its loading the textures and graphics, including the models, It could not only be an OS problem but more specifically a DirectX/DirectDraw issue....

However tested a year later (April 11 2019), the slow menu transitioning is gone now. EAW is running normally again in this regard. (Just like before).



ACT Compatibility Database EAW Entry:
Windows also has a central database of compatibility fixes and modes that it uses on eaw.exe that are not in the registry. For further advanced details and information on the Win10 Fixes, Modes and the ACT toolkit settings; see my 'Windows ACT ToolKit Help Document' and refer to the topic titled 'Windows 8.1/10'. You don't really need to read all that information, it's there for the technically minded though.

I was researching the issue to try to get EAW to run as close to 'natively' as possible while retaining high performance for the game. Testing is done with the ACT compatibility settings ToolKit. To speed things up in the emulation layer of Win10 I've tried many, many fixes that I could come up with, none worked (early 2018) However Since then, with deeper testing (later in 2018) using the ACT toolkit for Win10, I've found some tweaks to increase speed and performance corrections, however testing is incomplete and limited currently (June 2018)...

So then you won't want to mess with what is called the Win8.1/10 ACT compatibility database unless your an Advanced user. It's completely unnecessary to experiment with it, even earlier versions, however if your interested, see my help document 'Windows ACT ToolKit' for my findings to TRY to improve the game compatibility and performance.



Moving A EAW Game Folder:
Moving a game folder that you have already run a game in, is considered moving a game that the Windows OS has set Registry entries for already. Once you have moved the game folder contents to a new location, or renamed the folder the game is in, you should clean out the Registry of the old location.

A build up of Compatibility Registry entries for the game, may at some point cause the game not to load and run, no matter where it is on your system. See 'Game Crashes To Desktop Troubleshooting' topics under the section PROBLEMS RUNNING THE GAME , and read the topic titled 'Game CTD When Loading Game / It will never run' for more details on this rare occurrence.

(For instructions to remove the entry in the REGISTRY, see the topic below, 'Cleaning Out The Registry Of EAW').



Having Multiple Copy's of the Game:
You can have as many copy's of EAW on your HD as you want, especially when you manually install the game. You can have two separate folders of each official patched versions of the game on your hard drive, a 'dual installation' (or triple, or even more). Just make sure you patch one game folder to v1.1 and the other to v1.2. Then you can have even more, separate game folders of any version.

Some of the Windows compatibility fixes will set them self based on the location (or folder path) to the eaw.exe. The DirectDraw registry fixes are based on the exact exe used. So it's best once you RUN or Apply a FIX any particular EAW game folder, that you leave it in that location. Otherwise you may need to reapply a Windows fix...

Also if you want to save HD space, you only need one FULL EAW installation. For the other game folders use a small installation (remove the CDF files) and then link the small installations to your full installation in the eaw.ini. (see the next paragraph) The small installations are only a few MB in size without add-ons since they do not need the duplicate cdf files. This is the preferred way for some pilots for installing many EAW game folders and gives a very clean main folder because you never need to add any add-ons to your full installation.

To set the folder path to your full installation, open your eaw.ini file in the SMALL installation of EAW and find the Debug Path= line. Add in the full path to your FULL installation of EAW, such as; Debug Path=C:\Microprose Software\European Air War\Full\ That will allow the small game folders to source from the full.



Cleaning Out The Registry Of EAW:
If EAW will no longer run (after it has before) no matter what you do properly to add the game to your computer HD. This is because when ever you delete/rename a EAW game folder or the game has been effected by other compatibility problems, the old Registry Entries that where left over can be detrimental to new 'installations' of the game where it won't run/launch.

If you have to remove the primary entry due to a Compatibility Layering issue, do the following:
(Or use a automated reg cleaner program like CCleaner, if you wish.)

From the taskbar, click on the Start button

  • In the Search or Run field type REGEDIT or REGEDT32, Press the Enter key on the keyboard
  • Click Yes in the User Account Control dialog (if necessary)
  • Navigate to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
  • Click Layers to select it
  • You may find multiple EAW entries listed. If multiple eaw.exe are listed, make sure you select perhaps the entry that is disallowing launch.
  • Press Delete on the keyboard
  • Click Yes in the Confirm Key Delete



You may also (if the primary entry removal didn't help), need to go through the entire Windows OS Registry searching for entries with "eaw.exe" and "European Air War" and "EAW" etc... ...and remove them so you can start over fresh. Read on below.



Here's a list of Registry Entry Locations that Windows 10 has other than the previous mentioned entry above. (If you find more please let me know). I would NOT delete the following unless they are clearly NOT used anymore by a current or present location of a EAW game folder / eaw.exe.

I'm truly unsure which Registry entry is the real problem beyond the primary entry listed above, because I don't know exactly what they are doing or really what the Windows OS is doing with them. I have no idea why so many EAW entries by the Windows OS. If you know more about the more mysterious reg entries, please let me know... Below is a list of the related reg entries that I found in Win10.

For now just delete the entries that point to non existing EAW game locations and eaw.exe's. I had to do this once before myself and I'm no expert, and it resulted in the game running again.


There appears to be a ton of Registry Virtualization for the 32 bit EAW game. The following descriptions is what I'm guessing at their meaning. I'm still baffled why Windows needs these entries, perhaps most are not needed...

  • The NVIDIA entry is probably for when you customize the Graphics Card Control Panel for the game, like adding Anti Alias setting just for EAW game profile.
  • Wow6432Node is all about running 32 bit applications on a 64 bit system. A 32bit (x86) system wouldn't have these entries, if they do they are ignored.
  • MostRecentApplication is apparently which game that uses Direct3D / DirectDraw last.
  • The DirectPlay entries are probably the compatibility settings for the game under Multiplayer.
  • RADAR is Windows applications troubleshooting a memory leak.


Searched For :  "eaw.exe"  (Search Registry and check mark, Match Whole String Only).


HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak\NvCplAppNamesStored



Applications\European Air War



Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War


HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\
Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\
Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War



Searched For :  "european air war"  (Search Registry and check mark, Match Whole String Only).


HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache

DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache

Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameUX\<User SID>\

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microprose Software\European Air War

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War


HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\
Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache

HKEY_USERS\<User SID>_Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\
Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\European Air War




Problems with the Code Group custom frontend launchers and the Compatibility Tab Settings:
It has been found that the custom frontend would give an error when you click the final button to launch EAW with the Tab settings set to anything but default.



Here are some technical details that are helpful in troubleshooting, in no particular order.

This particular section of this help document only addresses the CodeGroup's source changes, you'll have to read the standard stock Joystick and Controls Troubleshooting Tips for more information.


Joystick Types Known To Work:
Even though EAW is not fully controller modernized, the CodeGroup's source modified EAWv1.28c/d/e and versions above them now include two and three controllers maximum support. Also some USB issues where resolved when using separate Gaming devices (read the next paragraph). So modern day controllers should work, flawlessly, when configured correctly.


Gaming Keyboards/Mice/Keypads:
In v1.28d and above, there where some code changes to help work around other USB Gaming Devices causing problems, like special Gaming Mice or Gaming Keyboards. However not all issues with these devices where resolved...


Erratic View Changing Automatically:
If your using the newer eaw.exe's such as v1.28e and above, those versions force a default value of 1 in the eaw.ini file under "Windows Joystick=1" automatically. If you happen to have no controller connected when trying to fly, you may experience views changing erratically. Insure you have your controller plugged in before loading the game. (As noted by one of the programmers: There is also some evidence that the problem maybe due to the new USB controller code in these newer exe's)...


Crash To Desktop, Force Feedback:
When you go to fly and get a CTD, Its a possibility that the Force Feedback= setting in your eaw.ini is set to 1 (ON). If this is true when you don't have a joystick plugged in and/or if the stick is not detected by eaw properly or your stick is not even Force Feedback capable, you will get that CTD. Solution is to change that setting to 0 to fix this.

(EAWv1.28c/d wrongfully and automatically sets this to 1 when those exe's create a new eaw.ini file, it should be set to 0 if you don't have a FF stick or you get a CTD). ??From what I recall in past recent years (perhaps in Feb of 2016 when Glide3 was added) Jel apparently corrected this, but I'm unsure if he issued a replacement exe to the masses??


Win2K/WinXP and TARGETING Keys:
Under WinXP, EAW may loose the Targeting Key assignments, target closest and target next buttons on your Joystick....they reset to default once you leave the game...There are actually 6 keys that appear to be affected by this and the culprits are: TARGET NEXT ENEMY, TARGET PREVIOUS ENEMY, TARGET CLOSEST ENEMY, TARGET NEXT FRIENDLY, TARGET PREVIOUS FRIENDLY, TARGET NEXT workaround solution is to map only those commands with the software that comes with your stick...another is to use specific custom versions of EAW, such as the v1.26e patch (which is considered a v1.2)...or use 1.28, which I think have corrections for these issues built in...


Fast Computers and Mouse Click Selections:
If in stock versions you experienced fast changes with mouse clicks on selections screens, you will find EAWv1.28 and above have a slow down delay routine added to the source code that allows normal mouse click selecting now. Faster computers may need this workaround altered again.