by MarkEAW






This document is to provide a "list" of features and "reviews" for the Official game, Official patches, independent hex edited or machine level manipulated exe patches. Also independent un-official source coded patches (or standalones in later years) and the brute forced hacked modified versions of the eaw.exe.

  • Full Review (MPS EAW) - A very rich and detailed review with specifications of this great game from many points of views. Incorporated into the review are the changes from the two official MPS patches, which are outlined below.
  • MicroProse Patches - A reprint and reformat of the list of changes of the only two official MPS EAW Team patches, the list contains most of the changes there where actually made in v1.1 and v1.2. Also details of the advantages and disadvantages of using one version over the other, along with tips.
  • HexEdited Patches - These are some of the various hex edited eaw.exe's replacements that fix problems and some that introduce some features, typically based on v1.2. A few are based on v1.1. Includes NoCD instructions.
  • FXEXE Patches - EAWPRO. This help document contains the details on this fascinating special effects independent build of the EAW game. Not only is the exe modified, but game data as well. Includes some self contained additional help information within this help doc.
  • CodeGroup Patches - An other independent game. This help document outlines many of the unofficial changes done through their closed source code. Full of details, but unfortunately lacking some of the changes and versions they have made in later years. Includes Install help as well.

  • GOG Patches - Information on the GOG and Steam re-releases of the Official MPS EAW game. Includes a file list and guide on how to make a portable version of the installed game.